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Why An Amazon Label Printer is Essential for Sellers

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It’s no secret, that more and more people are selling products online, especially on Amazon. In fact, retail e-commerce sales are estimated to exceed 6.3 trillion U.S. dollars worldwide in 2024 and beyond. This alone proves the importance of an Amazon label printer.

But let’s be real, running an Amazon business is not a walk in the park. It’s a constant juggling act between listing products, managing inventory, and getting those orders out the door like a well-oiled machine. And when it comes to shipping, having a reliable label printer can make all the difference. That’s where Rollo’s thermal label printer comes in – its’ tailor-made for Amazon sellers looking to scale their online business.

The Importance of a Reliable Amazon Label Printer

As an Amazon seller, your days are likely a whirlwind of tasks – from sourcing products and updating listings to processing orders and dealing with customer inquiries. Amidst this chaos, having a high-quality label printer by your side can be a total game-changer. Here’s why:

  • ⏱️ Efficiency: Let’s face it, time is money. With Rollo’s Amazon label printer, you can kiss those painfully slow label printing sessions goodbye. This zippy little thing cranks out labels at lightning speed, ensuring you can pack and ship orders with minimal delays – even during those crazy peak sale periods.
  • 🎯 Accuracy: Mis-labeled packages are a surefire way to invite a world of headaches. From misrouted shipments to disgruntled customers, it’s a mess you don’t want any part of. Rollo’s printer virtually eliminates the risk of human error, ensuring your labels are printed with pinpoint accuracy every single time.
  • 📦 Professionalism: First impressions count, especially in the world of e-commerce. Crisp, well-designed labels give your packages a polished, professional look that screams “quality business” to your customers. It’s a small touch that can go a long way in building trust and brand loyalty.

Why Choose Rollo’s Amazon Label Printer?

Why Choose Rollo Amazon Label Printer

When it comes to choosing the right label printer for your Amazon business, Rollo’s Amazon Label Printer stands out as a top contender. This printer combines efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and versatility in a compact and durable package. Whether you’re handling a high volume of orders or need a reliable device for everyday use, Rollo’s printer is designed to meet and exceed your expectations. Here are some compelling reasons to consider Rollo’s Amazon Label Printer for your labeling needs:

    • 🚀 High-Speed Printing: Prints labels at 150 mm/s, meaning one label per second, perfect for high-volume sales.
    • 💸 Thermal Printing Technology: Uses thermal printing, so no expensive ink or toner cartridges are needed.
    • 🏷️ Versatile Label Compatibility: Compatible with various label sizes and materials for all your labeling needs.
    • 🔧 User-Friendly Design: Easy to set up and use with intuitive controls, saving you time and hassle.
    • 🛠️ Compact and Durable: Small footprint but built to last, fitting seamlessly into any workspace.

How Rollo’s Amazon Label Printer Enhances Your Business

Investing in the right tools can significantly impact your business’s efficiency and productivity. Rollo’s Amazon Label Printer is designed to streamline your operations, reduce costs, and improve overall workflow. Here’s how:

Streamlined Shipping Processes: In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, speed is king. With Rollo’s printer at your disposal, you can wave goodbye to those sluggish label printing sessions that used to bottleneck your shipping process. Now, you can breeze through orders, getting packages prepped and out the door with lightning-fast efficiency – because let’s be honest, nobody wants to deal with those dreaded “late shipment” complaints.

Improved Inventory Management: Accurate labeling is the backbone of any well-run inventory system. With Rollo’s printer ensuring flawless barcode and product labels every single time, you can wave goodbye to those pesky misplaced or misidentified items that used to throw a wrench in your operations. Smooth inventory management? Check.

Cost Savings: Let’s talk numbers for a minute. By eliminating the need for expensive ink or toner cartridges, Rollo’s thermal printer can save you a pretty penny over time. And with its durable construction designed to withstand the rigors of daily use, you won’t have to worry about constantly shelling out cash for replacements or repairs. It’s an investment that pays for itself in spades.

Seamless Amazon Integration: Rollo’s Amazon Label Printer integrates seamlessly with Amazon’s shipping system, making it easy to print shipping labels directly from your Amazon seller account. This integration simplifies your workflow and enhances your operational efficiency. For more details on how Rollo integrates with Amazon, check out our Amazon Integration page.

A Success Story with Rollo’s Amazon Label Printer

When Sarah, a busy mom of two, decided to pursue her entrepreneurial dream of launching an embroidery business, she knew efficiency would be key. Juggling a new venture alongside family responsibilities was no easy feat, but Rollo’s thermal label printer became her secret weapon for streamlining operations.

“That first year, I worked really hard,” Sarah recalls. “I opened the shop right after having my second baby, so basically, I had two babies – my business and her.” With little time to spare, she found herself stitching embroidery hoops late into the night, exhausted but determined to make her dream a reality.

However, Sarah quickly realized that the laborious process of manually printing shipping labels was becoming a bottleneck, sapping her precious time and energy. “The saddest part of that whole year of working like this is that I didn’t make any money,” she admits.

Determined to turn things around, Sarah decided to streamline her processes, and that’s when she discovered Rollo’s thermal label printer. “My second year, I was able to replace my old income and double it,” she beams. The high-speed printing and hassle-free operation of Rollo’s printer allowed her to focus on what mattered most – growing her business and spending quality time with her family.

By her third year, Sarah’s hard work and smart investments paid off in a big way. “I reached six figures in my business, and I made it all happen here in this little corner of my living room,” she says with pride.

Sarah’s success story is a testament to the power of perseverance and the right tools. “It’s not a sprint; it’s definitely a marathon, and there’s no overnight success,” she reflects. “You’ve got to roll up your sleeves and get to work. And if you remember your passion and have that determination, I think you can get to where you want to be.”

With Rollo’s thermal label printer by her side, Sarah was able to turn her dream into a thriving reality, proving that the right tools can make all the difference for entrepreneurial moms and small business owners alike.

Final Words

In the fast-paced, competitive world of Amazon selling, having the right tools can make all the difference between just getting by and absolutely crushing it. Sarah’s journey shows us that with the right support, like Rollo’s Amazon label printer, success is within reach.

Rollo’s thermal label printer is one of those secret weapons that can propel your business to new heights of efficiency, accuracy, and professionalism. With its lightning-fast printing speeds, cost-effective thermal technology, and versatile label compatibility, this little dynamo will streamline your shipping processes and help you stay on top of your inventory like a boss. And let’s not forget its user-friendly design and compact durability, making it a no-brainer addition to any Amazon seller’s workspace.

