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Available for all Rollo Ship Users:

Connect your FedEx account with Rollo Ship. Ship with ease on domestic and international FedEx ® shipping.

Unparalleled FedEx Shipping with Rollo Ship

Why Rollo?

Directly ship through Rollo App by linking with your FedEx® account.

Affordable FedEx shipping labels: Pay just 5 cents per every label generated after your initial 200 complimentary labels.

Flexibility in printing: Generate labels via any printer, not just Rollo’s.

Accessible on iOS, Android, and Desktop: Manage orders from multiple platforms under one account.

Instant Set-Up: Seamlessly integrate with your online stores, including Amazon, Etsy, BigCartel, Shopify, and many more. With our pre-built connectors, witness your orders sync with Rollo Ship in real time.

No need to purchase any of the Rollo products to be able to use Rollo Ship.

Not just for businesses: Rollo Ship caters to both personal and professional shipping needs.

Domestic and international delivery services

Automatic recipient tracking updates for a seamless customer experience.

No requirements for minimum shipping volume.

Efficiency at its peak: Print numerous labels simultaneously.

Unlock Your FedEx® Benefits Here!

Join Rollo Ship for Free, Ship with FedEx!

Questions Answered Quickly

Can I use FedEx shipping with the Rollo App if I don't have a FedEx® account?

Setting up a new FedEx® account within Rollo Ship is swift, taking only minutes. Immediately access discounted rates and compare FedEx® with other carrier rates.

Rollo auto-completes much of the necessary data using your current account details.

FedEx accounts established via Rollo Ship instantly benefit from reduced rates, eliminated surcharges, and discounted pickups.

If you already have a FedEx® account, you can either use your current negotiated prices or establish a new account to avail of Rollo’s special discounts.

Can I use my existing FedEx® account?

Absolutely, you can effortlessly integrate your current FedEx® account with Rollo Ship and utilize your personalized rates.

Will my shipment billing remain with FedEx®?

Indeed, your payment for the shipping cost will go directly to FedEx®. Any discounts will seamlessly appear on your FedEx® bill.

*Discounts off FedEx daily rates. Rates are limited to shipping from the U.S. only. Rates and any applicable discounts are subject to change at any time without notice. **FedEx®, the FedEx® brandmark, and the colors are trademarks of FedEx Corporation. Used with permission. © 2023 FedEx Corporation. All rights reserved.