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Easily Print Your FedEx Shipping Label with Rollo

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Hey there, busy entrepreneurs! You’re busy shipping out your products and your carrier of choice is FedEx, but how do you print the FedEx shipping label? We’ve got an awesome trick that’ll make this process a total breeze. Say goodbye to those pesky old methods and hello to slick, streamlined efficiency with Rollo’s killer integration for FedEx shipping labels.

Yeah, you read that right – Rollo is the ultimate FedEx shipping label solution when it comes to getting those precious parcels out the door. This nifty app will save you loads of time and cash, taking a huge load off your mind. So quit sweating the small stuff and let’s dive into how Rollo can transform your FedEx shipping process into a well-oiled (yet totally simple) machine.

Setting Up Your FedEx Account with Rollo

connect an existing FedEx Account

Integrating your FedEx account with Rollo is a crucial step to streamline your shipping process. By linking your accounts, you unlock a range of features designed to save you time and money, such as instant label printing, discounted shipping rates, and seamless order management. This setup ensures that all your shipping details are automatically synced, eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing the risk of errors. Plus, with Rollo’s user-friendly interface, you can complete this integration in just a few simple steps.

For detailed step-by-step instructions on how to link your FedEx account with Rollo, check out this comprehensive guide: FedEx Label Printers: How to Set Up and Print Labels.

Additional Tips and Insights

Security Measures:

Rollo uses advanced encryption and security protocols to ensure your data is protected during the integration process. This ensures that your FedEx account details and shipping information remain confidential and secure.

Troubleshooting Tips:

  • Issue: Unable to link FedEx account.
    Solution: Double-check that your FedEx account details are correct and that your internet connection is stable. If the problem persists, contact Rollo’s support team for assistance.
  • Issue: Labels not printing correctly.
    Solution: Ensure that your printer settings are configured correctly and that your printer is compatible with thermal label printing. Refer to the printer’s manual or Rollo’s support for detailed instructions.

Detailed Benefits:

By integrating FedEx with Rollo, you can take advantage of exclusive discounted shipping rates, saving you significant costs on each shipment. Additionally, the seamless syncing of order details from multiple e-commerce platforms means less time spent on manual data entry and more accurate shipping information.

Benefits of Using Rollo for FedEx Shipping Labels

Now that you’re all set up, let’s talk about why Rollo is worth its weight in gold (actually, it’s really affordable but you get the metaphor).

Think about all those times you’ve had to:

  • ✏️ Manually punch in all those fiddly shipping details
  • 💻 Keep updating annoying desktop software
  • 📄 Physically print out label after label

What a colossal pain, right? With Rollo, you can kiss those hassles goodbye and embrace a whole new level of ruthless efficiency:

  • Lightning-fast label printing: Just a couple of clicks and taps and bam – pro-looking shipping label ready to slap on your package.
  • 💸 Cost-cutter supreme: Rollo negotiates exclusive rates with FedEx to bring you the lowest possible prices. More money in your pocket? Yes, please!
  • 🎨 Custom Label Design: Rollo’s label design app lets you create your own custom labels, adding a personal touch to your packages.

Speaking of which, new users can sign up with Rollo Ship for free! There are zero monthly fees, and the first 200 labels are on us. So why not give Rollo a whirl and experience the difference for yourself?

Advanced Features of Rollo’s FedEx Integration

Okay, but what if your shipping needs are a bit more advanced? Well, good news – Rollo has integrated a bunch of boss features to cater to power users too:

