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At Rollo, we acknowledge and appreciate the competitive landscape of the e-commerce and shipping logistics industry. We firmly believe that having an array of excellent options stimulates innovation, elevates service quality, and ultimately benefits the user. Therefore, in the spirit of fostering a transparent and informed choice, we present to you a detailed comparison between two major players in the label printer market – Rollo and PitneyShip Cube.

Both Rollo and PitneyShip Cube are respected industry titans, credited for employing state-of-the-art technology. Each has established a significant presence across multiple industries, providing a multitude of features to streamline and enhance the shipping process. However, when it comes to selecting the right printer for your business, the nuances can indeed tip the scales. Factors such as print speed, label type, system compatibility, cost-effectiveness, and even added value services, like shipping apps, labels, and shipping scales, play vital roles.

Let's Talk Analysis

Our objective in providing this in-depth comparison is not just to showcase what we have to offer at Rollo, but also to ensure you gain a well-rounded understanding of both printers – their features, benefits, and potential shortcomings. We seek to empower you to select a printer that suits your present business requirements while also aligning with your future growth ambitions. We invite you to join us on this journey as we candidly explore how Rollo and PitneyShip Cube can contribute to your business’s shipping needs. As we respect our competition, we also stand firm on the value we provide.

Let’s delve into a detailed comparison between Rollo and PitneyShip Cube, taking into consideration the brands’ label printers, shipping apps, labels, and shipping scales.

1. Label Printers: Rollo vs. PitneyShip Cube

Price Chart Rollo vs Pitney Bowes’ Cube
Criteria Rollo PitneyShip Cube
Price New:
$179 (USB Rollo)
$259* (Wireless Rollo)
*includes a FREE pack of
500 labels ($19.99 value)
✅1-year warranty

Certified Refurbished:
$159.99 (USB Rollo)
$229 (Wireless Rollo)
✅ 6-month warranty
❌ Only 1 model
❌ No refurbished options
✅ 500 shipping labels for as low as $14.99

Rollo Wireless comes with a complimentary pack of 500 4×6 shipping labels.

The stated price is for new labels on a monthly auto-replenishment.
❌ 328-count shipping label roll for $29.99.

A full label roll is included at purchase.

The stated price is for replacement rolls.


Conclusion on Price Comparison

Rollo offers more affordable printers, with the wireless model priced at $259 and the USB model at $179 with a 1-year replacement warranty at no additional cost. Rollo also has certified refurbished options priced at $159.99 – $229 with a 6-month warranty without extra charges for the warranty. On the other hand, PitneyShip Cube is priced at $269 with a free 90-day warranty and $24 for an extended 1-year warranty, and there is no information available about a refurbished option.

Along with the purchase of a Wireless Rollo, you get more shipping labels for free – 500 labels size 4×6 compared to 328 shipping labels from Pitney Bowes. In terms of getting more quantity of shipping labels size 6×4, Rollo comes with more as a compliment to the user.

Finally, when the time comes to refill your labels, Rollo labels will cost as low as $14.99 for a pack of 500 if you subscribe to monthly auto-replenishment (alternatively $19.99 for a single order), whereas PitneyShip Cube labels are sold at $29.99 for 328 shipping labels.

📢 To conclude, with Rollo, you receive a larger variety of choices and more value for the price you pay.

Currently, Rollo is priced at $259 for a new wireless printer or $229 for a refurbished one with a warranty, compared to $269 for a new wireless printer from Pitney Bowes.

Let's Get Down to Specs
Specs Comparison
Criteria Rollo PitneyShip Cube
8″ × 4″ × 4″ ⚠️ 7” x 7 “ x 7 “
*as big as a 7-inch tablet
or 7-inch mini laptop
✅ 150mm/s
(one shipping label
per second)
✅ 4 IPS
(equals 101 mm/s)
✅ About 650,000
shipping labels
❌ Not Specified*
✅ 203 dpi ✅ 300 dpi
Technology ✅ Direct Thermal Printing ✅ Direct Thermal Printing
*Not stated by the manufacturer on their official website.

📢 Conclusion on printers’ sizes: Rollo’s modern and compact design saves space while elevating your desk aesthetically. Rollo is compact and easy to carry in your bag. Adding to the option to print with Rollo from any device, Rollo is a guarantee for independence and versatility.

⚠️ PitneyShip Cube is a big as a mini laptop as seen on various product images.


Conclusion on Print Speed & Print Resolution

Rollo can print one shipping label per second, offering high-speed direct thermal printing. PitneyShip Cube does not provide specific data on its printing speed.

PitneyShip Cube claims a higher print resolution (300 dpi) compared to Rollo (203 dpi), however, 203 dpi is the industry standard resolution for logistics printing meaning that a higher resolution is not needed and not widely used. 203 dpi is perfectly acceptable for shipping labels and even law enforcement printing such as eCitations. 