So, if you’re ready to take your Amazon game to the next level, don’t sleep on Rollo’s label printer. It’s the cost-effective, high-performance solution that’ll have you wondering how you ever managed without it. Trust us, your future self (and your bottom line) will thank you.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Amazon Label Printers

📌 Q: What type of labels can Rollo’s Amazon Label Printer print?

💭 A: Rollo’s printer is compatible with a wide range of label sizes and materials, including shipping labels, barcode labels, and inventory tags. It can print 4×6 labels, 2×1 labels, and 2×1 circle labels, offering you versatility for all your labeling needs.

📌 Q: Do I need to buy ink or toner for Rollo’s Amazon label printer?

💭 A:No, Rollo’s Amazon label printer uses thermal printing technology, which means you don’t need to purchase ink or toner. You only need heat-sensitive label rolls, making it a cost-effective and low-maintenance option.

📌 Q: How durable is Rollo’s Amazon Label Printer?

💭 A: Despite its compact size, Rollo’s printer is built to withstand the demands of a busy Amazon business. Its rugged construction ensures longevity and reliability, even in high-traffic workspaces. Impressively, it can print up to 650,000 labels before needing to be replaced, making it a long-term investment for your business.

📌 Q: Does Rollo’s printer integrate with Amazon’s shipping system?

💭 A: Yes, Rollo’s Amazon Label Printer integrates seamlessly with Amazon’s shipping system, making it easy to print shipping labels directly from your Amazon seller account. This integration simplifies your workflow and enhances your operational efficiency.

📌 Q: How fast does Rollo’s Amazon Label Printer print?

💭 A: Rollo’s printer can print at a speed of 150 mm/s, which translates to one label per second. This high-speed printing is perfect for handling high-volume sales periods efficiently.

Easily Print Your FedEx Shipping Label with Rollo

By Blog

Hey there, busy entrepreneurs! You’re busy shipping out your products and your carrier of choice is FedEx, but how do you print the FedEx shipping label? We’ve got an awesome trick that’ll make this process a total breeze. Say goodbye to those pesky old methods and hello to slick, streamlined efficiency with Rollo’s killer integration for FedEx shipping labels.

Yeah, you read that right – Rollo is the ultimate FedEx shipping label solution when it comes to getting those precious parcels out the door. This nifty app will save you loads of time and cash, taking a huge load off your mind. So quit sweating the small stuff and let’s dive into how Rollo can transform your FedEx shipping process into a well-oiled (yet totally simple) machine.

Setting Up Your FedEx Account with Rollo

connect an existing FedEx Account

Integrating your FedEx account with Rollo is a crucial step to streamline your shipping process. By linking your accounts, you unlock a range of features designed to save you time and money, such as instant label printing, discounted shipping rates, and seamless order management. This setup ensures that all your shipping details are automatically synced, eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing the risk of errors. Plus, with Rollo’s user-friendly interface, you can complete this integration in just a few simple steps.

For detailed step-by-step instructions on how to link your FedEx account with Rollo, check out this comprehensive guide: FedEx Label Printers: How to Set Up and Print Labels.

Additional Tips and Insights

Security Measures:

Rollo uses advanced encryption and security protocols to ensure your data is protected during the integration process. This ensures that your FedEx account details and shipping information remain confidential and secure.

Troubleshooting Tips:

  • Issue: Unable to link FedEx account.
    Solution: Double-check that your FedEx account details are correct and that your internet connection is stable. If the problem persists, contact Rollo’s support team for assistance.
  • Issue: Labels not printing correctly.
    Solution: Ensure that your printer settings are configured correctly and that your printer is compatible with thermal label printing. Refer to the printer’s manual or Rollo’s support for detailed instructions.

Detailed Benefits:

By integrating FedEx with Rollo, you can take advantage of exclusive discounted shipping rates, saving you significant costs on each shipment. Additionally, the seamless syncing of order details from multiple e-commerce platforms means less time spent on manual data entry and more accurate shipping information.

Benefits of Using Rollo for FedEx Shipping Labels

Now that you’re all set up, let’s talk about why Rollo is worth its weight in gold (actually, it’s really affordable but you get the metaphor).

Think about all those times you’ve had to:

  • ✏️ Manually punch in all those fiddly shipping details
  • 💻 Keep updating annoying desktop software
  • 📄 Physically print out label after label

What a colossal pain, right? With Rollo, you can kiss those hassles goodbye and embrace a whole new level of ruthless efficiency:

  • Lightning-fast label printing: Just a couple of clicks and taps and bam – pro-looking shipping label ready to slap on your package.
  • 💸 Cost-cutter supreme: Rollo negotiates exclusive rates with FedEx to bring you the lowest possible prices. More money in your pocket? Yes, please!
  • 🎨 Custom Label Design: Rollo’s label design app lets you create your own custom labels, adding a personal touch to your packages.

Speaking of which, new users can sign up with Rollo Ship for free! There are zero monthly fees, and the first 200 labels are on us. So why not give Rollo a whirl and experience the difference for yourself?

Advanced Features of Rollo’s FedEx Integration

Okay, but what if your shipping needs are a bit more advanced? Well, good news – Rollo has integrated a bunch of boss features to cater to power users too:

  • 🚚 Schedule Pickups Effortlessly: Just a few taps in the app lets you set up a hassle-free pickup from FedEx, right at your doorstep. No more schlepping boxes to the store!
  • 📦 Ship with FedEx using Rollo: Directly ship through the Rollo App by linking your FedEx® account. Generate affordable FedEx shipping labels, paying just 5 cents per label after your initial 200 complimentary labels.
  • 🖨️ Flexibility in Printing: Generate labels via any printer, not just Rollo’s. Rollo Ship is accessible on iOS, Android, and Desktop, allowing you to manage orders from multiple platforms under one account.
  • ⚙️ Instant Set-Up: Seamlessly integrate with your online stores, including Amazon, Etsy, BigCartel, Shopify, and many more. With our pre-built connectors, witness your orders sync with Rollo Ship in real time.
  • No Need for Rollo Products: You don’t need to purchase any Rollo products to use Rollo Ship. It caters to both personal and professional shipping needs, offering domestic and international delivery services.
  • Efficiency at its Peak: Print numerous labels simultaneously, and provide automatic recipient tracking updates for a seamless customer experience. There are no requirements for minimum shipping volume.
  • 🔄 Master Returns Like a Pro: Creating and managing return labels is an absolute breeze. Just specify the instructions when creating your shipping label, and it generates a returns label automagically.

