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For many small business owners, shipping is the lifeblood of their operation, but it’s fraught with challenges that can hinder growth and test patience. From costly rates to cumbersome logistics, the hurdles are myriad. Enter the Rollo App, a game-changer in small business shipping solutions that streamlines this arduous process into a few simple clicks. The best part? 

Accessing the power of Rollo Ship doesn’t require a hefty investment. There are no strings attached; no need to purchase a Rollo printer or any other Rollo products. It’s not just about creating labels or managing orders – it’s about elevating your entire small business shipping operation without additional overheads. Sign up for Rollo Ship for free and transform your small business shipping from a chore into a competitive advantage.

Why Rollo Ship is the Best Shipping for Small Business

Key Features That Make Rollo the Ideal Small Business Shipping Service

Key Features That Make Rollo the Ideal Small Business Shipping Service

🆓✅ The App Is Free to Use and Download

🆓✅ No Monthly Subscription

🆓✅ No Sign-Up Fee

🆓✅ The First 200 Generated Shipping Labels Free

⚠️✅ No Need to Purchase a Rollo Printer

⚠️✅ No Need to Connect a Selling Channel to Be Able to Use the Rollo

⚠️✅ No Need to Link a Shipping Carrier’s Account to Be Able to Ship with the Rollo App

🎁 Print Shipping Labels with the Rollo App on Any Printer

🎁 Connect Selling Channels (Marketplaces and e-commerce Platforms) to Receive Order Notifications and Consolidate Orders/Shipping

🎁 Link an Existing Shipping Carrier Account or Create One through the Rollo App – for UPS, USPS, and FedEx

🎁 Every Next Generated Label after the 200th is just 0.05 cents.

🟣 Group Orders and Shipments

🟣 Get Tracking Notifications

🟣 Get Order Notifications

🟣 Up to 90% Off UPS, FedEx, and USPS shipping

🟣 Compare Rates and Choose between The Best Value, The Fastest, and The Most Economical

🟣 Print Shipping Labels in Bulk

🟣 The More You Ship with the Rollo App, the More You Will Save

Streamline Your Small Business Shipping:

Say goodbye to manual order entry.

Let AI do the heavy lifting for you!

Seamless Connectivity with E-commerce Platforms

In the current e-commerce boom, the Rollo App is a crucial ally, boasting an impressive ability to synchronize with an array of e-commerce platforms. Whether you’re selling handmade crafts on Etsy, running a dropshipping operation on Shopify, or managing a multi-platform storefront that spans across Amazon, eBay, and WooCommerce, Rollo Ship is the nexus of your shipping operations. This seamless connectivity not only eliminates the hassle of manual entry but opens up a streamlined path to fulfilling orders with precision and agility.

AI-Powered Order Management

Imagine a world where your small business shipping operations are not just automated but intelligently attuned to your business needs. Rollo Ship harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to oversee your order management.

It vigilantly monitors your stores, importing and grouping orders, and notifying you of updates, thus carving out a path to a smarter workflow. This AI-driven efficiency means fewer errors, less time spent on repetitive tasks, and a laser focus on growing your business – all with the intelligence and adaptability that the modern small business owner deserves.

Small Business Shipping Integrations at the Rollo Ship App

In the hands of a small business, the Rollo App is not just a tool but a transformational force, propelling your shipping operations into a new stratum of efficiency, savings, and management. With Rollo Ship, the days of logistical frustration are behind you, replaced by a future where shipping is a strategic advantage, not a stumbling block.

Convenient Label Printing and Design

The Rollo App redefines the way small businesses approach label printing and design. Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all labels and the need for specialized printers. With Rollo’s Label Design Tool, you have the autonomy to create labels that resonate with your brand’s identity and meet your logistical needs. The tool is a haven of creativity and precision, allowing you to upload your own logos, and images, and even generate barcodes or QR codes.

With a rich library of templates and the ability to customize sizes, your labels will not just carry a package to its destination; they’ll carry your brand’s signature. This level of professional label design is a powerful touchpoint with customers and can be achieved directly from your desktop or mobile device, all without spending a dime.

Design with Ease:
Create labels that capture your brand’s essence. Try Rollo’s Label Design Tool and impress your customers with every shipment.

