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In the bustling realm of e-commerce, shipping plays a pivotal role in determining a business’s success. With rising customer expectations and the increasing need for swift, cost-effective deliveries, leveraging robust shipping solutions becomes indispensable. Squarespace, known for its seamless website-building capabilities, offers a platform where businesses can flourish. However, optimizing Squarespace shipping is crucial, and that’s where Rollo steps in, bridging the gap and ensuring your Squarespace store operates with unparalleled efficiency and customer satisfaction. This guide unveils the synergistic relationship between Squarespace and Rollo, showcasing how you can harness exclusive discounts, create professional labels effortlessly, and enjoy a seamless, integrated experience.

What Is Squarespace? Understanding Squarespace

Squarespace is a leading website builder designed to help individuals and businesses craft professional-looking websites without needing to delve into the intricacies of coding. With its intuitive drag-and-drop interface, vast template library, and extensive customization options, Squarespace enables users to build and manage their websites with ease, irrespective of their technical expertise.

Why Should E-commerce Startups Consider Squarespace?

How Does Squarespace Shipping Work?

Squarespace endeavors to provide a holistic e-commerce experience, incorporating various shipping functionalities to meet diverse business needs. The platform allows store owners to set up region-specific shipping options, calculate real-time shipping rates, and manage orders effectively. However, the dynamic nature of e-commerce shipping necessitates more, and integrating Rollo can significantly augment Squarespace’s inherent capabilities.

Rollo’s array of services, compatible with myriad marketplaces such as Amazon, Etsy, Shopify, and more, opens the door to enhanced flexibility and broader reach. It doesn’t just stop at compatibility; Rollo ensures that every new order from connected stores is automatically imported, grouped, and notified to the user, leveraging AI to remove manual hassles and streamline operations.

How Does Squarespace Shipping Work

For businesses striving for excellence, combining Squarespace’s robust platform with Rollo’s multifaceted shipping solutions (from shipping discounts, through shipping label printers, to thermal shipping labels) results in an unparalleled synergy, allowing store owners to focus more on growth and less on logistical intricacies.

Elevating Squarespace Shipping Management with Rollo:

While Squarespace sets the foundation for efficient e-commerce operations, Rollo enhances it by introducing a level of flexibility and automation that’s unmatched:

The Synergistic Power of Squarespace and Rollo: A Match Made for E-commerce Excellence

The integration of Rollo with the Squarespace platform isn’t just a mere combination of two tools but a harmonious union that brings together the best of design and Squarespace shipping operations. This synergy amplifies the capabilities of online stores, paving the way for a more streamlined, efficient, and growth-focused e-commerce experience.

Rollo - all-in-one solution for shipping and Squarespace

Does Squarespace Offer Shipping Discounts?

Squarespace, with its versatile e-commerce solutions, provides a plethora of features designed to streamline your online store operations. However, when it comes to shipping discounts, its inherent offerings may leave room for more. Enter Rollo—a beacon of savings and efficiency in the shipping domain.

Rollo empowers Squarespace users with exclusive shipping discounts, thanks to its negotiated rates with leading carriers such as UPS, USPS, and FedEx. These discounts can be a game-changer, enabling savings of up to 90%, a feature especially pivotal for small to medium-sized enterprises aiming to maximize profitability without compromising service quality.

The utilization of Rollo not only brings substantial cost reductions but also ensures that the benefits are not confined to mere pricing. The seamless integration, AI-driven functionalities, and user-friendly interface make Rollo a quintessential partner for anyone looking to elevate their Squarespace shipping experience.

Can You Print Shipping Labels from Squarespace

While Squarespace offers its users the ability to manage orders and shipments, its primary focus isn’t on label printing. That’s where Rollo steps in to bridge the gap.

Rollo’s Label Designer and Ship App stand out in their versatility. Whether you’re looking for pre-defined label templates or wish to design custom labels with your branding, Rollo Label Designer has you covered. Users can easily upload logos, images, barcodes, and even QR codes. The tool also provides a library of images, various shapes, sizes, and fonts, ensuring that your labels not only serve their functional purpose but also reflect your brand’s identity. This comes in as an immense support to your branding on Squarespace. 

Integrating Rollo Ship App with Squarespace means that once an order is placed on your store, creating a shipping label is just a few clicks away. Additionally, given Rollo’s expertise in shipping, you can be assured that the labels adhere to all shipping standards, ensuring smooth transit and delivery.

Connecting Squarespace with Rollo Ship:

Elevate your Squarespace shipping experience by seamlessly integrating with the Rollo Ship. This integration allows you to effortlessly produce 4×6 shipping labels for your Squarespace orders, get timely notifications for fresh orders, process all your orders via the Rollo Ship, and smoothly print using your Rollo printer. An added perk? Every time you generate a label in the Rollo Ship, Squarespace will be instantaneously updated with the tracking number. Let’s walk you through the steps to achieve this integration:

Squarespace Shipping Integration via Rollo Ship Mobile App (iOS or Android)
🐾 Step 1: Open the Rollo App

Begin by launching the Rollo Ship app on your smartphone. Download the app for free here.