Integration with E-commerce Platforms

Integration with E commerce Platforms 1

If you’re running an online store, you’re going to love how Rollo gels with all the major e-commerce platforms out there. Here’s just a taste:

  • WooCommerce: Simple but powerful integration to synchronize all your WooCommerce orders with shipping details.
  • Shopify: With the official Shopify app, you can print shipping labels directly from your Shopify dashboard. Easy peasy!
  • Magento: The Rollo plugin brings all its FedEx wizardry to your Magento storefront.

No matter which platform is powering your bustling online empire, you can count on Rollo to keep those orders flying out quickly and affordably.

Additionally, Rollo is continuously developing new integrations with various e-commerce platforms, so keep an eye out for even more seamless e-commerce solutions!

Tips and Best Practices for Using Rollo with FedEx

To wrap things up, let’s run through a few pro tips to ensure you’re squeezing every last drop of awesomeness from the Rollo/FedEx combo:

  • 🖨️ Go inkless: The Rollo’s FedEx shipping label printer can print about 650,000 shipping labels before needing replacement. Say goodbye to ink and toner expenses!
  • 🚚 Consolidate shipments: If you’ve got a bunch of small orders going to the same area, you can easily bundle them into a single, more affordable shipment.
  • 📦 Bulk up on supplies: Rollo can auto-order FedEx packaging and have it delivered right to your door. Hello, ultimate convenience!
  • 💾 Saved settings: Once you’ve got all your preferences just right, save them as a template to breeze through future shipments.

And hey, if you stumble on any other brilliant tips or workflow hacks of your own, we’d love for you to share them with the Rollo community on Facebook! They’re all about that continuous improvement.

Final Words

Well, there you have it – literally everything you need to know about making FedEx shipping a total breeze with Rollo. This integration truly is a game-changer for small businesses and solo entrepreneurs working hard to grow their operations.

With Rollo handling the logistics like a well-oiled machine, you can finally shelve all those frustrating shipping tasks and get back to focusing on the really important stuff – developing killer products, providing amazing service, and hustling towards your big dreams.

So what are you waiting for? Give Rollo a shot today with that exclusive discount, and experience a whole new level of seamless shipping success. Your precious time (and sanity) will thank you!

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Frequently Asked Questions About FedEx Shipping Labels

📌 Q: How do I create a FedEx shipping label with Rollo?

💭 A: Creating a FedEx shipping label with Rollo is simple. First, sync your FedEx account through the Rollo integrations menu. Then, go to the shipment creation section and enter key details like the destination address, package weight, and dimensions. Once everything is filled in, click the button to generate your professional shipping label.

📌 Q: Does FedEx provide free shipping labels?

💭 A: Yes, FedEx provides free return shipping labels in certain situations, particularly for businesses with a returns policy. Including a prepaid label when shipping orders is a smart move. Rollo makes creating and managing these return labels easy and efficient.

📌 Q: How can I ship with FedEx without a printer?

💭 A: Shipping with FedEx without a printer is easy. Generate a QR code through the FedEx mobile app or Rollo’s integration. Then, visit any FedEx location, where a team member can scan and print the code onto a shipping label for you.

📌 Q: How do you make a shipping label for FedEx?

💭 A: Traditionally, you might use the FedEx website or mobile apps, but Rollo simplifies the process. With Rollo’s integration, you can print shipping labels with just a few taps, making the process quick and hassle-free.

address labels on envelopes

Customize Address Labels to Ship Your Packages in Style

By Blog

In a world where millions of packages are shipped daily, the uber-important address label has evolved from a simple identifier to a crucial branding and logistical tool. As e-commerce continues to soar, the impact of these unassuming labels cannot be overstated.

Just consider the sheer volume – the United States Postal Service processes a staggering 4,877 pieces of mail per second. That’s 292,628 each minute, 17.6 million each hour, which in total is 421.4 million mail pieces each day! And with more businesses than ever relying on direct-to-consumer sales, the address label has become the vital link between your product and your customer’s doorstep.

🔒Privacy Alert: Did you know that showing your full home address on your address labels could raise 
privacy and security concerns? Many small business owners, especially soapmakers, opt to display only 
partial addresses to safeguard their privacy.

But this vital component of the shipping process doesn’t have to be dull. In fact, customizing your address labels can be a powerful way to elevate your brand, streamline your operations, and deliver a memorable unboxing experience. Let’s dive in and explore the world of personalized address labels.

The Basics of Address Labels

basics of address labels

At their core, address labels serve a simple purpose – to clearly identify the recipient and their location. Whether you’re sending a package, a letter, or a postcard, these adhesive slips of paper ensure your mail reaches its intended destination.

🆚 Labels vs. Stickers: While both labels and stickers can adorn your packages, it's important to know their 
distinct uses. Address labels are designed for identification with their thinner, easier-to-peel materials, 
whereas stickers tend to be thicker and are used for promotion and self-expression.

Beyond that basic function, address labels also play a crucial role in the broader logistics of the postal system. They help sorting machines and postal workers quickly and accurately route each item, keeping the flow of mail moving efficiently. And for businesses, they can even double as a branding opportunity, with custom designs, logos, and messaging.

Designing Your Own Address Labels

computer designing address labels

Crafting your own custom address labels is easier than you might think. There are a wealth of free online tools and templates that make the design process a breeze. Sites like Canva, Avery, and even your shipping carrier’s website often offer user-friendly interfaces to create labels that reflect your brand.

🎨 Design Deep Dive: The font and design of your address labels do more than just look good, they 
communicate your brand's personality. Simple yet elegant fonts like Georgia, Garamond, and Open Sans 
are not only easy to read but also add a touch of sophistication to your labels.

The key is to keep your design clean, legible, and true to your visual identity. After all, these labels will be the first physical touchpoint many of your customers have with your business. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different fonts, colors, and layouts until you land on something that feels just right.

And don’t forget the practical details – make sure your labels are the appropriate size for your envelopes or packages, and that the text is placed in a way that ensures smooth scanning and sorting by postal equipment.

Technological Advancements in Address Labeling

The world of address labels hasn’t stood still, either. As technology has evolved, so too have the capabilities of these humble shipping tools.

Quick Response (QR) codes, for example, are becoming an increasingly common sight on address labels. These scannable squares can link recipients directly to your website, provide tracking information, or even facilitate easy returns. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology is also making its way into address labels, allowing for more efficient package sorting and delivery.

These innovations aren’t just bells and whistles – they can have a real impact on the efficiency and customer experience of your shipping operations. By embracing these tech-forward address label solutions, you can streamline your workflows, enhance your brand’s visibility, and delight your customers.

