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Setup Guide

Where do I download the Rollo App?

Please visit

After setup, how do I print from my other devices?

All your devices that are on the same Wi-Fi network can now discover and print to Wireless Rollo.

On Mac
Visit Settings > Printers > Click on “+” to add Printer > Choose Rollo X1040

Visit Start Menu > Printers & Scanners > Click on “Add a printer or scanner” > Choose Rollo X1040

Label Setup

Rollo is capable of working with many labels. Your printer must learn your label properties.

  1. Press the side release button to open cover and remove any labels inside.
  2. Adjust the purple guides to match the width of your new label, close the cover.
  3. Feed the new labels from the back of Rollo. The label that you peel off should be facing up (toward the ceiling).
  4. Rollo will now learn your labels.

Rollo Supports 4″ x 6″, 2″ x 1″, and 2″ round labels by default.
You can add additional custom label sizes via Rollo Printer Portal. Click Here for steps.

What do the LED Colors mean?

Buttons and Lights

Press the “r” button once to feed one label through.
Press and hold the r button for one beep to run label identification.
Press and hold the r button for two beeps to print a test page.

Press and hold the Wi-Fi button down

0-5 Seconds [Blinking Green] Print Network Test Page
6-10 seconds [Blinking Blue] WPS On Boarding
11-15 seconds [Blinking Yellow] AP On Boarding
16-20 seconds [Blinking Blue Fast] Wi-Fi board reboot
21-25 seconds [Blinking White] USB Dump Log
26-30 seconds [Blinking Red] Factory Reset

Press the Wi-Fi LED button rapidly 10 times to factory reset.

Where do I change printer settings?

This is done in Rollo Printer Portal. Please see this link.
In the Rollo Printer Portal, you can change darkness, speed, and other default settings.

Pro Tips

  • Press the “r” button once to feed one label through.
  • Avoid poor quality labels as they can damage the printer.
  • Regularly clean the printer head.
  • If paper is jammed, turn off the printer and allow the printer head to cool down. Open the cover and ensure that the rubber is clean. If dirty, use alcohol swab to clean. Allow the area to dry off before turning the printer on.


Printer Head Cleaning Steps:

  1. Turn the printer off, remove the power cord, and open the cover.
  2. Wait until the printer head cools down. The printer head may be very hot after printing.
  3. Completely clean printer head using an alcohol swab (not water).
  4. Wait until the alcohol has completely vaporized, then close the cover.
  5. Connect the power cord and print a test page to check if it is clean.Note: Ensure power is off when performing maintenance. Do not touch or scratch the printer head surface, roller, or sensors. Avoid using gas, acetone, or other organic solvents.

Safety Notices

  • Printer Head may be very hot. Please do not touch the printer head or parts around it after printing.
  • Do not bend the power cord excessively or place objects on the cord.
  • Do not use the printer if you find any irregularities as these could result in fire or electrocution.
  • Keep the printer out of reach of children and pets.
  • Use only approved accessories and do not try to disassemble or repair the unit by yourself.
  • Keep the printer away from water and other objects that could penetrate the components.
  • Please unplug the printer when it is not in use for long periods of time.

Legal Notices

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