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In today’s fast-paced digital era, the realms of e-commerce have expanded beyond imagination. The global shift towards online shopping has burgeoned, and with it comes a multitude of logistical challenges. Chief among them? Efficiently shipping products to eager customers. This surge in online trading has driven a parallel increase in demand for practical shipping solutions—enter the shipping label printer. As the bridge between sellers and consumers, the right, yet cheap shipping label printer can make all the difference. Amidst this backdrop, Rollo emerges—not just as a cheap shipping label printer but as a beacon of quality and affordability. The Rollo brand is all about ensuring that businesses, irrespective of their size, can offer a seamless shipping experience.

Why is a Cheap Shipping Label Printer Essential?

E-commerce, as an industry, thrives on efficiency. The transition from cart to customer needs to be smooth, swift, and error-free. And while the product itself is at the heart of this transaction, the shipping process can make or break a customer’s experience.

Rollo’s Unbeatable Quality and Price

When discussing cheap shipping label printers, the conversation naturally shifts to the balance between quality and price. In this competitive landscape, Rollo has carved a niche for itself, not by being just another affordable shipping label printer, but by providing unmatched quality at an unbeatable price point.

Rollo's Unbeatable Price and Quality

1. Noteworthy Features: Rollo’s printer isn’t called the best cheap shipping label printer without reason.

  • The device boasts high-resolution printing, ensuring every label is sharp, clear, and professional-looking.
  • Its compatibility with various shipping platforms means businesses aren’t confined to a specific service. From large enterprises to individual sellers on platforms like eBay, Rollo seamlessly integrates, promising hassle-free printing. Rollo’s cheap shipping label printers integrate with a plethora of shipping platforms ensuring an unhindered experience.

2. Transparent Pricing with Free Ground Shipping:

  • Price-sensitive businesses understand that hidden costs can quickly add up.
  • Rollo stands out by offering free ground shipping for orders over $25 within the continental United States. Not only does this ensure the printer reaches you without additional costs, but with an average delivery time of 3-4 days, it also means businesses can set up and start printing in no time.

3. Rollo’s Warranty and Guarantee:

A product’s confidence is often mirrored in the warranty it accompanies. One of the hallmarks of a confident brand is the warranties and guarantees they offer.

  • Every new Rollo printer comes with a 1-year replacement warranty. This is not just a testament to the printer’s durability but also the company’s faith in its product.
  • Additionally, Rollo’s 30-day money-back guarantee, valid for purchases made directly from our website, reflects our commitment to customer satisfaction. Should the product not meet your expectations, Rollo guarantees a risk-free investment.

4. Complimentary Thermal Labels:

Complimentary pack of 500 shipping labels size 4x6 inches, stacked/fanfold

Value addition is at the core of Rollo’s offerings. Every Rollo printer purchase is complemented by a pack of 500 fanfold shipping thermal labels. For businesses just kick-starting their operations or those looking to cut down initial operational costs, this inclusion is a boon. Not only do these labels capitalize on Rollo’s high-quality thermal printing, but they also ensure businesses have everything they need to start shipping out orders.

Reduced price on both Rollo models

when you order from our website!

✅ 1-year replacement warranty

✅ 30-day full money-back guarantee

✅ free ground shipping throughout the continental U.S.

To sum it up, Rollo transcends the label of merely a cheap shipping label printer. It’s a comprehensive solution for e-commerce ventures.

Rollo’s Refurbished Deals: Quality at an Even Lower Price

In our ever-evolving, eco-aware landscape, striking a balance between sustainability and affordability is pivotal. Recognizing this, Rollo presents its line of certified refurbished cheap shipping label printers—a blend of eco-friendliness with budget-consciousness.

In essence, Rollo’s refurbished line is not just another cheap shipping label printer option. It is a manifestation of their brand commitment: unparalleled quality, cost-effectiveness, and environmental responsibility all wrapped in one.

How to Print Cheap Shipping Labels with Rollo

In e-commerce, tasks like printing shipping labels can reduce productivity. But with Rollo, it becomes easy and efficient. Here’s a guide to using your Rollo printer:

1. Setting Up Your Rollo Printer

🚨 Optimal Placement: Initiate by positioning your Rollo printer on a level surface, ideally near your packaging area. This proximity facilitates a fluid transition from printing to labeling your packages.