Efficient Shipping with Rollo Ship

Free registration, no monthly subscriptions, and 200 shipping labels on Rollo

Choosing the Right Shipping Solutions for Small Business

Navigating through various carriers and small business shipping options can be daunting, but Rollo Ship simplifies this decision. The app assists you in comparing rates and services from leading carriers, ensuring you select the most cost-effective and reliable shipping solutions tailored to your business’s unique needs. Whether it’s balancing speed with economy for domestic shipping or finding the most efficient way to handle international logistics, Rollo’s interface provides the insights you need to make informed decisions. It’s about finding that sweet spot where cost savings meet customer satisfaction.

Cutting Costs: How Rollo Helps Save on Small Business Shipping

Unlocking Exclusive Shipping Rates

At the heart of Rollo Ship’s cost-saving features are the exclusive shipping rates negotiated with major carriers. Accessing these rates is as simple as choosing Rollo as your shipping option within the app. These rates often beat what you would find directly through the carriers, lowering your expenses substantially. By leveraging Rollo’s volume discounts, small businesses can enjoy the kind of savings that were once reserved for larger enterprises. It’s a democratization of shipping that puts small business owners on an even playing field, allowing them to reinvest those savings back into their businesses. With Rollo, you don’t just ship; you ship smarter, broadening your margins and opportunities.

Reducing Supply Expenses

When it comes to shipping, the supplies you use can make a significant dent in your budget. Rollo eases this burden by offering an array of cost-effective, high-quality shipping supplies that don’t compromise on durability or functionality. Their selection includes eco-friendly FSC-certified thermal labels that are BPA-free, and available in various sizes and colors to suit every package type. Whether you require the standard 4×6 shipping labels or specialized sizes for unique products, Rollo ensures your supply costs stay low while your packaging standards remain high. Furthermore, their hybrid label holders are designed for versatility, accommodating both fanfold and roll labels, demonstrating Rollo’s commitment to making shipping more economical for small businesses.

Comprehensive Small Business Shipping Options with Rollo

Domestic and International Shipping Made Easy

Navigating the intricacies of both domestic and international shipping is no small feat. Rollo simplifies this with services like the newly supported USPS Ground Advantage, offering delivery within 2-5 business days across the continental U.S., including built-in insurance of $100. Rollo doesn’t stop at the border; international shipping is streamlined through partnerships with global carriers. Features such as paperless customs invoices and landed cost estimations facilitate a seamless, hassle-free process for sending products worldwide. Rollo’s robust platform equips small businesses with the tools needed to expand their reach globally without getting entangled in logistical complexities.

No Printer? No Problem!

With Rollo, the notion that you need specialized equipment to start shipping is a myth. The Rollo App breaks down this barrier by enabling you to print shipping labels from any standard printer. This flexibility ensures that businesses can start shipping immediately, without the need for additional investments. Rollo embraces the idea that efficient small business shipping should be accessible to all, not just those with the means to purchase specific hardware.

User Experiences: How Rollo Transforms Small Business Shipping

The true measure of Rollo’s impact is seen in the stories of small business owners who have experienced transformational changes in their shipping processes. These users tell tales of reduced overhead, increased productivity, and customer satisfaction levels that seemed unattainable before integrating Rollo into their workflow. From entrepreneurs who have just embarked on their journey to seasoned sellers looking for optimization, the consensus is clear: Rollo Ship is a pivotal tool that propels small business shipping into a new echelon of efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

At Good Habit Box Co., Tiffany found her calling in curating boxes that spark joy and foster good habits, turning routines into celebrations. Each box is a monthly nudge towards positivity, wrapped like a personal gift destined to inspire. It’s not just about the contents; it’s the experience—enriched by exclusive artist-made prints that subscribers adore.

Tiffany’s passion is packing these boxes, knowing each one sends a ripple of happiness. And it’s not just her customers who’ve embraced good habits; her children, too, are learning life’s valuable lessons through this venture. Tiffany credits Rollo for adding a sleek, professional touch to her shipments, praising the ease and reliability that Rollo brings to her small business. It’s more than a printer; it’s a partner in her journey to spread good habits, one box at a time.

