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Introducing Rollo: Your Must-Have Partner for Ecwid Shipping

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Running an Ecwid store and drowning in shipping woes?

Say hello to Rollo—the only shipping partner you’ll ever need.

Integrate Rollo with your Ecwid store and discover an unmatched synergy that simplifies shipping and saves you money.

Rollo Thermal Label Printers: A League of Their Own

Unleash the Power of Rollo for Ecwid Shipping

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Endless Reliability, Zero Ink

Our thermal printers cut down your running costs dramatically. Say goodbye to ink refills!

Fast, Flawless Printing

Rollo ensures your Ecwid print shipping labels come out perfect, each time, every time.

The Little Printer with Big Output

Don't let its compact size fool you. This machine churns out labels at lightning speed.

Cross-Platform Support

Whether you use a Mac or Windows, or favor USB over wireless, Rollo offers a compatible solution.

Sustainable Printing

Utilizing thermal printing capabilities, Rollo printers contribute to your company's eco-friendly goals by reducing waste.

Quick and Simple Setup

Our easy-to-follow installation instructions and intuitive software mean you'll be operational in no time.

Long-Term Reliability

Each Rollo printer is crafted for durability, providing a reliable labeling solution for years to come.

Zero-Risk Guarantee

Gain peace of mind with our 30-day return policy and a complimentary one-year warranty.

Versatile Labeling Capabilities

Rollo printers can handle a wide range of label types, from barcodes and shipping labels to decorative and round thermal options.

Rollo Ship App

A Shipping Solution Tailored for Ecwid

Exclusive Features:

Special Rates: Your Savings, Our Priority

Gain access to discounted rates from USPS, UPS, and FedEx. Your bottom line will thank you!

One Dashboard to Rule Them All

Integrate Rollo Ship App with Ecwid and manage orders, shipping, and tracking all in one place.

Automated Ease

Let Rollo Ship manage the heavy lifting, from orchestrating pickups to auto-sending tracking alerts to your customer base.

Simple Pickup Scheduling

Coordinate package collections from your premises with ease, optimizing your logistics process.

Batch Label Production

Save time and increase efficiency by printing multiple shipping labels at once.

Enhanced USPS Offerings

Take advantage of USPS Ground Advantage for rapid 2-5 day continental U.S. shipments, complete with $100 in insurance coverage.

Effortless Global Shipping

Experience hassle-free international deliveries through UPS, USPS, and FedEx, facilitated by digital customs paperwork and pre-calculated landing fees.

Exact Postage Options

Stop guessing and pay the precise postage cost for each shipment, or maintain a prepaid account for future shipping needs.

Reliable Military and Diplomatic Shipping

Seamlessly dispatch packages to APO, FPO, and DPO addresses, ensuring that service personnel receive their parcels, wherever they may be stationed.

How the App Works

Link Your Ecwid website to the Rollo Ship App

Sign Up For Free

Join Rollo Ship for free. Available for Desktop, iOS and Android. No monthly subscriptions. Print Ecwid shipping labels affordably. Experience the future of shipping with 200 free labels when you join the Rollo family.

Connect Ecwid to Rollo Ship

It's easy, fast and free.

Enjoy Cheap Shipping Rates with USPS, UPS, and FedEx. Print Ecwid Shipping Labels.

Consolidate orders from Ecwid and other e-commerce platforms print bulk places and more. You don't need to be a business or to own a Rollo printer to enjoy Rollo Ship.

Steps to Connect Ecwid to Rollo Ship:

  1. Register and log in.
  2. On mobile – go to the Top Left Menu Icon > Connections > Selling Channels.
    On the desktop – go to Top Centre Menu Connections > Selling Channels.
  3. Click on the Ecwid logo.
  4. Enter your store’s domain name and click “Connect”.
  5. Enter your account credentials for Ecwid and proceed.
  6. You are done. All your current and future orders will be prominent and ready to ship within moments.

What Makes Rollo Ship Different?

We offer the first 200 labels for free, with no monthly subscriptions! The more you print and ship with Rollo, the more rewarding it becomes.

How Easy Is the Integration of Rollo Ship?

As easy as pie! You can connect Rollo to your Ecwid store in just a few clicks.

Rewards to aid in the growth of your Ecwid store!

With your free registration to Rollo Ship, enjoy the first 200 labels, compliments of us.

Receive 500 shipping labels at no charge with the acquisition of Rollo Wireless.

A purchase of the Rollo printer or any other Rollo product IS NOT required to be able to use the Rollo Ship app.

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