Comparative Insights: Address Labels vs. Shipping Labels

While address labels and shipping labels may seem like interchangeable terms, there are some key differences to keep in mind:

  • 🏷️ Address labels are primarily for identifying the recipient and their location. They typically include just the name and delivery address.
  • 📦 Shipping labels contain a wealth of additional information such as the sender’s address, tracking numbers, barcodes, and even customs details for international shipments.
  • ✉️ Purpose distinction: Shipping labels are primarily for the benefit of the carrier, helping in the logistics and delivery process.
  • 🤝 Dual benefit: Address labels serve both the carrier and the recipient, enhancing clarity and communication between the sender and the receiver.
  • 🎨 Customization: The design and content of each label type can (and should) be tailored to their distinct purposes to maximize effectiveness and brand alignment.

When crafting your address labels, focus on making them clear, legible, and visually appealing. Save the technical shipping details for the separate label that gets affixed to the package.

Sustainability in Label Production

Sustainability in Label Production

As eco-consciousness continues to rise, many businesses are looking for ways to make their packaging and shipping more sustainable. And address labels present an opportunity to do just that.

Many label manufacturers now offer options made from recycled or biodegradable materials, reducing the environmental impact of this essential shipping component. You can also explore label designs that include your company’s return address, encouraging recipients to reuse or recycle the label.

🗑️ Safe Disposal Tips: Protect yourself from identity theft by shredding packing receipts and pre-printed 
address labels before disposal. These items often contain personal information that could be misused if 
not handled properly.

Beyond the labels themselves, there are other ways to green your address labeling process. Investing in efficient, high-quality label printers can cut down on waste from misprints or jams. And exploring digital label solutions, like QR codes, can eliminate the need for physical labels altogether.

The Rollo address label printer is compatible all your favorite E-commerce platforms and carriers!


Ease your shipping now!



Rollo Success Story: Loungefit

As the owner of Loungefit, a premium laundry brand that emerged during the pandemic, Andre knows a thing or two about the logistical challenges of running a fast-growing ecommerce business. Born in Jamaica, Andre immigrated to the United States in 2007 in pursuit of the American dream, eventually finding his calling as an entrepreneur. “I came up with the idea for Loungefit because it was in the midst of the pandemic and everyone was inside lounging around,” Andre explains. “It was the perfect time to create a loungewear brand that people could actually wear every day.”

Challenges and Solutions

The rapid growth of Loungefit soon presented Andre with some logistical hurdles. “Suddenly, we were shipping hundreds of orders a day, and the process was starting to feel completely unmanageable,” he recalls.

That’s when Andre discovered Rollo’s line of high-speed, wireless label printers. “I found out about Rollo by doing a Google search, and it was the best label printer for my small business,” he says. “The new wireless Rollo printer has made life so much easier. We can print labels on WiFi easily, whether I’m on my desktop or my laptop. I can come over here, print the labels, and slap them on the packaging within seconds.”

Impact on Business

The Rollo printer has had a transformative impact on Loungefit’s operations. “It has completely streamlined my business,” Andre affirms. “Everyday, people ask me what printer I use for my small business, and I will always say a Rollo, because it’s the easiest printer to use.”

Advice from Andre

When it comes to advice for other entrepreneurs, Andre emphasizes the importance of perseverance. “Having a business is extremely hard and it’s very tiring, but if you keep at it, you keep working, you’ll see success in the long run,” he says. “What drives me every single day is waking up and making my dreams happen. My family came from nothing, and being able to actually break through that generational barrier and create a business is what inspires me.”

Final Words

In the fast-paced world of ecommerce, the humble address label has evolved into a powerful tool for businesses to streamline their operations, elevate their brand, and delight their customers. By embracing the latest labeling technologies and design trends, you can transform this essential shipping component into a reflection of your unique identity.

🛡️ Branding and Security Corner: Address labels play a crucial role in both branding and 
security. By carefully selecting the font, design, and the information displayed, you can 
enhance your brand visibility while protecting your privacy. Always consider what personal 
information you include on your labels to ensure you strike the right balance.

So why settle for generic, one-size-fits-all address labels? Customize your packaging, boost your efficiency, and make a lasting impression with every delivery. The future of address labels is in your hands.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Mailing Label Printers

📌 Q: What should I consider when designing custom address labels for my business?

💭 A: When designing custom address labels, focus on clarity, legibility, and brand alignment. Choose fonts and colors that represent your brand’s personality. Ensure the labels are appropriately sized for your packages and that the text placement allows for easy scanning by postal services.

📌 Q: What are the differences between address labels and shipping labels?

💭 A: Address labels primarily focus on the recipient’s name and address, ensuring the mail reaches the correct destination. Shipping labels include additional details like the sender’s address, tracking numbers, and sometimes customs information for international shipments. Each serves different purposes in the logistics process.

📌 Q: How do I ensure my address labels are printer-friendly?

💭 A: To ensure your address labels are printer-friendly, use label templates provided by label manufacturers or online design tools that comply with standard printer formats. Test the design on different printers to check for issues with alignment or smearing, and adjust the design accordingly.

📌 Q: Can custom address labels really help enhance my brand?

💭 A: Absolutely, custom address labels not only serve a practical purpose but also act as a marketing tool. They are one of the first things your customer sees upon receiving a package, so a well-designed address label can enhance the unboxing experience and reinforce your brand identity.

Print Shipping Labels Designed to Elevate Your Brand Image

By Blog

Believe it or not, every time you print shipping labels for your products, you’re not just preparing a package for delivery; you’re showcasing your brand’s commitment to quality and detail. When it comes to E-commerce, there is no denying that effective brand management is crucial for success, as customers form opinions about brands across various online channels and touchpoints.

Maintaining a unified, positive brand experience is key to your business’s image. An efficient shipping process not only keeps your business running smoothly but leaves a lasting impression on clients. Enter Rollo printers, the game-changer for entrepreneurs and small businesses looking to elevate their brand recognition through custom shipping labels. Because in this day and age, every touchpoint counts.

Did you know?🤔 The Rollo printer speeds through printing at 150mm/s, making quick work of any
shipping label task.

Telling Your Story Through Your Brand Image

image of journal and writing quill representing telling your journey through your brand image when you print shipping labels.

As an e-commerce entrepreneur, you understand the challenges of rising above the noise in a saturated online marketplace. Differentiating your brand is paramount. When you print shipping labels with your company logo on them, they can become powerful tools for authentic storytelling.

