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When you’re trying to run a business and stay healthy, a service such as Rollo provides peace of mind.

The COVID-19 pandemic has quickly changed the way the world operates. With the closure of most brick-and-mortar businesses, people are more dependent than ever on online retailers such as yourself for goods and services. If you’ve experienced an increase in sales but don’t want to go to the post office or UPS store to buy postage for your packages, you’re in luck. Rollo is the inkless printer that provides you with deep discounts with the USPS and United Parcel Service.

Maintain Your Distance Physically But Keep Your Customers Close Emotionally

Your customers know that you’re someone they can rely on to get what they need when they can’t find items locally. Despite geographic and physical distances, you keep them close to you emotionally. When they connect with your brand and realize how far you’ll go to ensure their satisfaction, they’ll be lifetime customers of yours.

Excellent customer service is possible with the right tools and services. Rollo is more than a printer that saves you time and money. It ensures that you remain safe and protect the people around you by not venturing out into public unnecessarily. You can handle your business affairs at home, by printing postage as you need it, and shipping it via the carrier of your choice, USPS, UPS, and soon FedEx.

Print at Home and Arrange for the Carrier to Pick Up Your Packages

In times of uncertainty, isn’t it reassuring that you can do all your printing of postage at home? You don’t need to stand in line at the post office with Rollo. You even get discounted rates with the USPS as well as UPS. Having a carrier or driver pick up your packages from your porch means that you don’t need to leave home whatsoever to get your eBay, Amazon or Etsy sales out to your customers.