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Print without ever needing to buy ink or cartridges and receive up to 90% discount on shipping with USPS, UPS, and soon Fedex.

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What exactly is Rollo?

Rollo is actually two things. It is the most loved printer and an online shipping solution that works with UPS, USPS, and soon Fedex.

What can I do with the Rollo printer?

You can use the Rollo printer to print all kinds of labels including 4×6 shipping labels without using any ink or cartridge. You can print to it just like a regular printer from any application or website.

What can I do with Rollo Ship Manager?

You can easily monitor and track all your online orders (from Amazon, eBay, Etsy, WooCommerce, etc.) in one place.

Generate shipping labels with up to 90% discount via UPS, USPS, and soon Fedex.

We will automatically update your store with tracking numbers and mark the order as shipped.

Do I have to use both the Rollo printer and the Rollo Ship Manager?

You do not have to use both.

Rollo printer accepts prints from any source: you may print your labels from marketplaces directly or from any application.

Rollo Ship Manager produces PDF files for your shipping labels which you can send to any printer.

Using them together gives you a very pleasant, integrated experience and lots – and lots – of savings.

How much does it cost?

Rollo Printer:

  • USB version: $169.99

This is a one-time cost and you will never need to buy any ink or cartridges. You may obtain your shipping labels from Rollo or from any other supplier.

Rollo Ship Manager:

  • No setup fees, No monthly fees
  • 5 cents per label
  • You will receive up to 90% discount on your shipping rates with USPS and UPS which will easily cover the per label charge
  • Rollo donates 10% of proceeds from label charge to your chosen Charity.

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Rollo Printer

Rollo frees up your time so you can focus on everything else.

Simply peel off the label and put on the box. It’s that easy.

Rollo Ship Manager

One-stop solution for all your shipping needs.

Login to one place, see all your orders, and ship with up to 90% off on shipping rates.

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