  • 🌟 Brand Identity: When customers unveil their package and see your logo, they’re not just receiving a product; they’re getting a glimpse into your brand’s identity. The colors, patterns, and overall aesthetic communicate your company’s origins, inspirations, and values, forging a genuine connection.
  • 🔍 Transparency and Trust: In today’s climate of consumer skepticism, transparency is crucial. Customers favor brands that are consistent across all touchpoints. User-generated content and authentic storytelling, facilitated by your custom printed shipping labels, cultivate trust.
  • 📖 Engaging Brand Story: Print shipping labels that share your brand’s narrative, from its founding tale to the creative vision behind your designs. This turns every unboxing into an opportunity for customers to engage with your brand story before encountering the product.
  • 💫 Immersive Experience: Packaging should offer an immersive experience that cements your brand’s individuality in customers’ minds. By infusing your authentic identity into these supplies, you transform each unboxing into a personal invitation to your brand’s world.

Don’t underestimate the power of shipping supplies to amplify your brand voice. Leverage them as a storytelling medium, and you’ll cultivate the kind of customer loyalty and brand affinity that drives sustainable success.

Print Shipping Labels Customized for Maximum Brand Impact

Okay, so we’ve established that streamlined shipping is a must. But here’s where things get really exciting: taking your brand identity along for the journey every time you print shipping labels. It’s all about those micro-moments that leave a lasting impression.

Stepping into the spotlight with your shipping labels means more than just sending out a package; it’s about making every parcel a billboard for your brand. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of how we can make those labels pop!

🖌 Custom Design Principles: This is where the essence of your brand gets to shine, one label at a time.

  • 🌟 Logo: Let your logo take the lead – bold, proud, and unmistakable.
  • 🎨 Colors: Splash your brand’s colors across the label. This isn’t just shipping; it’s storytelling.
  • 🔲 Patterns: Infuse your unique patterns that whisper (or shout) your brand’s ethos.
  • ✒️ Typography: Elevate the mundane with your brand’s signature font. It’s not just what you say; it’s how you say it.
  • 🔄 Creativity: Mix, match, and marry elements that transform a basic label into a brand ambassador.
Pro Tip:💡 Leverage Rollo’s free design app to create labels that not only stand out but tell your 
brand’s unique story.

📦 Material Matters: The journey matters as much as the destination. Choose materials that go the distance and arrive as intended.

  • 🛡️ Thermal Labels: These labels aren’t just survivors; they’re showstoppers, keeping your brand crisp from dispatch to delivery.
  • 💫 Glossy Finish: Elevate the unboxing with labels that dazzle and delight, making first impressions count double.
  • 🔒 Adhesive Quality: Stick with it – literally. A label that stays put is a testament to your brand’s commitment to detail.
Keep in Mind:🧠 Opt for thermal labels with Rollo for that durable, glossy finish, ensuring your 
packages look great upon arrival.

Transforming your shipping labels from mere necessities to marketing powerhouses is more than a strategy; it’s a statement. With these tweaks, you will print shipping labels that become memorable touchpoints that deepen your brand’s connection with its audience.

KSX Art’s Unique Branding Shines with Custom Rollo Labels

Kellie, the creative visionary behind KSX Art, discovered an ingenious way to merge her passions for printmaking and sustainable fashion during the pandemic. After losing both of her jobs, Kellie began printing intricate botanical designs onto thrifted denim pieces, giving well-loved garments new life.

  • 🌿 Artistic Beginnings: What started as an artistic outlet quickly blossomed into a booming business with a distinctive retro aesthetic. Needing to match her brand’s vibrancy, Kellie looked for a way to create branded shipping labels as unique as her denim creations.
  • 🖨️ Rollo’s Solution: Rollo’s Wireless Thermal Printer came to the rescue. Utilizing their design app, Kellie custom formatted her logo—a graphic of a jean overall-clad figure with hands in pockets alongside “KSX Art” text—infusing her brand’s identity into each shipping label.
  • 🎨 Visual Impact: The results were stunning. Each shipping label, adorned with bold patterns and colors, turned into miniature artworks. These labels not only captured attention but also encouraged customers to share their unboxing experiences on social media, generating buzz.
  • 📦 Streamlined Shipping: Rollo didn’t just enhance KSX Art’s aesthetic appeal; it also simplified the entire shipping process. With clear text for easy scanning and wireless mobile printing capabilities, Kellie found herself effortlessly managing a growing volume of orders.
  • 💼 Business Expansion: As KSX Art expanded into a larger studio space, Kellie continued to prioritize the unique branded experience that set her business apart. With Rollo, each shipment became a memorable moment of brand engagement.

Kellie’s use of Rollo’s technology underscores the importance of branding, turning shipping labels into art and deeply connecting with her audience. As KSX Art grows, her dedication to unique experiences highlights a valuable lesson for all entrepreneurs.

Inspiration Corner:✨ See how KSX Art, propelled by Rollo’s custom labels, turned packages into 
pivotal branding opportunities.

How to Print Shipping Labels with Rollo Printers

Alright, so you’re all hyped about the power of custom shipping labels. Now let’s get practical about how to actually print shipping labels with Rollo. You’re about to discover the ease and efficiency of printing custom shipping labels at home or in your office. Let’s dive into how you can get started with your Rollo printer to produce professional-quality labels.

Setting Up Your Rollo Printer

Initial Setup:

  1. Power Connection: First, connect your Rollo printer to power, turn it on, and carefully feed the labels into it from the back. Make sure to check the labels for instructions on which side should be facing down.
  2. Download the Rollo App: After setting up your printer, download the Rollo app from either the App Store or Google Play to begin.

Phone Setup:

  1. Connectivity: Open the Rollo app on your phone. The app will search and identify your Rollo printer. Once detected, select your printer and click “Next”.
  2. Network Configuration: Choose your Wi-Fi network from the list and enter the password to connect your Rollo printer to the internet.
  3. Test Print: After successfully connecting to Wi-Fi, perform a test print to ensure everything is set up correctly. Your Rollo should now be ready to use. If you encounter any issues during setup, Rollo support is readily available to assist.

Printing Your Shipping Labels

Designing Labels:

Before you print shipping labels, design them with the Rollo Label Design App. This free, multi-platform app simplifies creating custom shipping labels:

  1. Design with Ease: Launch the Rollo Label Design App on web, iOS, or Android. Choose from a variety of pre-designed templates or start from scratch to craft labels that perfectly align with your brand identity.
  2. Customize Your Design: Utilize the app’s extensive library of icons, graphics, and design elements. Add essential details like text, logos, barcodes, and QR codes. Fine-tune your label’s layout, colors, and overall aesthetics to capture your brand’s essence.
  3. Print Seamlessly: Directly from the app, send your custom label designs to your Rollo printer. This streamlined process from design to print ensures your packages carry a piece of your brand identity with every shipment.

