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Navigating the vast landscape of selling on Amazon, one quickly realizes the paramount importance of Amazon labels. They are the vital connectors between your products and your customers, ensuring that each item reaches its rightful owner without a hitch. Whether it’s the standard Amazon shipping label attached to every package or the intricate Amazon barcode labels that help identify and track your products, understanding their significance is essential for every seller.

Moreover, in the era of digital technology, manual methods of printing and managing labels are increasingly being deemed obsolete. Enter Rollo: a game-changer in the realm of label printing. With the Rollo shipping label printer and the Rollo Ship platform, sellers can streamline their Amazon label printing process, ensuring accuracy and efficiency every step of the way.

So, if the labyrinth of Amazon labels leaves you bewildered or if you’re eager to harness the power of Rollo to simplify your selling on Amazon, you’ve landed on the right guide. Dive in as we unravel the intricacies of Amazon labels and showcase how Rollo can be your trusted ally in mastering them.

What Is An Amazon Label?

Amazon labels serve as the unique identifier for your product; think of it as an ID card that provides essential information for inventory management, shipping, and even customer returns. Neglecting this “ID card” or getting its details wrong could lead to logistical nightmares and unsatisfied customers, which no seller can afford.

Each of these labels plays a unique yet interconnected role in the broader Amazon ecosystem. ASIN labels ensure your product can be uniquely identified; FBA labels assist in inventory management within Amazon’s vast warehouses, and Shipping Labels ensure that the product reaches the customer promptly and accurately.

Label TypeDescriptionImportance
ASIN LabelContains the Amazon Standard Identification NumberProduct identification
FBA LabelUsed for Fulfilled by Amazon servicesSorting and shipping
Shipping LabelContains shipping detailsPackage tracking

Understanding these labels isn’t just Amazon policy; it’s good business practice that can streamline your operations and improve customer satisfaction.

What Is An Amazon Shipping Label?

At first glance, an Amazon shipping label might seem like a simple piece of paper slapped onto your package, but it’s much more than that. In essence, this label is the passport for your product’s journey from your warehouse—or Amazon’s—to the customer’s doorstep. Think of it as the “mission control” for each of your shipments. So what does it include, and why is it so essential?

Key Components of Amazon Shipping Labels:

📨 Sender’s Address: Your business or return address, ensuring the package can be sent back if there are delivery issues.

📩 Recipient’s Address: Detailed information on where your product is headed.

⚖️ Package Weight: Helps carriers determine shipping costs and the best transport method.

️️️️️️📍 Tracking Number: A unique code that allows both the seller and the customer to monitor the package’s journey.

Getting this label right is non-negotiable for efficient operations and happy customers. A mistake in the Amazon shipping label can result in delays, lost packages, and ultimately, unhappy customers. That's why it's vital to have a reliable method for generating and printing these Amazon labels.

Enter Rollo Thermal Label Printers: A Game Changer for Amazon Labels

If you’re looking for an effortless, accurate, and efficient way to manage your Amazon labels, then look no further than Rollo thermal label printers. Specifically designed for high-volume sellers who need a dependable solution for their Amazon label printing, Rollo is a game-changer in several ways:

Rollo Ship App

This companion app makes the entire process seamless. With the ability to consolidate orders from various marketplaces including Amazon, it’s an all-in-one solution for your shipping needs. And the best part? The cost per Amazon shipping label is just 5 cents, waived for your first 200 labels!

By making the task of creating Amazon labels, particularly Amazon shipping labels, a breeze, Rollo label printers empower sellers to focus more on growing their business and less on logistical challenges. So if you’re serious about selling on Amazon, investing in a Rollo thermal printer for your Amazon labels might just be the smartest move you make this year.

What Size Are Amazon FBA Labels?

When it comes to selling on Amazon through their Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) program, even the seemingly minor details like the size of your Amazon FBA labels can make a significant difference. So, what size should your FBA labels be, and why does it matter so much?