A Creative Twist on Denim by an Emerging Artist – KSX Art

An enterprising artist is redefining style by turning well-loved denim into custom-printed fashion statements. From thrift store finds to sought-after art pieces, their craft involves giving a second life to denim overalls and jackets with intricate, nature-inspired prints.

As the business flourished, a new, larger studio space meant productivity could bloom. The days are now filled with creative freedom, a loyal pet by their side, and a thriving connection with a community of like-minded entrepreneurs.

By incorporating Rollo Ship into their workflow, this artist ensures that each unique creation is shipped efficiently and reaches customers with a personal touch. Rollo’s intuitive shipping solutions let the artist’s designs take center stage.

Discover Savings:
Don’t let high shipping costs undercut your profits.
Explore Rollo Ship and unlock exclusive carrier discounts.

Are you ready to share your art with the world? Rollo Ship is here to help. Sign up today and take the hassle out of shipping, leaving you more time to create.

Your Next Steps to Streamlined Shipping

Sign Up for Free and Start Shipping Smarter

The journey to smarter small business shipping is just a few clicks away. By signing up for Rollo, you’re not just enlisting a service, you’re embracing an evolution in shipping efficiency. This leap towards streamlined logistics requires no upfront costs, no subscriptions, and absolutely no commitment to purchase proprietary equipment. Rollo invites you to step into a world where shipping operations are optimized, and overheads are minimized, with the freedom to print on any printer and a guarantee of the best rates in the market.

Final Words

In a marketplace where agility and cost management are paramount, Rollo Ship emerges as an essential ally to small business shipping. It stands out with a suite of features designed to simplify your shipping process, reduce your expenses on supplies, and extend unbeatable shipping rates that were once a distant dream for the small business owner. The ease of integrating with your existing e-commerce platforms, coupled with the intelligence of AI-powered order management, places Rollo Ship at the forefront of shipping solutions.

Efficient, economical, and user-friendly – Rollo is not just a shipping service; it’s an indispensable tool that scales with your business. It grows as you grow, adapting to your ever-expanding needs with a commitment to keeping costs low and satisfaction high. Whether shipping domestically or reaching customers across the globe, Rollo’s innovation makes it a breeze.

Now, it’s your move. Sign up for Rollo today, and take the first step towards shipping that’s not only smarter but also reflects the ambition and smart management of your small business. Tap into the potential of Rollo Ship, and let’s set sail towards a horizon of success and growth.

Empower Your Business:

Ready to revolutionize your small business shipping process?

Join Rollo Ship and ship smarter, not harder.

Join the ranks of savvy small business owners who’ve transformed their shipping process. Sign up for Rollo Ship today and claim the competitive edge your business deserves.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Rollo App and Small Business Shipping

📌 Q: What is the best way to ship for small businesses?

💭 A: The best shipping approach for small businesses combines cost-effectiveness with reliability. Rollo Ship offers just that by providing discounted rates from major carriers, a versatile app to manage shipments, and the ability to print shipping labels from any printer. Sign up for Rollo Ship to streamline your process and save significantly on shipping costs.

📌 Q: Small business shipping tips for shipping from home?

💭 A: Absolutely! First, designate a space in your home for packing and shipping. Use the Rollo App to organize orders, create and print labels, and schedule pickups without stepping outside. Remember, with Rollo, you get access to professional-grade small business shipping supplies that can handle a variety of needs, right from the comfort of your home. Get started with Rollo Ship now and turn your home business into a shipping powerhouse.

📌 Q: How can I reduce my small business shipping costs?

💭 A: Reducing shipping costs is critical for maintaining your bottom line. With Rollo Ship, you can access discounted shipping rates, compare carrier options to find the best deal, and use AI-powered tools to prevent errors and save time. Keep your costs low without compromising on service by signing up for Rollo Ship today.

📌 Q: What strategies can I use for international shipping?

💭 A: International shipping requires understanding complex regulations and finding cost-effective routes. Rollo Ship makes international logistics easier by offering features like paperless customs invoices and estimation of landed costs. Plus, with discounted rates for international carriers, you can expand your business globally more affordably. Ready to take your business worldwide? Rollo Ship is your partner in global logistics.