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Rollo: The Game-Changer for Amazon Sellers

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Navigating the intricate world of Amazon shipping labels, Amazon FBA labels, and ASIN labels can be a daunting task. That’s where Rollo comes in—offering streamlined, automated, and dependable solutions for all your Amazon shipping needs.

Streamline your Amazon business like never before with the powerful integration of Rollo Ship and Rollo printers. Forget about cumbersome shipping workflows; with Rollo, Amazon shipping becomes a seamless experience.

Easily link your Amazon account to Rollo Ship to effortlessly generate Amazon shipping labels with a few clicks. The Rollo printer elevates this convenience by serving as your dedicated Amazon label printer, delivering high-quality labels at an impressive speed.

It’s the all-in-one solution for Amazon sellers seeking to optimize their shipping processes and focus more on growing their business.

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Rollo Thermal Label Printers:

The Premier Amazon Label Printer

Unrivaled Features for Amazon Sellers
multi device source printer 10

Ink-Free Convenience

Imagine printing up to 325,000 feet of shipping labels without ever worrying about ink. That’s the reliability a Rollo thermal label printer offers.

Smart Label Detection

Manual cropping is a thing of the past. Our smart label detection technology, especially available in our wireless model, takes care of it for you.

Connectivity & Versatility

Wireless Shipping Label Printer: Not only is this Amazon label printer compatible with an array of devices, but it also offers AirPrint and WiFi certification.
USBShipping Label Printer: For those who prefer a wired setup, this model integrates seamlessly with Mac and Windows through USB connectivity.

Fast and Portable

Both models boast a compact design and rapid printing capabilities—one label per second—to keep up with your busy Amazon business.

Rollo Ship App

Optimize Your Amazon Shipping Like Never Before

Unbeatable Benefits for Amazon Sellers

Amazing Cost Saving

First 200 Labels Free: New to Rollo Ship App? Your first 200 Amazon shipping labels are on us.

Unbeatable Discounts: Save up to 90% on shipping costs with our negotiated rates from major carriers like UPS, USPS, and FedEx.

One Dashboard

All your orders from all your marketplaces into one place, allowing you to consolidate orders and print bulk labels, group shipments alike.

Automated Integration and Alerts

Link your Amazon seller account and let Rollo’s smart AI manage your shipping for you. Orders get imported, grouped, and you’re notified instantly.

Pickup Scheduling and More

Convenience is key. Schedule pickups right from the app and bid farewell to post-office runs.

Customer Notifications

No more manual follow-ups. Your customers are automatically updated with tracking info when you print Amazon shipping labels.

Total Flexibility

You don’t even need to be an Amazon seller or own a Rollo printer to benefit from our powerful app.

How does Rollo Ship work

Link Your Amazon Store to the Rollo App

Sign Up For Free

Join Rollo Ship for free. Available for Desktop, iOS and Android. No monthly subscriptions. Print Amazon shipping labels - your first 200 labels are on Rollo, every next shipping label for just 0.05 USD.

Link Your Amazon Seller's Profile to Rollo Ship

It's easy, fast and free.

Enjoy Cheap Shipping Rates with USPS, UPS, and FedEx. Print Amazon Shipping Labels.

Group orders from Amazon and other marketplaces, engage in bulk printing, and much more. Whether you're a business or own a Rollo printer isn't a requirement to benefit from Rollo Ship.

Steps to Connect Amazon to Rollo Ship

  1. Register and log in.
  2. On mobile – go to the Top Left Menu Icon > Connections > Selling Channels.
    On the desktop – go to Top Centre Menu Connections > Selling Channels.
  3. Click on the Amazon logo.
  4. Follow the steps to get connected: choose Amazon order sources and choose how Rollo should identify your Amazon products (pick SKU if you’re not sure).
  5. Click “Connect” and Sign into your Amazon seller’s profile.
  6. You are done. All your current and future orders will be prominent and ready to ship within moments.

Sign Up Today & Start Printing Amazon Labels.

With your registration to Rollo Ship, the first 200 labels are our treat.

Get 500 free shipping labels when you buy Rollo Wireless.

There is NO requirement to buy a Rollo printer or any other Rollo product to be able to use the Rollo app.

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