🔌 Power On: Plug your Rollo into a power source with the supplied cable and switch it on. When you spot a white light, it signals Rollo’s readiness to be set up.

Connectivity Configurations

Wireless Model: Download the Rollo App and connect via Bluetooth from a mobile device for the initial setup, which is a brisk 5-minute process. Thereafter, your Rollo will operate via Wi-Fi. Bluetooth and USB cables become redundant. Detailed wireless setup instructions can be found here.

Wired Model: Connect using the USB cable. Depending on your OS—Windows or Mac—download the appropriate driver. The drivers and installation guides are available here.

Rollo USB Label Printer – Initial Setup from Rollo on Vimeo.


2. Loading the Thermal Labels on your cheap shipping label printer

🖨️ Accessing the Loading Area: To access the loading area, utilize the side switch and open the printer’s lid—to ensure the printer is powered on. Introduce the labels from the rear, following the directional instructions on the label that show you which side should be facing down.

🔖 Automatic Label Identification: this process is run only once while setting up your Rollo USB label printer for first use. All you need to do is press and hold the top button on your Rollo USB until you hear one beep, then let go.
❣️ Note that you needn’t do this with Rollo wireless.

🔩 Proper Label Placement: Take a stack or roll of your thermal labels. Ensure you place them in alignment. 

🚦 Secure and Ready: Once your labels are correctly positioned, close the printer’s panel. It’s now ready to print.

How to adjust your Rollo Wireless Settings?

🚀 Speed, Darkness, and Other: These step-by-step instructions provide a comprehensive guide to adjusting your printer settings, including darkness and speed. Whether you’re using the Rollo App, a Windows PC, or a MacBook, we’ve got you covered. Discover step-by-step instructions and ensure your printing processes are fine-tuned to your preferences.

3. Integrating with Your Platform

🔑 Versatility is Key: Rollo’s strength lies in its compatibility. Whether you’re using eBay, Shopify, Etsy, or any other platform, Rollo can integrate seamlessly. All you need to do is connect your marketplace or eCommerce platform to Rollo Ship. Alternatively, if you would like to print directly from any of the platforms, look for solutions and step-by-step instructions here

⚙️ Setting the Default: In case you choose not to print shipping labels via Rollo Ship, you will find an option to choose your default printer within your preferred shipping platform’s settings. Ensure you select Rollo. This ensures every label you print from the platform will be directed to your Rollo printer.

Connect your marketplaces and eCommerce platforms.





4. Printing Labels

📣 Order Selection: Navigate to your chosen platform and open the orders awaiting shipment. Select the ones you wish to process.

📢 Note: With Rollo Ship, you are able to see all your orders from all your marketplaces and eCommerce platforms in one place. You can group them and print bulk labels. 

Without Rollo Ship:

📑 Printing Process: Once your orders are selected, look for the “Print Shipping Label” button or a similar option. A window will often pop up, asking you to confirm or adjust print settings.

✔️ Ensuring Precision: Before hitting print, always double-check the label size setting. Misconfigurations can result in incomplete or oversized prints.

🔚 The Final Step: Once everything looks good, click “Print.” In mere seconds, your Rollo printer will produce crisp, clear shipping labels.

5. Tips, Tricks, and Maintenance

💯 Pro Tips for Smooth Operation

🏷️ Quick Label Feed: Ever needed just one label? Press the “r” button on your Rollo. It’s designed to feed a single label through.

🏆 Quality Matters: Not all labels are created equal. Steer clear of subpar labels. They might not only result in poor prints but can also harm the printer itself.

🧼 Regular Cleaning: Like any machinery, Rollo appreciates some TLC. Regularly cleaning the printer head can extend its life and ensure consistent quality.

😒 Dealing with Jams: In the rare event of a paper jam, don’t panic. Switch off the printer and allow the printer head to cool. Once cooled, open the cover, inspect the rubber for any debris or dirt, and clean with an alcohol swab if necessary. Always ensure the area is dry before powering on.

🛠️ Maintenance 101 – Printer Head Cleaning Steps

🦺 Safety First: Begin by turning off the printer. Disconnect the power cord and then open the cover.

