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A Warm Welcome

Greetings, fellow voyagers of the e-commerce cosmos! Buckle up as we dive into the unexplored realm of shipping label printing. Today, we unbox and navigate the setup of a true marvel of technology—the Rollo Wireless X1040 Thermal Label Printer—a device engineered to supercharge your shipping label needs, and a game-changer that promises to redefine the way you handle your shipping tasks.

Rollo Wireless Printer and Rollo 4x6 Shipping Labels
Hi, There! Unbox Me!

The Rollo Wireless printer isn’t just another piece of tech—it’s a powerful tool, a companion, and a team player that integrates seamlessly into your workflow, adding not just efficiency but also a delightful simplicity to your daily operations.

Unboxing the Rollo Printer: Unboxing Therapy for Your Business

The package arrived at my doorstep in an inviting box, bearing the logo of Rollo, a brand renowned for delivering top-tier shipping solutions. As I gingerly opened the box, the meticulous attention to detail immediately struck me. What I found wasn’t just a printer, but a complete set-up kit carefully curated to cater to all my printing needs.

Unpacking Rollo Wireless Printer
Unboxing Rollo Wireless Printer
What’s in the Rollo Box?

The centerpiece, of course, was the sleek Rollo wireless printer, sitting majestically, ready to be set into motion. There was also a power adapter, tailor-made for the printer to ensure optimal operation. Accompanying these were a user-friendly color guide for decoding the printer’s LED signals, and an easy-to-understand setup guide to get me started. A QR code invited me to enter the universe of the Rollo app—my future command center for orchestrating the printer’s functions.

Rollo didn’t just hand me a printer; they also provided me with a welcoming note of sorts—a test label teasingly declaring, “Hey there! Ready to start printing in an inkless world?” That was not all. In case I had any issues or queries, a support card guided me to the dedicated Rollo support team—a comforting reassurance of ongoing assistance.

A generous bundle of 516 complimentary shipping labels greeted me. These weren’t ordinary labels—they were top-quality, USA-made, FSC-certified, BPA-free thermal labels, ready to roll out of the printer. Additionally, an alcohol pad was included for keeping the printer pristine—a small detail that spoke volumes about Rollo’s commitment to providing a comprehensive package.

Unboxing Rollo Wireless Printer
Come on! Don’t Be Shy!

The Rollo Wireless Printer at a Glance

✔️ Wireless printing from iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android, Chromebook, Windows, and Linux without the need to download any drivers.

✔️ Supported Operating Systems: iOS, iPadOS, Android, Windows 10+, MacOS, Linux, ChromeOS.

✔️ AirPrint and WiFi certified allowing you to print from any app, from any device.

✔️ Connection: Printing USB and WiFi, Initial Setup: Bluetooth, WiFi, USB

NOTE: ⚠️ For non-wireless printing, Rollo wireless printer requires a USB connection to Windows (XP or newer) or macOS (10.8 or newer). It is a backup option if you need to print via USB.

⚠️ For wireless printing, Rollo wireless printer requires a WiFi network and a compatible Bluetooth-enabled iOS or Android device, and the Rollo App (FREE download) for setup.

✔️ Printing Method: Direct Thermal

✔️ Resolution: 203 dpi

💡Good to know: The industry norm is a print resolution of 203 dpi, which is ideal for conventional shipping labels, more substantial barcodes, and certain text. This specific resolution is typically standard for most thermal printers.

✔️ Max Printing Speed: 150 mm/s

✔️ Weight: 2lbs, 1 kg

✔️ Printing Life: About 650,000 shipping labels (327,360 ft)

✔️ Dimensions: 8 × 4 × 4 in (W 180mm, H: 90mm, D: 80 mm).

Did you know❓ It is as big as a 9-inch phone (the 9-inch diagonal of the display of a phone), making it much more compact than many thermal printers.

✔️ Supported Paper Width: 48mm (1.57″) – 108mm (4.1″)

✔️ Paper Thickness: 0.08 – 0.02mm

✔️ Paper Height: up to 12 inch

✔️ Supported paper: direct thermal labels and direct thermal paper

✔️ Intelligent label detection: Forget manually cropping your labels. Just send it to Rollo.

In addition: Rollo labels have been additionally perforated for easy tearing.




Install Rollo Printer: The Rollo Set Up Experience

With the unboxing excitement behind me, I shifted gears toward the setup phase. Setting up the Rollo Wireless X1040 Printer felt like piecing together a high-tech jigsaw puzzle, and to my delight, all the pieces fit perfectly.

Rollo Setup Mobile

Rollo App: Your All-in-One Control Center

The Rollo App, in all its futuristic splendor, is an integral part of this groundbreaking printing journey. It serves as the cockpit of your spaceship, the command center of your printing universe, granting you control over the galaxy of your printing needs.

With its sleek and elegant design paired with a user-friendly interface, the app offers you the flexibility to command your printing tasks from a variety of devices—Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, Android, or Chromebook. This digital companion eliminates the traditional struggles of downloading drivers and software, offering instead a streamlined, instantaneous connection to your Rollo Wireless Printer.

Rollo Ship App Dashboard
It’s All About The Shipping!

The true genius of the Rollo Wireless Printer X1040, however, lies not just in its powerful performance but also in its practical size. Boasting a maximum printing speed of 150mm/s and a resolution of 203 dpi, this high-performance gadget is a marvel of engineering. Yet, it remains as portable as a 9-inch phone, seamlessly fitting into your workspace without cluttering it.

With the compact size comes the convenience of mobility. Whether you’re operating from your office, a carrier’s location, or simply working from a café, your Rollo wireless printer is always ready to go. Coupled with the Rollo App, you have the freedom to print from a Mac at the office, a Windows device at home, or a tablet on the go. One account, endless possibilities.