⚠️ While PitneyBowes’ label printer has a SLIGHTLY higher printing resolution, Rollo’s label printer prints FASTER and at the industry standard resolution.

Printer Connectivity
Criteria Rollo PitneyShip Cube
Connectivity ✅ Wireless
✅ Wi-Fi®-certified
✅ Wi-Fi for mobile devices
✅ USB for PCs
❌ NOT AirPrint-certified
Wireless Printing from:
✅ iPhone (iOS, AirPrint®enabled)
✅ iPad (iOS, AirPrint®enabled)
✅ Android (Wi-Fi®enabled)
✅ Mac
✅ Windows 10 and newer
✅ Chromebook
✅ Linux
✅ No driver installation is needed.

USB printing from:
✅ Windows (XP and newer)
✅ Mac (10.9 and newer)
✅ Android 8.0 & above

✅ iOS 13 & above

✅ Windows 10 and newer

✅ Mac 10.15 and newer


Conclusion on Connectivity

Both devices have Wi-Fi capabilities. Rollo supports a broader range of operating systems and devices, including iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Chromebook, and Linux. PitneyShip Cube limits its USB connectivity to Windows 10 and newer, and Mac 10.15 and newer.

Rollo is also officially an Apple AirPrint-certified printer. As Apple describes this advanced technology, “Airprint is a zero-configuration protocol to connect to printers wirelessly.” Setup is a breeze without requiring a manual driver installation. Once Rollo Wireless connects to your Wi-Fi, all your devices will automatically be able to see Rollo and print to it. What is more, only Rollo operates with Linux and Chromebook and is compatible with older versions of Mac.

⚠️ Rollo is more compatible with various mobile and desktop operating systems. It is the more versatile solution if you need to change devices without having to buy a new printer.

📢 Rollo is the only printer that is Apple AirPrint Certified.
Rollo is the only printer of the two that is Linux and Chromebook-friendly.

Labels’ Compatibility
Criteria Rollo PitneyShip Cube
Types of
✅ Fanfold (stack labels)
✅ Roll labels
✅ Barcode labels
✅ 4×6 labels
✅ 2×1 labels
✅ 2-inch round labels
✅ 4×6 label roll
Label compatibility
✅ You can use any shipping thermal labels to print with Rollo.

❌ A label holder is required for roll labels.

✅ No label holder is needed for fanfold labels (stack).
✅ You can use any shipping thermal labels to print with PitneyShip.

✅ Has a built-in holder for the roll label.

❌ You must use PitneyShip Cube labels to print postage stamps as per USPS stamp requirements.
Auto-cutting of labels ✅ All Rollo labels are perforated for easy tearing.

✅ Rollo Wireless Label Printer has intelligent label detection, making you forget about manually cropping your labels.
✅ Yes

Rollo provides multiple uses for its printer:
✅ to print decorations on the round colorful stickers
✅ to create a more unique branding experience
✅ to help with storage and organizing products via colorful barcode labels compatible with key barcode standards
✅ to help with logistics and shipping labels
✅ helps you budget according to your needs, providing new and certified refurbished options
✅ helps you budget by using both: fan-fold and roll labels of your choosing. Even though you would need a holder for all roll labels, you do not need one for the stack labels.

Product Support, Warranty & Delivery
Criteria Rollo PitneyShip Cube
Warranty ✅ 1-year replacement warranty

✅ at NO additional cost
✅ ⚠️ 90-day free warranty

❌ $24 for a 1-year extended warranty
Returns ✅ 30-day full money-back guarantee ✅ 30 days

❌ ⚠️ The product must be unused/unopened
Shipping ✅ Free ground shipping

✅ 3-4 days
✅ Free ground shipping

❌ 3-7 days
*Further information was not located on the official website. Therefore it is “Not specified”.

⚠️ Keep in mind that Pitney Bowes provides you with only 90 days of free warranty. If you wish to extend it to 1 year, you must purchase the $24 plan.

⚠️ In order to get your money back for PitneyShip Cube in 30 days, your printer must be unused/unopened. This is impractical as there is no way for a user to actually test the product.

Conclusion on Warranty, Returns & Shipping

Rollo offers a more extensive warranty of one year without charging compared to PitneyShip Cube’s 90-day free warranty. If you wish to extend your PitneyShip Cube warranty to 1 year, you have to pay $24. Both companies offer a 30-day full money-back guarantee, however, Pitney Bowes requires specific conditions on the packaging of their printer return.

📢 Rollo provides the better value of reimbursing you in case of an issue. With Rollo, you don’t need to keep your label printer unused/unopened to get your money back in 30 days. Neither do you need to pay to get a prolonged warranty. Just enjoy printing and let Rollo take care of the rest.

