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As an Etsy shop owner, you need a way to ship out your orders as efficiently as possible with as little out-of-pocket cost to you. That means that you’ll want to find a solution that not only reduces the amount of money you spend on shipping but also saves you the expense of printer ink. To better assist you, we’ve come up with this mini cost-savings guide.

Some ways to save money on shipping your Etsy orders are listed below.

Encourage your customers to purchase multiple items at once.

Give them an incentive to buy more at once to save on shipping costs. You can offer them free shipping when they reach a specific dollar amount in sales or discount the shipping with every additional product they buy.

Choose the most affordable shipping option available.

Compare prices between carriers to see who offers the most affordable ways to ship items. You can even have your customers weigh in on the shipping service they prefer that you use.

Ditch the ink printers and invest in a thermal printer.

Printer ink is expensive and downright wasteful. A thermal printer requires no ink, just labels to work year-round.

Sign up for Rollo service to get discounted shipping with your carrier of choice.

Receive up to 90 percent off of USPS everyday prices. The discount for UPS is up to 74 percent off what you would typically pay to ship with the carrier.

Make the Most of Your Increase in Business By Keeping Shipping Costs Low

You may experience an increase in sales in the upcoming weeks and months, depending on the type of products and services that you sell on Etsy. Make the most out of your new Rollo printer by cutting back on shipping expenses as much as you possibly can. With lower overhead costs, you’ll be able to maximize profits and maintain a healthy level of growth.