Step-by-Step Printing Guide:

  1. Prepare Your Design Files: With your labels designed in the Rollo app, ensure they are ready for printing.
  2. Load Your Printer: Insert the appropriate label material into your Rollo printer. The thermal printing technology guarantees sharp, durable results without the mess of ink.
  3. Select and Print: Through the Rollo app or your computer, choose the label size and type, then command your printer to bring your designs to life. Watch as your custom labels print out, ready to elevate your shipping game.



From any device, any app, or any file.



Shipping Made Simple:

  • Schedule Pickups: With the Rollo app, you can schedule a pickup for your package directly, avoiding the hassle of waiting in lines at a shipping center.
  • Discounts on Shipping: Rollo customers enjoy up to 90% discounts on shipping rates, making it not only convenient but also cost-effective.

No Printer? No Problem: For those without a direct access to a Rollo printer, the Rollo design app offers the flexibility to upload your design and then print from with any 4×6 inch label printer.

Optimizing Your Shipping Process

an architectural model of an optimized shipping process.

Shipping’s about more than just slapping on a label, though. There are a couple key areas that can really level up your operation:

Prioritizing Shipments: You know that feeling of pure giddiness when a package arrives way ahead of schedule? That’s the power of priority mail. Depending on your product and customer base, using this expedited service can seriously boost satisfaction and repeat business. Just weigh the shipping costs against customer expectations to find that sweet spot.

Going Mobile: Admit it, you’re glued to your phone anyway – why not put it to work? With the Rollo mobile app, you can generate and print shipping labels on the fly, no computer required. Headed to the post office? No problem, just crank out a fresh label for that late-night order. Hello, ultimate flexibility!



When you print shipping labels with Rollo, the first 200 are on us.


Every next label is just 5 cents.


Schedule pickups, consolidate orders, and print bulk labels.


Up to 90% off UPS, FedEx, and USPS shipping.



Maximizing Savings: Is it Cheaper to Print Shipping Labels Yourself?

piggy bank on thermal label printer representing savings.

Of course, penny-pinching is a must for any scrappy business owner or reseller looking to unlock e-commerce savings. So is it actually more cost-effective to print shipping labels yourself? Short answer: most likely. Let’s peel back the layers and see just how much you can save by bringing label production in-house.

💸 The Big Picture on Savings: When it’s time to crunch the numbers, every penny counts.

  • 🖨️ Thermal Printers: Sure, there’s an upfront cost, but think of it as an investment. With prices ranging from $100-$300, the break-even point comes quicker than you might think.
  • 🏷️ Bulk Buying Labels: Stocking up on labels in bulk? That’s going to slash your per-label cost dramatically, making each shipment cheaper by the mile.
  • 💰 Per Label Pennies: Ditch the pricey per-label fees from shipping services. At $0.05-$0.15 a pop, printing your own labels could save you a bundle.
  • 📊 Volume Matters: The more you ship, the sweeter the savings. High-volume shippers will see the most significant cost benefits over time.

🔄 Cutting Out the Middleman: Direct control over your label printing means no more waiting or overpaying.

  • 📉 Compare and Contrast: Sure, commercial printers offer convenience, but at what cost? Doing a side-by-side with your DIY setup will show the savings stacking up in your favor.
  • 🚚 Shipping Rate Discounts: Some platforms offer discounted shipping rates, but guess what? You can still access those savings when printing your own labels, ensuring the best of both worlds.
Quick Insight:💭 Printing your own labels with Rollo can be a game-changer, offering significant 
savings and brand personalization.

🤔 To Print or Not to Print? It’s more than just a question; it’s a strategic decision.

  • 📚 Educate Yourself: Understand your shipping volume and needs. Small startups might tread lightly, while scaling businesses could dive in and print shipping labels headfirst.
  • 🔄 Flexibility & Customization: Beyond savings, printing your own labels offers unmatched brand continuity and personalization – worth its weight in gold.

By taking charge of your label production, you’re not just cutting costs; you’re upping your game in brand consistency and customer experience. So, yes, printing your own labels can be a wallet-friendly move with the right approach and volume. Dive in, the savings are fine!

Did you know?🤔 Rollo seamlessly integrates with leading e-commerce platforms, streamlining 
your label printing process.

Final Words

At the end of the day, efficient shipping operations and eye-catching branding go hand-in-hand. With Rollo, you can print shipping labels that merge those two elements seamlessly.

Let’s recap the highlights: thermal label printers allowing for vibrant, custom designs. A suite of easy printing methods, from desktop to mobile to mail-in. And smart integrations with carriers to score the best rates.

But most importantly? Print shipping labels that elevate every single package into a miniature brand experience. To transform a mundane shipping label into a work of art. To put that indelible final touch on your customer’s journey – the cherry on top of a flawless fulfillment process.

So don’t sleep on the humble shipping label, folks. Tap into Rollo’s suite of solutions and start making those deliveries do the real work of powering your brand’s growth. Let’s get shipping!

Final Thought:🔮 In the evolving world of e-commerce, standing out means blending creativity with 
efficiency, something Rollo printers excel at.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Printing Shipping Labels

📌 Q: Why are custom shipping labels important for my brand?

💭 A: Custom shipping labels are crucial for enhancing brand recognition and creating a memorable unboxing experience for your customers. They allow you to showcase your brand’s identity directly on the packaging, turning every shipment into a branding opportunity and deepening the connection with your audience.

📌 Q: How can I design custom shipping labels for my brand?

💭 A: Utilize the Rollo Label Design App, which is available for web, iOS, and Android. This app provides a wide range of design tools, templates, and elements, enabling you to craft labels that accurately reflect your brand’s visual identity, from logos to color schemes and patterns.

📌 Q: Are there any tips for maximizing the impact of my shipping labels?

💭 A: To maximize the impact, ensure your brand’s logo, colors, and unique design elements are prominently featured. Opt for high-quality labels with strong adhesion to survive the shipping process. Additionally, thermal labels can offer durability and a professional appearance that elevates customer perception.

📌 Q: Can printing my own shipping labels save money?

💭 A: Yes, by printing your own labels, especially if you buy labels in bulk and utilize a thermal printer like Rollo, you can significantly reduce the cost per label. This approach also allows you to access discounted shipping rates, further lowering your shipping expenses and enhancing overall cost efficiency.

📌 Q: How do I get started with Rollo printers for my shipping needs?

💭 A: Begin by connecting your Rollo printer to a power source and your device. Load the thermal labels and download the Rollo app to guide you through connecting the printer to your Wi-Fi network. Perform a test print to ensure everything is correctly set up, and then you can start designing and printing your custom shipping labels directly from the app.

shipping apps: unlock savings for e-commerce resellers.