  • 🚚 Schedule Pickups Effortlessly: Just a few taps in the app lets you set up a hassle-free pickup from FedEx, right at your doorstep. No more schlepping boxes to the store!
  • 📦 Ship with FedEx using Rollo: Directly ship through the Rollo App by linking your FedEx® account. Generate affordable FedEx shipping labels, paying just 5 cents per label after your initial 200 complimentary labels.
  • 🖨️ Flexibility in Printing: Generate labels via any printer, not just Rollo’s. Rollo Ship is accessible on iOS, Android, and Desktop, allowing you to manage orders from multiple platforms under one account.
  • ⚙️ Instant Set-Up: Seamlessly integrate with your online stores, including Amazon, Etsy, BigCartel, Shopify, and many more. With our pre-built connectors, witness your orders sync with Rollo Ship in real time.
  • No Need for Rollo Products: You don’t need to purchase any Rollo products to use Rollo Ship. It caters to both personal and professional shipping needs, offering domestic and international delivery services.
  • Efficiency at its Peak: Print numerous labels simultaneously, and provide automatic recipient tracking updates for a seamless customer experience. There are no requirements for minimum shipping volume.
  • 🔄 Master Returns Like a Pro: Creating and managing return labels is an absolute breeze. Just specify the instructions when creating your shipping label, and it generates a returns label automagically.

Integration with E-commerce Platforms

Integration with E commerce Platforms 1

If you’re running an online store, you’re going to love how Rollo gels with all the major e-commerce platforms out there. Here’s just a taste:

  • WooCommerce: Simple but powerful integration to synchronize all your WooCommerce orders with shipping details.
  • Shopify: With the official Shopify app, you can print shipping labels directly from your Shopify dashboard. Easy peasy!
  • Magento: The Rollo plugin brings all its FedEx wizardry to your Magento storefront.

No matter which platform is powering your bustling online empire, you can count on Rollo to keep those orders flying out quickly and affordably.

Additionally, Rollo is continuously developing new integrations with various e-commerce platforms, so keep an eye out for even more seamless e-commerce solutions!

Tips and Best Practices for Using Rollo with FedEx

To wrap things up, let’s run through a few pro tips to ensure you’re squeezing every last drop of awesomeness from the Rollo/FedEx combo:

  • 🖨️ Go inkless: The Rollo’s FedEx shipping label printer can print about 650,000 shipping labels before needing replacement. Say goodbye to ink and toner expenses!
  • 🚚 Consolidate shipments: If you’ve got a bunch of small orders going to the same area, you can easily bundle them into a single, more affordable shipment.
  • 📦 Bulk up on supplies: Rollo can auto-order FedEx packaging and have it delivered right to your door. Hello, ultimate convenience!
  • 💾 Saved settings: Once you’ve got all your preferences just right, save them as a template to breeze through future shipments.

And hey, if you stumble on any other brilliant tips or workflow hacks of your own, we’d love for you to share them with the Rollo community on Facebook! They’re all about that continuous improvement.

Final Words

Well, there you have it – literally everything you need to know about making FedEx shipping a total breeze with Rollo. This integration truly is a game-changer for small businesses and solo entrepreneurs working hard to grow their operations.

With Rollo handling the logistics like a well-oiled machine, you can finally shelve all those frustrating shipping tasks and get back to focusing on the really important stuff – developing killer products, providing amazing service, and hustling towards your big dreams.

So what are you waiting for? Give Rollo a shot today with that exclusive discount, and experience a whole new level of seamless shipping success. Your precious time (and sanity) will thank you!

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Frequently Asked Questions About FedEx Shipping Labels

📌 Q: How do I create a FedEx shipping label with Rollo?

💭 A: Creating a FedEx shipping label with Rollo is simple. First, sync your FedEx account through the Rollo integrations menu. Then, go to the shipment creation section and enter key details like the destination address, package weight, and dimensions. Once everything is filled in, click the button to generate your professional shipping label.

📌 Q: Does FedEx provide free shipping labels?

💭 A: Yes, FedEx provides free return shipping labels in certain situations, particularly for businesses with a returns policy. Including a prepaid label when shipping orders is a smart move. Rollo makes creating and managing these return labels easy and efficient.

📌 Q: How can I ship with FedEx without a printer?

💭 A: Shipping with FedEx without a printer is easy. Generate a QR code through the FedEx mobile app or Rollo’s integration. Then, visit any FedEx location, where a team member can scan and print the code onto a shipping label for you.

📌 Q: How do you make a shipping label for FedEx?

💭 A: Traditionally, you might use the FedEx website or mobile apps, but Rollo simplifies the process. With Rollo’s integration, you can print shipping labels with just a few taps, making the process quick and hassle-free.

Tracking Notifications: Keeping Customers in The Loop

Tracking Notifications: Keeping Customers In The Loop!