🐾 Step 2: Accessing the Menu

Tap the Menu Icon, typically situated at the top-left corner of your screen.

🐾 Step 3: Navigate to ‘Connections’

From the drop-down menu, opt for “Connections” followed by “Selling Channels”.

🐾 Step 4: Adding Squarespace

Tap on the “ADD NEW” button.
From the list of available selling channels, select ‘SquareSpace’.

🐾 Step 5: Linking Your Account

You’ll be prompted to enter your Squarespace account details. Make sure to provide accurate credentials for a successful connection.

🐾 Step 6: Syncing Orders

Post this authentication, your existing and upcoming Squarespace orders will get synchronized with the Rollo Ship. You can now manage shipping for these orders directly from the app.

Squarespace Shipping Integration via Rollo Ship on Desktop
🐾 Step 1: Accessing Rollo Ship on

Begin by logging into the Rollo Ship web interface using your credentials.

🐾 Step 2: Heading to ‘Connection’

Spot the “Connection” tab on the primary navigation bar.
From the dropdown, choose “Selling Channels”.

🐾 Step 3: Selecting Squarespace

Scroll through the available platforms until you spot the Squarespace logo.
Click on it to initiate the connection process.

🐾 Step 4: Initiating the Connection

An option labeled ‘Connect’ will be visible. Click on it to proceed.

🐾 Step 5: Authenticate Your Squarespace Account

You’ll be redirected to a login window. Here, key in your Squarespace account credentials and continue.

🐾 Step 6: Finalizing the Sync

Upon successful authentication, Rollo Ship will automatically fetch your Squarespace orders, both existing and future ones. You can then proceed to manage and ship these orders right from the Rollo platform.

The synergistic Squarespace shipping integration of Rollo Ship not only streamlines your shipping processes but also enhances efficiency, ensuring your business operates seamlessly. Happy Shipping!


Up to 90% off UPS, FedEx, and USPS shipping.

Schedule pickups, consolidate orders,

& print Squarespace shipping labels in bulk.

Will Squarespace give my customer a tracking number?

Squarespace, understanding the importance of keeping customers informed, has always emphasized the significance of providing tracking numbers for shipped items. Here’s a closer look:

Benefits of Automated Tracking Notifications for Squarespace shipping via Rollo:

Instant Updates for Your Squarespace Shipping: As soon as a label is created, tracking information is automatically sent to the customer without any delays.

Reduced Errors with Squarespace Shipping: Automated processes mean less manual input, which significantly decreases the chances of mistakes.

Enhanced Customer Experience: With instant, accurate tracking updates, customers feel more secure and satisfied with their shopping experience, leading to potential repeat business.

For online retailers seeking the best shipping integration for Squarespace, the Rollo Ship App emerges as a front-runner. With its AI-driven order grouping and automatic import of Squarespace shipping orders, it simplifies the shipping process remarkably. Moreover, the absence of monthly subscription fees makes it a cost-effective solution for businesses. When comparing standard Squarespace shipping rates with Rollo’s discounted offers, there’s a noticeable difference. Many businesses leveraging the Rollo Ship App have reported significant savings. In one instance, a Squarespace store owner mentioned a noticeable reduction in their expenses, attributing it to Rollo’s discounts over traditional Squarespace shipping labels and rates.

The Squarespace Shipping Label Printer: Rollo It Is!

Squarespace shipping label printer

The Rollo shipping label printer stands out as a game-changer in the realm of e-commerce logistics. Designed with a blend of technological prowess and user-centric features, it offers the ability to print up to 325,000 feet of labels without any ink. Its intelligent label detection system, especially prevalent in the wireless model, eradicates the need for manual cropping, ensuring that labels are always precise. With compatibility extending across various devices including Mac, iPhone, Android, and Windows, the Rollo printer seamlessly integrates with platforms such as Squarespace, enabling merchants to print shipping labels directly from their storefronts.

For Squarespace store owners, Rollo’s printer offers a streamlined solution to their shipping needs. The compact design ensures that it can fit in almost any workspace, yet it boasts a speed of printing one label per second, optimizing efficiency. Whether it’s a label for a boutique item sold internationally or a bulk shipment for a local distributor, the Rollo printer ensures clarity, speed, and reliability. When integrated with a Squarespace store, it guarantees that merchants can process orders swiftly, ensuring customers receive their purchases promptly and with the precise details outlined on their Squarespace shipping labels.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Squarespace shipping:

📌 Q: Who does Squarespace ship through? 

💭 A: Squarespace offers its store owners flexibility by partnering with multiple shipping carriers to cater to various logistical needs. List of Squarespace Shipping Partners: USPS, UPS, FedEx, and DHL Express (Note: The exact list may vary based on location and Squarespace’s updates.)method.