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thermal labels

Rollo VS PitneyShip Cube

Rollo vs PitneyShip Cube: Full Comparison

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At Rollo, we acknowledge and appreciate the competitive landscape of the e-commerce and shipping logistics industry. We firmly believe that having an array of excellent options stimulates innovation, elevates service quality, and ultimately benefits the user. Therefore, in the spirit of fostering a transparent and informed choice, we present to you a detailed comparison between two major players in the label printer market – Rollo and PitneyShip Cube.

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Thermal Labels

Thermal Labels: An In-Depth Look

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Thermal labels have brought about a significant shift in how businesses of all scales manage their inventory, shipping, and logistical tasks. In a world that’s increasingly aware of environmental sustainability, offerings like Rollo’s eco-friendly, FSC-certified thermal labels have taken center stage in modern business operations.

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Thermal Printer Labels

Unraveling The Thermal Printer Labels

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Thermal printer labels are employed in a wide range of sectors, from healthcare to logistics and retail. In shipping, labels ensure parcels arrive at the correct destination. In healthcare, patient identification wristbands are printed using thermal printers. Retail stores often use them for price tags and inventory control.

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What is a Thermal Printer and How Does it Work?

What Is a Thermal Printer and How Does It Work?

By Tips, Blog

Thermal printers have revolutionized the printing landscape with their efficiency, economy, and speed. They are particularly popular in the eCommerce industry for printing shipping labels, but their uses extend to various sectors, such as retail, healthcare, and logistics. In this article, we will explore the inner workings of a thermal printer, compare direct thermal and thermal transfer printing, and discuss the unique features of the Rollo Thermal Printer, which offers both wireless and USB connectivity and is AirPrint enabled for seamless printing.

What Is A Thermal Printer?
A thermal printer is a type of printer that employs a heated printhead to generate black text or images on paper or other materials. These printers are known for their efficiency and cost-effectiveness, enabling quick and high-quality printing of labels, receipts, barcodes, ID badges, and custom stickers.

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