By Blog

Tracking notifications are critical to the success of an online order —from the moment a purchase is made, through payment processing, to the package being shipped and finally confirmed as delivered—tracking notifications play a pivotal role in customer satisfaction.

These updates may seem like routine steps, but they carry great significance for both businesses and buyers. Providing seamless communication through accurate tracking notifications is key to delivering exceptional post-purchase experiences. Proactive updates from the moment an order ships until it safely reaches the customer’s doorstep are vital.

In this article, we’ll explore how tracking notifications create transparency, strengthen buyer trust, and streamline operations. We’ll also highlight advanced platforms like the Rollo Ship app that take communication further through unique features.

Table of Contents

Why Tracking Notifications Matter

For customers, tracking notifications reduce uncertainty around deliveries by providing real-time progress updates. Instead of wondering about the status, they can proactively monitor each step.

For businesses, these notifications build reliability and loyalty. They also minimize customer service inquiries about order status, reducing costs.

Ultimately, keeping buyers “in the loop” through ongoing communication enhances satisfaction and experience.

🤔 Did you know? Seamless tracking notifications can lead to a significant decrease in customer service calls related to order inquiries. This not only saves costs but also allows your customer service team to focus on more complex queries, enhancing overall service quality.
Types of Tracking Notifications

Types of Tracking Notifications

There are several key types of tracking notifications:

  • 📦 Shipment Notifications: Confirmation that an order has shipped, including carrier details and tracking number.
  • 🚚 In-Transit Updates: Real-time tracking notifications if a shipment is early, delayed, rescheduled, etc.
  • 📬 Out for Delivery: Alert triggered when the package is loaded on the delivery vehicle.
  • ✅ Delivered Notifications: Final confirmation of successful delivery with date/time.
  • 📝 Proof of Delivery: Signed verification documents sent to the business.

These tracking notifications keep both parties informed through the various stages of fulfillment.

⚠️ Keep in mind that the effectiveness of tracking notifications greatly depends on the accuracy and timeliness of the information provided. Ensuring your system is integrated with reliable logistics data is key to maintaining trust and satisfaction among your customers.

The Technology Powering Tracking

While tracking numbers have been around for decades, the systems behind turning raw data into proactive buyer communication are evolving rapidly.

From intuitive dashboard alerts to automated SMS and email triggers, technology plays a key role. Advanced platforms like Rollo even allow grouping multi-item orders to provide an overview of collective delivery progress.

Integrations with e-commerce stores and shipping carriers also help centralize visibility so businesses can monitor all orders from one interface.

💡 Pro Tip: To maximize the benefits of tracking technology, consider adopting platforms that offer customizable notification triggers. This allows businesses to tailor their communication strategy to match customer preferences and enhance the overall experience.

Creating a shipment is streamlined and intuitive with the Rollo app. The screenshot below illustrates the simple process of setting up a quick shipment, demonstrating the app’s user-friendly interface.

screenshot of quick shipment using Rollo app.

Enhancing the Customer Experience

Accurate tracking notifications dramatically improve post-purchase experiences by:

  • 🛡️ Alleviating anxiety over lost or delayed packages.
  • ❤️ Building trust and brand loyalty through proactive communication.
  • 📆 Creating convenience through expected delivery date alerts.

Notifications enable businesses to meet and exceed these expectations and are critical to maintaining a positive customer experience. In fact, 86 percent of consumers will leave a brand they were once loyal to after only two to three bad customer service experiences.

🤔 Did you know? Modern consumers not only expect transparency and convenience in their online transactions but are practically obsessed with order tracking. Verte's research shows a staggering 91% of consumers actively track their packages, with 39% tracking once a day and nearly a fifth (19%) monitoring their packages multiple times daily, emphasizing the critical need for detailed and readily accessible tracking information.

The Rollo app not only simplifies shipment creation but also aids in planning your delivery route. The following image shows how the app queries your shipping destination, complete with a map for visual guidance.

map of where are you shipping using Rollo tracking notifications in the app.

Reducing Buyer’s Remorse and Anxiety

The time between purchase and delivery is filled with anticipation. But it can also breed anxiety.