Shipping Apps: Unlock Savings for E-commerce Resellers

By Blog

Before shipping apps became the backbone of e-commerce, we transitioned from browsing stores in person to ordering products over the phone, culminating in a CD of Sting’s ‘Ten Summoner’s Tales’ becoming the first item sold on the Internet. E-commerce has indeed come a long way.

These days, shipping apps play a starring role in the online shopping experience thanks to a new wave of innovative logistics solutions. As these tools have exploded onto the scene, they’ve completely transformed how e-commerce businesses operate behind the scenes. We’re talking streamlined systems, customer-wowing service, and bottom lines that keep getting better.

Efficiency, cost-savings, and a wow-factor for buyers – that’s the name of the game now. And at the heart of this quiet revolution are the shipping apps shaking things up.

Decoding Shipping Apps – What You Need to Know

Decoding Shipping Apps

Understanding Shipping Apps

Let’s start with the basics – what exactly is a shipping app? In simple terms, it’s software designed to make sending packages a total breeze. These smart systems integrate with e-commerce platforms, automatically generating shipping labels and tracking info. But they do way more than that one-trick.

Did you know?🤔 Rollo's batch processing and automated label creation let you manage multiple 
orders at once. Say goodbye to the manual hassle and hello to more free time!


The real beauty of shipping apps is how they centralize and optimize every step of the shipping process. Calculating rates in real-time, batch printing hundreds of labels without blowing through pricey ink, syncing with inventory – it’s like getting a logistics expert on your team for a fraction of the cost.

And the payoff? Reduced shipping expenses, hyper-efficient operations, and happy customers who feel like they’re getting white-glove service. It’s a win-win for resellers.

The Best Shipping Apps on the Market

Okay, so you’re sold on adding a shipping app to your online business arsenal. First thing’s first – finding the right fit. While there are several shipping app options that have the brand recognition, Rollo is worth considering for a variety of reasons.

Pro Tip:💡 Save on Every Shipment by quickly comparing shipping rates and unlocking discounted 
options with Rollo. Efficient shipping solutions are just a click away, ensuring you always get 
the best deal.

Rollo is a multi-carrier platform that boasts some seriously cool features, such as:

  • 🖨️ Slick thermal label printing that significantly reduces ink costs.
  • 📦 Custom branded tracking pages to enhance customer experience.
  • 💻 Deep e-commerce integrations for seamless operations.
  • 🔄 Cross-platform syncing capabilities across Windows, Mac, and mobile.

Integrating Shipping Apps and E-commerce Platforms Seamlessly

Integrating Shipping Apps Seamlessly

Enhancing Shopify Stores with Shipping Apps

Speaking of those deep integrations, let’s talk Shopify. As one of the biggest e-commerce players, it’s no surprise that pairing a shipping app with Shopify is a total no-brainer. Setting up the integration is stupid easy – we’re talking flip-a-switch level stuff. Within minutes, your orders start flowing directly into the shipping app for efficient processing.

⚠️ Keep in mind  Essential Scannable Barcodes: Every item sent to Amazon must have a scannable 
barcode. Missing or unscannable barcodes lead to fulfillment delays.

But the real magic happens behind the scenes with intelligent inventory tracking and management reports. It’s like getting X-ray vision into your operations to pinpoint areas for growth. That’s just one more way shipping apps make the chaos of order fulfillment feel like a well-oiled machine.

Beyond Shopify – Compatibility with Various Platforms

Of course, Shopify is just the tip of the iceberg. Smart shipping companies focus on making their tools work seamlessly with all the mainstream e-comm platforms like WooCommerce, BigCommerce, eBay, and Amazon. But the truly forward-thinking ones take it a step further.

For example, Rollo has invested heavily in ensuring compatibility with both widely-used and niche selling channels. So whether your products are listed on Etsy, Squarespace, or an obscure ecological marketplace, a top-tier shipping solution has you covered. That flexibility keeps operations humming and your customers blissfully unaware of any backend chaos.

Pro Tip:💡 Grow Seamlessly with Rollo: As your business expands, so do your shipping needs. Rollo 
scales with you, offering flexibility across e-commerce platforms and efficient cost management 
for growing order volumes.

Cutting Costs and Elevating Efficiency

Strategies to Save Money on Shipping

Let’s be real – trying to find ways to cut shipping costs is right up there with watching paint dry on the excitement scale. But it’s essential to consider that those dull “saving money” tactics can seriously pay off over time.”

Key strategies include:

  • 🤝 Negotiating Rates with Carriers: Always be in talks to secure lower prices.
  • 📦 Utilizing Flat-Rate Shipping: When it makes sense, opt for flat-rate shipping to keep costs predictable.
  • 🔍 Comparing Rates with Shipping Apps: Use modern shipping apps to instantly compare rates across various couriers, ensuring you always get the best deal.
  • 🔄 Setting Up Shipping Rules: Automate discounts or surcharges based on specific criteria to maintain healthy profit margins with minimal effort.
Did you know?🤔 With Rollo Ship, all your orders are in one place. Automate repetitive tasks, 
schedule carrier pickups, and manage the full shipping cycle from a unified dashboard for 
unmatched efficiency.


all your orders are in one place.
Quick Insight: 💭 Ever wondered why shipping costs vary so much? With Rollo Ship, leverage the 
power of comparison to always ensure you're choosing the most cost-effective and reliable 
shipping option for your needs.

The Power of Comparison

Speaking of comparisons, finding the most cost-effective shipping option is just the start. Top shipping apps pull double duty, ensuring you’re putting speed and reliability first too. With a few clicks, you can weigh options like pricing against delivery estimates to meet the needs of every order.

Did someone say rain check for their shoes because paying extra for overnight isn’t worth it? No problem, the two-day choice is queued up. Need to ensure that vintage lamp arrives by a certain date no matter what? Simply filter for the speediest and most reliable service.

Having all that intel at your fingertips empowers smart decision-making that keeps your customers smiling. And satisfied buyers mean repeat business – it’s a shipping gift that keeps on giving!

Keep in Mind: 🧠 A memorable unboxing experience starts with real-time tracking. By providing 
transparency and building anticipation, you're not just shipping a product; you're delivering 

Enhancing Customer Experience with Advanced Shipping Features

Tracking and Transparency

In e-commerce, maintaining visibility from the moment a customer clicks ‘buy’ until the package is unboxed is key. Here’s how advancements in shipping apps are addressing this, offering more than just shipment tracking:

📍 Real-Time Tracking:

  • Addresses the gap between purchasing and receiving, keeping customers in the loop at all times.

🌐 Branded Tracking Pages:

  • Go beyond basic updates; these pages integrate your business’s branding and story, keeping your identity front and center throughout the delivery process.