2. Weigh This, Shipping Scale!

Shipping Scales

Rollo’s Digital Shipping Scale vs The Built-In PitneyShip Cube’s Scale

Criteria Rollo PitneyShip Cube


❌ $39.99 ✅ Included in the printer. Inbuilt.
Weight Capacity ✅ 110 lbs / 50 kg ❌ Up to 15 lbs / 6.8 kg
Accurate ✅ An accuracy of 0.07 ounces (2 grams) for all weights up to the capacity of 50 kg (110 lbs). Not Specified on the official website.
Additional Features ✅ Hold Function
Remembers the weight of
the previous package even
after it has been removed
from the scale

✅ Tare Function
Gets the net weight

✅ Auto Shut Off
Automatically turns off
to save battery life

✅ Separate Weight Reading Panel
a comfortable solution if you have
big packages that prevent from reading the scale

✅ Power via AC Adapter or Battery (2 AAA batteries)
✅ Built-in scale

No additional features specified:

❌ Hold function – No Info

❌ Tare function – No Info

❌ Auto Shut Off – No Info

Note: No Separate reading panel

❌ No battery charging,
dependable on the printer adapter.

Conclusion on the Shipping Scales

Rollo wins over with higher weight capacity, better accuracy, multiple functions to ease the weighing process, and battery-charging options making you independent on electricity in case of a power outage.

Compared to no additional or smart functions, no alternative charging of the scale, and the lower weight capability from PitneyBowes’ inbuilt scale in their label printer, the additional cost of $39.99 to buy a digital shipping scale for Rollo is worth it.

📢 While Rollo offers a separate shipping scale, its capabilities surpass the ones of the inbuilt PitneyShip Cube’s: Rollo has a separate reading panel for convenience, battery, and AC-charging, much higher weighing capacity, and more precise accuracy in addition to the Hold, Tare & Auto Shut Off functions, which are non-existent in the Pitney Bowes’ product.


Get Accurate Weight

3. Labels – Ready, Steady, Print, Stick.

Thermal Labels Comparison

All About Rollo’s and Pitney Bowes’ Variety, Sizes, Colors & Types of Labels.

Criteria Rollo Pitney Bowes
Labels included
with the printer
✅ 500 shipping labels size 4×6 ❌ 328-count shipping label roll size 4×6.
$ per
✅ $9.99 – $19.99

✅ Auto Replenish Option
– 500 labels on a Stack
– Fanfold labels
– Perforated
– Shipping Labels
– 4×6
– White
– $14.99 monthly

✅ 4×6 Labels
– Roll Labels
– Fanfold Labels
– 500 per roll/stack
– Perforated
– White
– For shipping and logistics
– $19.99 one-time purchase

✅ 2-inch Round Labels
– Roll Labels
– Colorful (purple, pink, yellow,
white, green, and blue)
– 1000 labels per roll
– $19.99 one-time purchase

✅ 2×1 Barcode Labels
– Roll Labels
– Colorful (purple, pink, yellow,
white, green, and blue)
– 1000 labels per roll
– $9.99 one-time purchase
❌ Only 1 option

❌ $29.99 for a 164’ roll

❌ No auto-replenishment available.

❌ No colors available.

❌ No variety of label sizes.

❌ No fanfold (stack) labels. Roll labels only.

Types of
labels & uses
✅ Shipping
✅ Logistics
✅ Barcode
✅ Branding
✅ Inventory
✅ Decoration
✅ Shipping

✅ USPS postage stamps
Material of
the labels
✅ Direct Thermal Labels
✅ BPA-free (eco-friendly)
✅ FSC-certified (eco-friendly)
✅ USA-made
✅ Thermal

❌ FSC-certified – No info

❌ BPA-free – No info
Roll / Fanfold ✅ Roll Labels
✅ Fanfold Labels (stack)
As per the official website: “You can use any 4×6 labels”.



Conclusion on the Labels

📢 The selling advantage again goes to Rollo with a bigger variety of label sizes, stacking, colors, and uses. Rollo also wins over by offering eco-friendly thermal labels that are easy to peel as well.

4. Software This.

Shipping Apps Comparison

The Shipping Software of Rollo VS PitneyShip

Software Affordability
Criteria Rollo Ship App PitneyShip App
App Price to Download ✅ Free ✅ Free
Registration Fee ✅ Free ✅ Free
Fee for label generation ✅ 5 cents per tracking number generated. The fee helps maintain the service.

✅ The fee of 5 cents is waived for your first 200 shipments.
5% per label usage
Monthly Subscription ✅ None Starter Plan:
✅ $0 + 5% per label usage fee.

❌ Multi-Carrier Plan: $14.99/per month. No label usage fee.