Questions like “Has my order shipped?” or “Will it get here on time?” are common. Simple delays can even spur buyer’s remorse.

Proactive tracking notifications alleviate these worries by immediately confirming order transit and keeping customers informed on expected arrival.

⚠️ Keep in mind that the period immediately after a purchase is when customer anxiety is at its highest. Timely and informative tracking updates can significantly alleviate this anxiety, turning a potentially stressful waiting time into an anticipatory part of the customer experience.

Building Trust and Loyalty

Transparency through ongoing communication builds tremendous goodwill post-purchase. It reinforces the brand’s commitment to fulfilling its promises.

Conversely, lack of communication after taking payment erodes trust. Each passing day without updates hurts confidence and perception.

Businesses that actively notify buyers at every step – order processed, label printed, shipment in transit, item delivered – forge reliability and loyalty.

💡 Pro Tip: Leveraging analytics from your tracking notifications can provide insights into customer behavior and preferences. Use this data to refine your communication strategy, personalize the shopping experience further, and build deeper connections with your customers.

Keeping track of your orders is effortless with Rollo’s comprehensive dashboard. Displayed below, the dashboard provides a clear overview of all orders, including essential details like order number, date, and status, with customer information thoughtfully blurred for privacy.


*Disclaimer: The image shown is for illustrative purposes only. Specific customer information has been obscured to protect privacy. Prices and other order details are displayed as examples and may vary.

Orders Dashboard from Rollo app.

Optimizing Internal Operations

While tracking notifications enhance external customer experiences, they also streamline internal processes:

  • 🔄 Order Processing: Automated confirmations help teams keep pace with fulfillment.
  • 🖨️ Label Printing: Integrations allow seamless label creation to accelerate shipments.
  • 💬 Customer Service: Proactive alerts minimize status inquiries to lower costs.

They also provide delivery proof documentation to verify transactions.

Platforms like Rollo Ship make it easy to trigger and manage tracking notifications while coordinating operations.

🤔 Did you know? Integrating tracking notifications with your internal operations can lead to more efficient inventory management. By understanding delivery timelines, businesses can better predict stock levels, reduce overstock, and minimize the risk of stockouts.

Monitoring the shipping status of your orders is crucial for any business. The next image showcases the Rollo Ship Dashboard, where each order’s shipping status, carrier, service, and other vital details are neatly displayed, ensuring you’re always informed.


*Disclaimer: The image shown is for illustrative purposes only. Specific customer information has been obscured to protect privacy. Prices and other order details are displayed as examples and may vary.

order shipped dashboard from Rollo app displaying tracking notifications.

Unique Aspects of Rollo Ship

Now let’s explore some standout capabilities that solutions like Rollo Ship offer to take post-purchase communication further:

Order Grouping

Rollo intelligently groups orders from the same customer into a single tracking feed. Rather than getting individual alerts for each item, buyers get a unified update. This consolidation keeps customers better informed on broader order progress.

E-Commerce Integrations

Rollo seamlessly combines tracking data from major carriers like USPS, FedEx, and UPS with order details from popular e-commerce platforms.  This provides contextual visibility into shipments and delivery expectations, optimized for customer readability.  For those venturing into the e-commerce world through platforms like Etsy, understanding the nuances of shipping is crucial.

Our Etsy Shipping Basics Guide for New Sellers offers a comprehensive overview, ensuring you’re well-equipped to manage your shipping process effectively.This guide complements Rollo’s e-commerce integrations by providing specific insights into one of the most popular platforms, making it easier for you to start your e-commerce journey.

Automation Flexibility

Rollo allows businesses to set up triggers to automate tracking notifications while retaining the flexibility to manually send updates.

Customized rules can be created to trigger alerts through various channels – SMS, email, app. This level of automation not only ensures efficiency but also allows for a personalized touch when necessary.

For businesses aiming to further enhance their shipping efficiency, incorporating strategies from our guide on speeding up and improving your small business shipping can be a game-changer. Here, we delve into advanced techniques that streamline your shipping process, complementing the automation and flexibility Rollo Ship provides.

