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What Is Shipping Software?

The Modern Necessity for E-commerce Businesses

In the vast and complex world of commerce, shipping software has emerged as a cornerstone of successful business operations. It’s a digital tool designed to simplify, streamline, and optimize all aspects related to the shipping process, making it an indispensable ally for businesses of all sizes and scales. But what exactly is shipping software, and why has it become such a crucial element in today’s commercial landscape? Let’s dive in to demystify this essential business tool.

The Definition: Understanding Shipping Software

Shipping software is a digital solution that enables businesses to automate and manage their shipping operations. From generating shipping labels to tracking parcel deliveries, shipping software integrates a wide array of functions into one convenient platform.

Shipping Software for Small Business - The Modern Necessity

The Core Functions and Features of The Shipping Software

Shipping Software: A Catalyst for Growth

In the fast-paced world of commerce, efficiency is king. Shipping software accelerates order fulfillment, eliminates manual errors, reduces shipping costs, and boosts customer satisfaction. These benefits translate into higher productivity, greater profitability, and ultimately, business growth.

Shipping software also supports scalability. As businesses grow and order volumes increase, the software can effortlessly handle the surge, making it a critical tool for businesses aiming to expand.


The Future of Shipping: Embracing Shipping Software

In the era of digital transformation, shipping software has become a vital necessity for businesses. It’s no longer just an optional add-on but a fundamental part of modern commerce. Businesses that harness the power of shipping software are likely to stay ahead of the competition, delivering superior customer service and driving business growth.

The Importance of Shipping Software for Small Business

Running a small business can be a juggling act, especially when it comes to managing logistics and shipping. While it may seem like a minor detail, efficient shipping is, in fact, a crucial component of a successful small business strategy. With the right shipping software, businesses can not only streamline their operations but also significantly enhance their customer satisfaction levels. Let’s explore why small businesses need shipping software and the multitude of benefits it can provide.

Reasons to Need Shipping Software for Small Business

The Benefits: Harnessing the Power of Shipping Software for Small Business

Revolutionizing Shipping for Small Businesses with the Rollo Ship App

Running a small business is challenging, especially when it comes to managing shipping. Countless online entrepreneurs are on the lookout for the cheapest shipping for small businesses and the best shipping software for e-commerce. Rollo’s exceptional tool designed to simplify this crucial process aims to help all businesses – from small to big, from selling products to offering services. Rollo Ship App is among the best-rated shipping tools for small businesses. This powerful, user-friendly app has quickly gained traction as the ultimate shipping software for small businesses, streamlining their operations and supercharging their growth.

Reasons why Rollo is among the best shipping software for small businesses:

No Monthly Subscriptions. No Registration Fee.

Claim FedEx, USPS, and UPS shipping discounts.

Link your marketplaces and shipping carriers’ accounts.

Schedule pickups, group orders, get automated notifications, and much more!

Reasons to Choose Rollo Ship App for Your Shipping Software Needs

Getting Started

Transitioning to the Rollo Ship App is a breeze, with an intuitive setup process that gets your business up and running quickly. Whether you’re connecting your e-commerce stores or creating shipping labels manually for service-based businesses, Rollo is designed to adapt to your specific needs.

Step 1🐾 Register and/or Download the Rollo Ship App for Free.

Access the Rollo Ship platform at: or download it here:

Step 2🐾 Create a Shipment

Input the recipient’s address in “To address or contact” and add your own address in “From Address”.

Step 3🐾 Connect your marketplaces/e-commerce platforms and/or shipping carriers’ accounts for free. No fee, no purchase required.

Go to “Connections” > “Selling Channels” and select your marketplace, follow the prompts on the screen to link your selling channel and Rollo Ship. This will allow you to receive notifications for all your orders and print shipping labels in bulk, group shipments, and more.

Go to “Connections” > “Shipping Carriers” and select your shipping carrier’s account.