❌ E-commerce Multi-Carrier:
$16.99/per month. No label usage fee.
Printer purchase requirements ✅ Purchase of the Rollo printer is not required to be able to use Rollo Ship.

✅ You can use Rollo ship with any printer and vice versa – Rollo printer with any software.
✅ You can print labels with any shipping software and/or carrier website. On any printer.

❌ You must use PitneyShip Cube with PitneyShip software to use:
– the built-in scale
– mobile app measuring tool
(only available on iOS)
– stamp printing features

⚠️ Keep in mind that even if you choose the free basic PitneyShip’s Standard Plan, 5% per shipping label may still be a higher cost for the service compared to 5 cents for Rollo Ship.

Software Compatibility & Availability
Criteria Rollo Ship App PitneyShip App
App availability ✅ Mobile for Android – on Google Play Store

✅ Mobile for iOS – on Apple’s App Store – 4.5* from 297 ratings

✅ Desktop – available via browser
✅ Mobile for Android – on Google Play Store – 3.7* from 86 reviews

✅ Mobile for iOS – on Apple’s App Store 4.4* from 110 ratings

✅ Desktop – available via browser
Selling Channels ✅ Poshmark ✅ Mercari ✅ Depop
✅ Amazon
✅ eBay
✅ Shopify
✅ Etsy
✅ BigCartel
✅ WooCommerce
✅ Walmart
✅ Shift4Shop
✅ BigCommerce
✅ Wix
✅ Squarespace
✅ Ecwid
✅ Square
✅ Magento
✅ PayPal
✅ Amazon
✅ eBay
✅ Shopify
Carriers ✅ USPS
✅ FedEx
✅ FedEx
Compatibility ✅ Personal Use
✅ Business Use
✅ All types of businesses
❌ Businesses only

You must be able to prove you represent a business.
Software Features
Criteria Rollo Ship App PitneyShip App
Artificial Intelligence enabled ✅ Yes. AI groups similar orders together for quick bulk shipping. ✅ Manual bulk shipping.
Ability to schedule pickups ✅ Pickup with UPS
✅ Pickup with USPS
✅ Pickup with FedEx
✅ Pickup with UPS
✅ Pickup with USPS
✅ Pickup with FedEx
Notifications ✅ Rollo notifies of all “Ready to Ship” orders or all new orders in any status.

✅ Rollo automatically notifies with email tracking information to the shipment recipient.
✅ PitneyShip allows email tracking notifications automatically to recipients.
Statistics available ✅ Yes, data on all Sales, the Number of Orders, Shipments, and Savings with the app. ✅ Yes, PitneyAnalytics on Cost Accounting and Standard Reporting
Discounts ✅ Up to 90% with Rollo’s discounted shipping rates ✅ Up to 89% off USPS Priority Mail Shipping, up to 78% off UPS Ground shipments

And the winner is…

Rollo turns out to be a more accessible solution for e-commerce shipping thanks to the larger number of selling channels (compared to only 3 of the PitneyShip App). Both are available on mobile and desktop, and both offer tracking, address storing, shipment notifications, and discounted shipping rates. Rollo Ship additionally offers intelligent label detection, artificial intelligence for order grouping and automated shipping label generation. It is also the cheaper one as it is always free, with no monthly subscriptions, and no % per label usage fee. Just 5 cents per tracking number generated and it is even lifted for the first 200 shipments.

The Decision. Why Rollo? Selling Advantages


Criteria Rollo Printer PitneyShip Cube
Price Lower cost Higher cost
Print Speed 150 mm/s
(1 label per second)
(equals 101 mm/s)
Label Type Supports roll and fanfold labels The official website says only: “any 4×6 labels to print shipping labels”
Label Size Supports a wider range of sizes Limited sizes
Printer Life 650,000 labels Not provided
Warranty 1-year replacement warranty 90-day warranty
Return Policy 30-day full money-back guarantee 30-day money-back on condition
Shipping Scale Up to 110 lbs / 50 kg Built-in scale up to 15 lbs / 6.8 kg
Subscription No monthly subscription required Requires monthly subscription
Discounts Up to 90% off on shipping rates with UPS, USPS, and FedEx. Up to 89% off USPS Priority Mail Shipping, up to 78% off UPS Ground
Compatibility Suitable for personal use &
all types of businesses
Primarily for retail
Connectivity Wireless Printer
USB Printer
AirPrint & Wi-Fi – enabled
WiFi for mobile, USB for PC
Label Cost Lower cost Higher cost


Overall, Rollo stands out for its compatibility, versatility, speed, and affordability. With no monthly fees for its shipping app and a wider range of supported platforms, it offers an excellent value proposition, especially for businesses looking for a cost-effective, comprehensive shipping solution.

Note: The author took great care to ensure this article contains correct information. In case of any inaccuracies, we kindly ask the readers to inform us


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