⚠️ Keep in mind that while automation in tracking notifications offers efficiency, the personal 
touch should not be overlooked. Personalized messages, especially for significant milestones 
like delivery, can enhance customer delight and foster brand loyalty.

Boost Customer Experience with Rollo’s Real-Time Tracking!

Discover Seamless Post-Purchase Updates!

Experience clarity and delight with Rollo’s tracking notifications. Use the Rollo Ship App on desktop or mobile for timely updates from dispatch to delivery.

Elevate your e-commerce with Rollo’s advanced tracking for effortless convenience.

Balancing Automation With Personalization

The core value lies in keeping customers continually updated. But the manner and channel for communication also matter.

Tracking notifications should walk a fine line between personalized and automated.

Automated notifications provide consistency and ensure no orders slip through the cracks. However personalized messages allow tailoring information to individual buyers.

Blending system-triggered alerts with selective custom outreach for VIP buyers, repeat customers or high-value orders enables truly memorable post-purchase communication.

Security and Privacy Considerations of Tracking Notifications

Security and Privacy Considerations

Finally, let’s discuss vital privacy considerations around tracking:

Maintaining Tracking Privacy

Order tracking is crucial for providing visibility into the shipping process, yet, understandably, some customers might wish to limit access to their purchase activity and location data.

To accommodate privacy concerns:

  • Use Guest Checkout Options: Opting for purchases without creating an account helps maintain your privacy by not linking your purchase history and tracking information to a personal account.
  • Opt-Out of Marketing Communications: Choosing not to receive marketing emails and texts during or after the purchase process can protect your contact information from being used for unsolicited communications.

For those with existing accounts looking to enhance their security:

  • Review and Manage Account Security Settings: It’s important to review your account’s security settings regularly. This could include monitoring account activity, updating passwords periodically to ensure they are strong and unique, and checking which devices have access to your account to prevent unauthorized use.
  • Stay Informed on Privacy Policies and Security Features: Being aware of any updates to privacy policies or introducing additional security features can help protect your personal information and purchase history.

Adhering to these steps can bolster your privacy and security, leading to a safer online shopping experience.

Recognizing and Reporting Unauthorized Tracking

While infrequent, some buyers experience suspicious tracking attempts on packages not ordered by them.

Be vigilant if you receive alerts mentioning retailers you haven’t shopped with. Check the full tracking number at the carrier websites. If fraud is confirmed, request an immediate investigation.

Key Takeaways

  • 🔍 Tracking notifications creates transparency around order fulfillment and delivery.
  • 💖 Proactively updated buyers have exceptional post-purchase experiences, driving loyalty.
  • 📲 Features like order grouping and e-commerce integrations simplify communication.
  • 📢 Blend personalized and automated alerts to optimize customer engagement.

As buyer expectations around delivery speed and communication continue rising, tracking notifications play a vital role in providing convenient, reliable, and visible post-purchase experiences – the hallmarks of customer satisfaction.

Reflect on your past experiences with tracking updates and consider how they’ve influenced your perception of online shopping. For more insights or to share your stories, feel free to connect with us through our social media platforms or customer service.


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Frequently Asked Questions about The Tracking Notifications for eCommerce:

📌 Q: Why are tracking notifications important for online purchases?

💭 A: Tracking notifications reduce uncertainty around deliveries by providing real-time progress updates, enhancing customer satisfaction, and building trust between buyers and businesses.

📌 Q:  When will I receive tracking notifications from Rollo after my order is shipped?

💭 A:  Immediately after your shipping label is created, Rollo automatically sends the tracking number to the recipient, notifying them that their package is on its way. You’ll also receive an order confirmation email, followed by subsequent tracking notifications as your package progresses through shipment, including in-transit updates and delivery alerts.

📌 Q: How do tracking notifications benefit businesses?

💭 A: They minimize customer service inquiries about order status, reduce operational costs, and help build reliability and loyalty with customers.

Q: What technology powers tracking notifications?

💭 A: Advanced platforms and integrations with e-commerce stores and shipping carriers, like Rollo, use intuitive dashboard alerts, automated SMS, and email triggers to provide tracking notifications.
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