  • 🕗 Schedule a pickup with “Start a pick up”.
  • 👤 Add contacts for faster shipments.
  • 🤖 Reduce manual work: Add your address in “Add ship from address” to reduce the manual typing.
  • 🏬 Add a Store/Orders: Automate the shipping process by adding your online store under “New Orders” – “Add Store” or add a manual order with “Create Order”
  • 🔗 Link Channels: Add Selling Channels in “Connections” > “Selling Channels”. Choose the desired channel, click on it, and click on the button “Connect”.
  • 🏷️ 📧 Label and Email Settings: Under your account, go to “Settings” > “Print and Email” > Select if you want to “Print label and packing slip together” and/or “Automatically email tracking information to shipment recipient”.
  • 📦 Create Package Presets in Your Account > “Settings” > “Package Presets” > “+ New Package Preset”.
  • 📬 Add a Carrier of Your Choosing: UPS, USPS, or FedEx. Log in to Rollo Ship > “Connections” > “Shipping Carriers” > Choose to Add, Activate, Edit, and Disable.
  • 🔔 Notification Settings: Under your account, go to “Settings” > “Notification Preferences” > Choose the option that suits you best: Disable all notifications / Notify of “Ready to Ship” orders / Notify of all new orders in any status.
  • 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Grouping Options: Under your account, go to “Settings” > “Group” > Choose the option to group orders that fit you best: Group by Shipping Methods or Group by SKUs of the products. Create groups by the button “Add Group” on the same page.
  • 👓 Read more about the creation of a shipping label here.

Reviewing Success Stories: Small Businesses Flourishing with Rollo Ship App

The true testament to Rollo Ship App’s prowess lies in the success stories of small businesses that have leveraged its capabilities to boost their operations. From cost savings to enhanced productivity, businesses have reaped significant benefits from this powerful shipping software. Review how shipping software for small businesses on Rollo’s YouTube channel.

Embrace the Future of Shipping

There’s no denying it – Rollo Ship App is the ideal shipping software for small businesses, encompassing all your shipping needs into one convenient and efficient platform. With its impressive range of features from consolidated marketplace orders to discounted shipping rates, the Rollo Ship App is a game-changer, transforming how small businesses manage their shipping operations.

Whether your business revolves around products or services, Rollo Ship App adapts to meet your unique needs. Even for service-based businesses such as doctor or law practices, creating shipping labels manually without connecting stores is a straightforward process. Not to mention, with the app, you don't necessarily need a Rollo printer. The labels you create via the app will be in PDF format, which can be printed using any printer. This adaptability further underscores Rollo Ship App's versatility, making it the go-to shipping solution for small businesses across various sectors.

Furthermore, the Rollo Ship App's cost structure is an embodiment of simplicity and transparency. There are no sign-up fees or monthly charges. You only pay 5 cents per tracking number, a cost easily offset by Rollo's highly discounted shipping rates. For your first 200 shipments, even this fee is waived, allowing you to experience the benefits of Rollo Ship App without any financial commitment.

To top it all, Rollo Ship’s commitment to security guarantees that your business and customer information remains safe. In an era where data is the most valuable asset, this robust security is yet another reason why the Rollo Ship App is an excellent choice for small businesses.

In the end, choosing the Rollo Ship App is about more than just selecting shipping software. It’s about choosing a partner that will streamline your operations, scale your growth, protect your data, and provide your customers with an excellent shipping experience. It’s about taking your shipping—and your business—to the next level.

So why wait? Experience the revolutionary Rollo Ship App and see your small business thrive like never before.

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Rollo Ship App

📌 Q: 🆓 Is the Rollo Ship App Free To Use?

💭 Short Answer: ✅ Yes.

💭 A: Rollo Ship does not entitle any signup or monthly fees. However, there is a cost of 5 cents per generated tracking number that is intended to help maintain the service. The good news is this cost is waived for the first 200 shipments with the Rollo Ship App.

📌 Q: 🛍️ Can I Use Rollo Ship App If I Don’t Have an Online Store?

💭 Short Answer: ✅ Yes.

💭 A: You can use Rollo Ship for personal shipping, for business shipping, for shipping orders from your eCommerce store, or even as a service provider. It is as simple as inputting the recipient information and generating the label.

📌 Q: 🕒 Can I Schedule Pick-ups with the Rollo Ship App?

💭 A: ✅ Yes.

📌 Q: 🗺️ Does the Rollo Ship App Notify The Recipient Of The Tracking Number?

💭 A: ✅ Yes, if you select it in your settings in Rollo Ship.