The Rollo App is the beacon guiding your shipping journey, offering a multitude of capabilities. You can link your selling stores and have orders imported automatically, create individual or bulk labels, schedule pickups, and much more. While the use of the app isn’t obligatory, the seamless experience it provides makes it an invaluable part of your e-commerce toolkit.

Rollo not only simplifies the printing process but also revolutionizes your entire shipping operation with the Rollo Ship App. This digital maestro harmoniously orchestrates your shipping process, effortlessly integrating with numerous marketplaces like Poshmark, Mercari, Depop, Amazon, Etsy, eBay, Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCartel, Walmart, and more. It’s like having a universal translator for your e-commerce operations, facilitating effortless communication and management across multiple platforms.

This patented design delivers an extraordinary printing experience, fast and reliable, yet strikingly cost-effective. With Rollo, you not only a trusted printing partner but also a savvy financial advisor, as the app offers discounted rates with major shipping carriers such as UPS, USPS, and FedEx. The fusion of top-tier efficiency and financial intelligence sets Rollo apart in the e-commerce universe.






Claim Shipping Discounts

Rollo App for All & the Freedom of Choice 💜

The beauty of the Rollo Ship App, however, lies in its flexibility. While it is a prerequisite for the initial setup of your Rollo wireless printer, its usage thereafter is entirely up to you. With the app, you can print from anywhere, at any time, from any device, while maintaining synchronization across all platforms.

Should you choose to integrate your selling stores, orders are imported automatically, and creating labels, either in bulk or individually, becomes a breeze. You are given the reigns to choose your preferred shipping carrier, and with Rollo’s partnerships, you can avail of discounts of up to 90% off with carriers like UPS, USPS, and FedEx.

The Rollo Ship App further eases your logistical burden by allowing you to schedule pickups and set automatic notifications for recipients upon the creation of shipping labels. Yet, the beauty of Rollo lies in its adaptability. 

Embracing the Efficiency of Rollo Ship

What sets the Rollo wireless printer apart is its seamless integration with various marketplaces through the Rollo Software – the shipping app. With compatibility with a host of e-commerce platforms including Poshmark, Mercari, Depop, Amazon, Etsy, eBay, Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCartel, Walmart, and many more, Rollo made it incredibly easy to manage and fulfill orders across various platforms.

Rollo’s patented design delivers an exceptional printing experience that is not only fast and reliable but also cost-effective. The app even offered discounted rates with major shipping carriers such as UPS, USPS, and FedEx—impressive efficiency matched with financial savvy.

The Language of Rollo Wireless Printer: LEDs & Their Meaning

The Rollo printer software communicates its statuses through a range of colored LED signals. 

Rollo Wireless Printer and Rollo Fanfold Labels
Let’s Talk Colors!

A green ‘R’ indicates that the printer is ready to go, while a red ‘R’ means there’s a problem with the label. The WiFi sign alternates between various colors—blue when connected to WiFi, white during setup, red when not connected, green during updates, and purple when receiving a print job. This visual language becomes second nature over time, making the printer operation smooth and hassle-free.

🟢 Green‘R’ LightThe printer is ready to go.
🔴 Red‘R’ LightThere’s a problem with the label. 
🔵 BlueWiFi LightConnected to WiFi.
⚪ WhiteWiFi LightThe primer is being set up.
🔴 RedWiFi LightNot connected to WiFi.
🟢 GreenWiFi LightThe printer is updating.
🟣 PurpleWiFi LightReceiving a print job.

Maintaining Your Rollo Wireless Printer: Ensure Peak Performance

Maintaining the Rollo wireless printer is as straightforward as using it. A routine cleanup using the alcohol pad provided ensures the printer head stays clean and functions optimally, but the printer should be powered off. It’s important not to touch or scratch: the printer head surface, the roller, or the sensors. The usage of gas, acetone, or other organic solvents is not recommended.

Maintaining Your Rollo Wireless Printer
Keep Me Healthy, Please!

To check if the cleanup has been successful you can print a test label. If a paper jam occurs, there’s no need to panic—just turn off the printer, let the printer head cool down, clean if necessary, and you’re back in business.

If you are having issues, Rollo Support is very helpful and responsive. There is a library with potential issues that you might find helpful too.

Safety First: Operating the Rollo Wireless Printer Safely

The Rollo team leaves no stone unturned in ensuring user safety. The safety notice provides essential guidelines to safely operate the printer, including instructions to avoid touching the hot printer head after printing, not to bend the power cord excessively, and to keep the printer out of the reach of children and pets.

Rollo Wireless Printer Test Label
Happy Printing!

Final Thoughts

Unpacking, setting up, and starting to use the Rollo wireless thermal label printer has been an exhilarating journey. Stepping into the world of inkless, high-speed, high-quality label printing felt like a leap into the future—a future where efficiency, speed, and convenience are not just promised, but delivered. See how Rollo printers, thermal labels, and shipping software compare to the competitors.

With the Rollo Wireless X1040 Printer, I’ve ventured into a universe that’s revolutionized my shipping processes, transforming them into a seamless, efficient, and enjoyable operation. This isn’t just a printer—it’s a comprehensive solution that brings simplicity and effectiveness to shipping tasks.

So here it is, my elaborate recount of the adventure that’s been the unboxing and setup of the Rollo Wireless X1040. An experience that’s left me astounded, and a journey I’m thrilled to continue, one label at a time. If you’re a seller looking for a shipping partner, the Rollo Wireless Printer could be your spaceship, ready to propel your business into the stratosphere of success.


Shipping Done. Easy. Fast. Cheap.

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