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Elevate Your Shift4Shop Shipping Operations to New Heights

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Looking to up your Shift4Shop shipping (3dcart shipping) game?

Meet Rollo, the game-changing solution that’s redefining e-commerce logistics for businesses of all sizes.

Supercharge your operations with speed, efficiency, and savings—courtesy of Rollo.

Rollo Thermal Label Printers:

The Ultimate Shift4Shop (3dcart) Accessory

Key Printer Features:
multi device source printer 10

Efficiency at Its Best

Say goodbye to ink and get ready to print up to 325,000 ft of labels with effortless ease.

Work Smart, Not Hard

Intelligent label detection makes your life easier, streamlining your label printing like never before.

Compact & Agile

Don't let the size fool you. These small printers pack a big punch, delivering one label per second.

A Versatile Performer

Whether you're a Mac or Windows user, a USB or wireless aficionado—Rollo’s got you covered.

Sustainable Labeling

Utilizing thermal printing capabilities, Rollo printers help you reduce waste, supporting your company's eco-friendly goals.

Quick and Easy Setup

Thanks to our user-friendly installation guide and intuitive software, you'll be operational in no time.

Designed for Durability

Crafted for lasting performance, every Rollo printer offers a reliable, long-term labeling solution.

Zero-Risk Guarantee

Rest easy with our 30-day refund policy and a complimentary one-year warranty.

Versatile Labeling Solutions

Whether it's barcodes, shipping labels, or decorative and round thermal labels, Rollo printers can handle it all.

Rollo Ship App

Your Shift4Shop Shipping Powerhouse

Key Benefits:

The Gift of Savings

First 200 Labels: No Charge. A little something to get you started.

Massive Carrier Discounts: Enjoy up to 90% off standard shipping rates.

The more you ship with Rollo, the more rewarding it gets.

Unified Shipping Made Simple

Our app integrates flawlessly with Shift4Shop, automating label creation for a streamlined shipping process.

Finer Details, Bigger Impact

Receive notifications, schedule pickups, and more—all through one convenient app.

Easy Pickup Scheduling

Coordinate package collections from your premises with ease, streamlining your logistical tasks.

Multi-Label Printing

Boost productivity by generating several shipping labels in one go.

Flexible Shipping Options

Choose between the Fastest, the Most Economical, and the Best Value shipping options to meet your business objectives effectively.

Hassle-Free International Shipping

Benefit from smooth global shipping through UPS, USPS, and FedEx, facilitated by digital customs documentation and pre-estimated landing fees.

Accurate Postage Payment

Eliminate the guesswork by paying the precise postage for each package or maintaining a prepaid account for future shipping endeavors.

Uninterrupted Military and Diplomatic Shipments

Easily dispatch goods to APO, FPO, and DPO addresses, ensuring timely deliveries to service personnel wherever they are based.

How Rollo Ship Works

Connect Your Shift4Shop (3dCart) Store to Rollo App

Register and Use for Free

Sign up with Rollo Ship at no cost. It's compatible with Desktop, iOS, and Android. Without any monthly fees, print cheap shipping labels for your Shift4Shop orders. Rollo provides the first 200 labels for free.

Connect Shift4Shop (3dcart) to Rollo Ship

It's simple, fast and free.

Enjoy Cheap Shipping Rates with USPS, UPS, and FedEx. Print Shipping Labels.

Combine orders from Shift4Shop (3dcart) and other e-commerce platforms, indulge in bulk printing, and much more. You don't have to operate a business or possess a Rollo printer to benefit from Rollo Ship.

Steps to Connect Shift4Shop (3dcart) to Rollo Ship:

  1. Register and log in.
  2. On mobile – go to the Top Left Menu Icon > Connections > Selling Channels.
    On the desktop – go to Top Centre Menu Connections > Selling Channels.
  3. Click on the Shift4Shop (3dcart) logo.
  4. Enter your store’s domain name and click “Connect”.
  5. Enter your account credentials for Shift4Shop (3dcart) and proceed.
  6. You are done. All your current and future orders will be prominent and ready to ship within moments.

Can I use another printer with the Ship App?

Sure thing! Rollo Ship App is universal.

Monthly Subscription?

None whatsoever! Just 5 cents a label after your first 200 free ones.

Incentives to help your online business grow!

With your complimentary Rollo Ship registration, the first 200 labels are our treat.

Get 500 free shipping labels when you acquire the Rollo Wireless.

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