💡 Enhanced Customer Experience (CX):

  • The transparency provided not only enhances customer trust but also serves as a clever marketing opportunity, building anticipation and a deeper connection with your brand.

Simplifying Returns

No seller wants to think about returns – it often feels like a self-sabotaging subculture of your operations that should be ignored at all costs. Except that returns happen whether you like it or not, so why not get ahead of the game?

Elite shipping solutions have demystified the returns flow, creating sleek interfaces for customers to self-generate return labels and track those packages every step of the way. You’re putting control into buyers’ hands while still maintaining visibility into an otherwise messy part of the process.

Pro Tip: 💡 Offering a hassle-free return process can paradoxically boost sales. Customers value the 
security of easy returns, often leading to increased loyalty and repeat purchases. Make returns a 
part of your service excellence.

And get this – enabling hassle-free returns has actually been shown to increase customer loyalty and repeat purchase rates. People feel more comfortable buying with the peace of mind that making a return is straightforward if needed. In the long run, investing in returns can seriously pay dividends.

Real-World Success Stories

Happy Rugs

From Hobby to Career – The Story of Happy Rugs

Need proof that robust shipping solutions can empower e-commerce businesses to thrive? Enter Madeline and her company Happy Rugs. What started as a quarantine hobby quickly exploded into a full-fledged operation. With each custom rug order rolling in, Madeline recognized the need for a shipping overhaul.

That’s when Rollo entered the picture. Suddenly, Madeline could batch out label printing for her wholesale suppliers and individual customers simultaneously. The branded tracking experience kept everyone looped in, building hype (and sales!) through scintillating unboxing videos across Happy Rugs’ social channels.

Behind the scenes, Rollo became command central for monitoring costs, comparing rates, and optimizing rugs delivery based on each customer’s needs. What was once an overwhelming amount of orders morphed into a well-oiled shipping machine. Talk about the ultimate small business success story!

Inspiration Corner: ✨ Happy Rugs' journey from a hobby to a thriving e-commerce business 
underscores the transformative power of the right shipping solution. Let this story inspire 
you to streamline your operations and aim for success.

Community Feedback and Recommendations

Of course, Madeline’s journey from passion project to thriving business is just one example. While succeeding in e-commerce typically starts with a remarkable product, it’s the tools that play a huge role in taking things to the next level. Which is why community recommendations are so powerful. Here’s how valuable feedback and recommendations in the community have been:

🗣️ Sharing in Forums and Social Groups:

  • Online sellers frequently exchange notes, offering honest feedback on tools that transform their operations.
  • Robust shipping apps, like Rollo, often come up as essential for their efficiency gains.

🚀 Boosting Business Visibility:

  • The right shipping solution can significantly elevate a business’s profile.
  • Community insights and recommendations are invaluable for sellers eager to accelerate their growth.
Did You Know? 🤔 Community endorsements can significantly influence your choice of shipping 
apps. Sellers often discover the most efficient tools through recommendations in forums and 
social groups. Always keep an ear to the ground!

Final Words: Shipping Apps are The Now and Future of E-commerce

As e-commerce continues skyrocketing in popularity, the role shipping plays will only intensify. Consumers have grown accustomed to getting what they want when they want it – at a price that doesn’t break the bank.

Meeting and exceeding those expectations is where elite shipping apps shine. Their ability to streamline backend operations, slash shipping costs, and elevate the customer experience from start to finish is revolutionary.

Looking Ahead: 🔮 The future of e-commerce is intertwined with the evolution of shipping 
technologies. Stay informed about the latest innovations in shipping apps to keep your 
business at the cutting edge and ready to meet tomorrow's consumer demands.

Innovators like Rollo sit at the forefront of this movement with their sleek interfaces and range of game-changing features. Custom branded tracking pages, low ink label printing costs, and powerful automation capabilities – these thoughtful solutions are doing so much more than just getting packages out the door.

By empowering sellers to focus on growth instead of logistics drudgery, shipping apps are fueling the sustained momentum of the e-commerce boom. From small side hustles to major brands, businesses powered by these dynamic shipping solutions will keep leading the charge long into the future.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Shipping Apps for Resellers:


📌 Q: What are the main benefits of using shipping apps for e-commerce businesses?

💭 A: Shipping apps offer several advantages, including streamlined operations, cost savings, enhanced customer service, and improved efficiency through features like batch processing, automated label creation, real-time tracking, and custom branded tracking pages.

📌 Q: How do portable thermal printers contribute to sustainability?

💭 A: Portable thermal printers contribute to sustainability by eliminating the need for ink or toner cartridges, significantly reducing waste. Additionally, many models, including those from Rollo, are designed to work with recyclable materials and operate with lower energy consumption compared to traditional printers. Rollo takes this commitment to sustainability a step further by offering FSC-certified thermal labels. These eco-friendly labels not only support responsible forestry but also align with the environmental values of businesses looking to minimize their ecological footprint.

📌 Q: How do shipping apps integrate with e-commerce platforms?

💭 A: Shipping apps seamlessly integrate with various e-commerce platforms, such as Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, eBay, and Amazon, facilitating efficient order processing and inventory management.

📌 Q: Can shipping apps assist in finding better carrier rates?

💭 A:Shipping apps, like Rollo Shipp, are equipped with features that allow users to compare rates from multiple carriers in real time. This capability helps businesses identify the most cost-effective shipping options without the direct negotiation of rates.

📌 Q: Do shipping apps offer any solutions for international shipping?

💭 A: Shipping apps typically include features to simplify international shipping, such as generating necessary customs documentation, calculating international shipping rates, and offering visibility into cross-border logistics.
📌 Q: Are there customizable branding options available with shipping apps?
💭 A: Rollo’s Label Design App offers an easy way to customize labels for shipping and branding, featuring thousands of free templates and flexible sizing options. Its intuitive interface allows for seamless design and printing with Rollo printers, supporting a range of uses from business branding to inventory management. This app ensures anyone can create professional-looking labels without needing design expertise.

📌 Q: What should I look for when choosing a shipping app for my e-commerce business?

💭 A: Consider factors such as compatibility with your e-commerce platform, the range of features offered (like rate comparison, label printing, and return management), the ability to scale with your business, and the level of customer support provided.
Shipping Made Easy: Tips for Shipping Your Products

Shipping Made Easy: Tips for Shipping Your Products More Efficiently

By Tips

Shipping is a critical aspect of any e-commerce or small business that delivers products to customers. In today’s fast-paced world, customers expect quick, reliable, and cost-effective shipping. This puts pressure on businesses to optimize their shipping processes to meet these expectations while keeping costs low. But how can you make shipping easy, efficient, and cost-effective? Using Rollo’s range of products and services will ease your shipping process.

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