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Unbeatable Savings for USPS Shipping with Rollo Ship

Empower your business or personal shipping with unmatched USPS shipping discounts. Why compromise on USPS shipping rates? With Rollo Ship, you’re guaranteed top-tier USPS rates tailored to your shipping needs.

USPS Shipping Services included:

Ground Advantage
Parcel Select Ground
Priority Mail®
Priority Mail® Cubic
Priority Mail® Express
Priority Mail® International
Priority Mail® Express International
First Class Mail
First Class Package International
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Save on Shipping With USPS

Ship more affordably, starting this year.

The United States Postal Service is lowering prices on their Merchant Rate Card. This will apply to both their Ground Advantage service and Priority Mail® shipping service.

Starting on Jan 21, 2024, USPS Ground AdvantageTM rates are lower for zones 6–8 for 1 to 10 lbs and Priority Mail prices are lower across all weights and zones.

Unmatched USPS Shipping Rates - Sample Discounts

Sample USPS Price
Price USPS Sample
USPS Ground Advantage Service Zone 2 1 lb Package
USPS Ground Advantage Service Zone 4 5lb package

*Expected delivery based on service standards for >90% of origin-to-destination combinations within the zone. Packages containing hazardous materials or live animals may receive slower service.

Embrace Premier USPS Savings with Rollo Ship

Why Rollo?

Link your USPS account and ship directly from the Rollo App.

Rollo Ship offers you superior USPS shipping rates, slashing up to 90% off standard rates.

Freedom of Printing: You are not obligated to buy a Rollo shipping label printer to take advantage of the Rollo Ship features.

Affordable USPS shipping labels – the first 200 are complimentary, every next created USPS shipping label is just 5 cents USD.

The Rollo App is available on iOS, Android, and Desktop. Print USPS shipping labels from anywhere and any device.

Boost efficiency and streamline workflows with our intuitive automation features. Link your e-commerce platform to view orders in real-time and get notified, group orders, and ship in bulk.

Rate Comparisons Made Easy: Evaluate USPS rates against other carriers within Rollo Ship. Ensure you’re getting the top deal every time you send a package.

No Hidden Strings Attached. Dive into Rollo Ship’s USPS pricing instantly. No shipping minimums, no surprises.

Print shipping labels in bulk. With the USPS shipping label printer by Rollo, you will not need to adjust or crop your shipping labels.

Not just for businesses: Rollo Ship caters to both personal and professional shipping needs.

Domestic and international delivery services

Advanced Tracking System: Stay updated and keep your customers in the loop. Receive real-time tracking updates for peace of mind with automated tracking.

Claim USPS shipping discounts, print USPS shipping labels, schedule pickups, and more!

Join Rollo Ship for Free, Ship with USPS!

Questions Answered Quickly

Can I use USPS shipping with the Rollo App if I don't have a USPS account?

Establishing a new USPS account on Rollo Ship is quick and simple, completed in just a few minutes. Instantly tap into reduced rates and compare USPS against other carriers.

Rollo pre-fills a majority of the essential information from your existing account.

USPS accounts created through Rollo Ship are instantly privy to slashed rates, waived surcharges, and lowered pickup costs.

For those with an existing USPS account, you have the choice to utilize your pre-negotiated rates or set up a fresh account to take advantage of Rollo’s exclusive discounts.

Can I use my existing USPS account?

Certainly, you can seamlessly link your existing USPS account to Rollo Ship and make use of your custom rates.

Will my shipment billing remain with USPS?

Yes, you will pay the shipping charges directly to USPS. All applicable discounts will be automatically reflected in your USPS invoice.

Which USPS services are supported?

  • Ground Advantage
  • Parcel Select Ground
  • Priority Mail®
  • Priority Mail® Cubic
  • Priority Mail® Express
  • Priority Mail® International
  • Priority Mail® Express International
  • First Class Mail
  • First Class Package International

*Discounts off USPS daily rates. Rates are limited to shipping from the U.S. only. Rates and any applicable discounts are subject to change at any time without notice. **USPS®, the USPS® brandmark, and the relevant colors are trademarks of the United States Postal Service. Used with permission. ©2024 U.S. Postal Service®. All rights reserved.