🆒 Cooling Phase: The printer head can get very hot, especially after a printing session. Allow it some time to cool.

🧹 Gentle Cleaning: Use an alcohol swab (avoid water or other solvents) to meticulously clean the printer head. A gentle hand ensures no unintentional damage.

☀️ Drying Time: Let the alcohol vaporize completely. This ensures no liquid remnants that might interfere with the printing.

🆕 Test Run: After reconnecting the power cord, run a test print. This helps verify if the cleaning process was successful.

⚠️ Note: When maintaining your Rollo, always ensure it’s powered off. The printer head, roller, and sensors are sensitive components, so avoid direct contact or use of force. And remember, organic solvents like gas and acetone are no-go zones for cleaning your printer.

Cost Analysis: The True Value of a Cheap Shipping Label Printer

Diving into the intricacies of shipping label printing costs reveals key factors: efficiency, convenience, and ultimately, the overarching cost. How does a cheap shipping label printer stack up against in-store and online alternatives?

🏠 At Home Using Rollo: Printing with a cheap shipping label printer at home offers undeniable autonomy.  For one, you’re in full control of the process, from selecting the right label to printing it. Rollo, a renowned cheap shipping label printer, eliminates recurring ink expenses with its ink-free thermal printing technology. Jacqueline A., a satisfied Rollo customer, cites savings of $20 – $40 on ink and an added $25 on sticker sheets every few months post investing in Rollo.

🏬 In-store: In-store label printing usually carries service charges. You’re not just paying for the label, but also the convenience. Yet, it’s worth noting that visiting a store requires time, potentially long wait times, and transportation costs.

💻 Online Platforms like eBay: Many e-commerce platforms provide integrated shipping label services. They offer convenience, but often at a premium, adding service fees to the base cost.

So, is it cheaper to print shipping labels at home? Undoubtedly, especially with Rollo’s cheap shipping label printers. While there’s an initial investment in the printer, the savings in ink and service fees quickly recoup the cost. Plus, there’s the added advantage of convenience and time-saving.

💲 Is it cheaper to print on eBay or other platforms?  Their integrated label services are handy, but when tallying long-term costs, using a cheap shipping label printer like Rollo emerges as the more budget-friendly choice.

Testimonials and Reviews

Feedback from real-life Rollo users not only adds credibility but also paints a vivid picture of the printer’s efficacy:

Jacqueline A. emphasizes how her routine has drastically shortened from 30 minutes to under 5 for shipping labels, praising the ease of setup and use with her iPhone.

Brian D. appreciates the elimination of ink or toner and highlights the exemplary support from Rollo during his setup on Windows 11.

Timothy H. underscores the ease of setup, especially with Apple products, while Janet Berry-Johnson wishes she had made the switch to Rollo sooner, cherishing the elimination of the tedious process of printing, cutting, and taping labels.

Jane F. shares how even a non-techie like her found setting up the Rollo wireless printer a breeze. For her snake reselling business, the printer has been a boon, saving money on ink and paper.

Success Stories: Small businesses have reaped the benefits of Rollo’s cost-effective solutions:

Colorado Glass Work’s journey with Rollo

The Success Tale of Happy Rugs

How Loungefit streamlined their shipping process


Rollo isn’t just a cheap shipping label printer; it’s a commitment to quality, efficiency, and affordability. Every testimonial underscores a singular truth – Rollo is an investment that pays dividends in saved time, reduced costs, and elevated efficiency. So, if you’re in the realm of e-commerce or any business that requires regular shipping, it’s time to make a judicious decision. Choose Rollo, because every label printed is a step toward a smarter, more efficient, and cost-effective business operation.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Cheap Shipping Label Printers:

📌 Q: Do label printers save money?

💭 A: Yes, label printers offer cost-efficiency by eliminating ink expenses and providing the flexibility to print labels on-demand, cutting down on wastage.

📌 Q: Does printing your own shipping label save money?

💭 A: Printing your own shipping labels often results in substantial savings by avoiding service fees and allowing bulk label purchasing at discounted rates.

📌 Q: Is it cheaper to use a shipping label printer?

💭 A: Absolutely, using a shipping label printer can significantly reduce costs in the long run, especially when considering the savings on ink and bulk label purchases.