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The Future of The Wireless Thermal Label Printer

The Future of the Wireless Thermal Label Printer Industry

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In a world where technology is always evolving, why would you opt for slow, broken-down, ink printers that take up space and leave your pages wet and smudgy? It’s time to upgrade to wireless thermal printing. Thermal printing removes the need for ink and replaces it with fast and easy printing that doesn’t rely on constant cartridge changes and constant upkeep. Instead, heat is applied directly to chemically-treated paper that darkens when warmed. They are also much faster than your average printer, with the ability to print one label per second. 

There are so many sectors of the workforce that rely on thermal printers every day. From hospitals and labels to warehouses and grocery stores – printing labels, receipts, and documents is part of the daily routine. 

On a smaller scale, shipping label printers can be used by virtually anyone, but are especially helpful for those running their own businesses. With wireless thermal label printers, small business owners can print shipping labels from home (or anywhere with WiFi!) quickly and effectively. Specifically with Rollo, it is not only fast and easy but cheap too. Rollo offers shipping discounts, has intelligent label detection (no more wasting time on manually cropping your labels), and is easy to peel and stick labels for all packages.

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