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Label Design

Rollo Launches Label Design App for Free

By Updates

The Rollo Label Design Web App, a comprehensive suite for design needs, is a powerhouse of features that effortlessly eclipses its competition. With this one-of-a-kind design tool, creating labels transcends a mere click; it becomes a seamless journey of imaginative exploration

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Rollo App Update 1.18 Released

Rollo App Update 1.18 Makes International Shipping Easier

By Updates

In its recent 1.18 update, the Rollo Ship app has introduced a slew of features to make international shipping a breeze. The Rollo App update focuses on simplifying customs procedures, providing landed cost estimation, enabling paperless data exchange, and facilitating easier shipping to Army, Fleet, and Diplomatic Post Office addresses. The improvements aim to streamline the shipping process, helping customers expand their businesses and reach new markets more effortlessly.

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