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Easily and securely track, manage, and print shipping labels for your e-commerce orders with the best shipping rates available.

  • No setup fees, No monthly fees
  • Save up to 90% on shipping rates
  • Easily compare shipping rates and transit times
  • Only 5 cents per shipment
  • 5-Star live support
  • Access from your Phone, Tablet, or Computer
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What can I do with Rollo Ship Manager?

Connect Your Online Stores

No need to login to multiple websites or copy-paste shipping information into carrier websites.

Rollo Ship Manager automatically brings all your orders into one easy to use dashboard.

Compare Discounted Shipping Rates

We have used our customer base of over 100,000 users to negotiate commercial shipping rates (up to 90% off).

Compare side by side discounted rates and delivery times from major carriers for each shipment.

Create Shipping Labels

Rollo Ship Manager creates your shipping labels and packing slips in 4×6 format – ready to print to your thermal printer!

No need to crop, rotate, or modify shipping labels.

Track Your Shipments

See all your shipments, tracking numbers, and statuses in one page.

Search by entering recipient name, order number, or tracking number to see all order and shipment details.

Easily Create Customer Returns

Generate return labels on demand!

You can download, print, or e-mail the return label directly to your customer.

Easily Compare Discounted Shipping Rates

Every carrier shines for some packages and destinations, but not all. You can now make the best decision with transparency.

Sort by cheapest, fastest, or allow Rollo Ship Manager to find the best option for you using Artificial Intelligence.

Up to 90% Off on Your Shipping Rates

Rollo has leveraged its user base of over 100,000 customers to negotiate commercial shipping rates.

Rollo does not make any money from shipping rates and is simply passing the savings on to you.

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Supported Carriers

Questions Answered Quickly

Can I create shipping labels without connecting stores?

Yes, many of our users are doctors, law firms, and other businesses that do not sell products. They simply enter in the recipient information and generate shipping labels.

How does Rollo Ship Manager compare to others?

ShipStation is a competitor. Their lowest priced plan starts at $0.20 per shipment compared to $0.05 at Rollo Ship Manager. You can read the full comparison here.

Do I need the Rollo Printer to use with Rollo Ship Manager?

Rollo printer is not required. Rollo Ship Manager creates shipping labels and packing slips in PDF which you can print to any printer.

How much does it cost?

You receive 200 free shipments upon sign up.

After that, each new shipment costs 5 cents. Rollo donates 10% of this amount to your chosen charity.

This nominal fee is easily covered by savings from Rollo’s discounted shipping rates (up to 90%).

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