Standard Size for Amazon FBA Labels:

The universally accepted standard size for Amazon FBA labels is 1 inch by 2 5/8 inches. This dimension is neither too large to crowd your package nor too small to risk being unscannable.

Why The Size Matters:

🔎 Scannability:

The labels must be easily scannable. Amazon’s fulfillment centers use these labels to track and manage inventory. A label that is too small may not scan properly, leading to delays or errors in the handling of your product.

🕵️ Product Identification:

Amazon FBA labels are essential for differentiating your products from similar items in the Amazon fulfillment center. An incorrect label size could mean your product gets lost in the shuffle.

👁️ Visibility:

The label size must be big enough to be easily seen but not so big that it obstructs other vital information on the packaging.

📖 Adherence to Amazon Guidelines:

Failing to comply with Amazon’s label size guidelines can result in complications such as fines, or your inventory might be marked as unfulfillable.

Standard FBA Label SizeAlternative Sizes
1″ x 2 5/8″Custom sizes that are scannable

Alternative Sizes:

Though the standard size is most commonly used, Amazon allows for flexibility in the label size as long as they fit well on the product package and are easily scannable. Alternative dimensions should still comply with Amazon’s guidelines for label quality to ensure your products move smoothly through Amazon’s fulfillment network.

How to Print Amazon Labels

Printing Amazon labels is easy. If you’re using Amazon Seller Central, you simply go to your inventory, select the items you need labels for, and choose ‘Print Labels’. You can use regular printers for this, but a dedicated label printer like Rollo can make the process much more efficient.

1Go to Amazon Seller Central and navigate to Inventory
2Select items requiring labels
3Use a dedicated label printer like Rollo for the best results
4Use a dedicated label printer like Rollo for best results

How to Connect Amazon to the Rollo Ship App

If you’re looking to streamline your management of Amazon labels, Rollo can help. You can easily connect Amazon to Rollo Ship to print your labels directly and even get notified when new orders are in. Here’s how:

On Rollo Ship Mobile App:

🐾 Step 1: Launch the Rollo App and log in

🐾 Step 2: Tap the Menu icon at the top left

🐾 Step 3: Choose “Connections” > “Selling Channels”

🐾 Step 4: Press “ADD NEW” and select Amazon

🐾 Step 5: Define Amazon order sources

🐾 Step 6: Select how Rollo should identify your products (e.g., SKU)

🐾 Step 7: Click on Connect and enter your Amazon credentials

How to connect Amazon to Rollo Ship and print Amazon labels

On Rollo Ship Web:

🐾 Step 1: Log in to Rollo Ship

🐾 Step 2: Click “Connection” > “Selling Channels”

🐾 Step 3: Find and click the Amazon logo

🐾 Step 4: Define Amazon order sources

🐾 Step 5: Select product identification method

🐾 Step 6: Click on Connect and input your Amazon details

Using Rollo Ship alongside Amazon streamlines your shipping process, saving time and reducing errors. By ensuring that your labels—be they ASIN, FBA, or shipping—are accurately printed and applied, you’ll enhance efficiency, improve customer satisfaction, and potentially boost your sales on the platform.

The best part? As soon as you print a label, Amazon gets notified with the tracking number.


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What Are Amazon ASIN Labels?

An Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) is a 10-character unique identifier assigned by Amazon. ASIN labels specifically contain this number and are vital for tracking and inventory management on the platform.

Importance of ASIN LabelsWhy Use Them
Inventory ManagementMakes sorting easier and more accurate
TrackingSimplifies locating items in Amazon’s vast warehouses

How To Print Amazon ASIN Labels

If you’re wondering how to get those ASIN labels onto your products, the process is relatively straightforward. Here are the steps to print ASIN labels from Amazon Seller Central:

1Log into Amazon Seller Central
2Go to the Inventory menu
3Select the items that need ASIN labels
4Choose ‘Print Item Labels’
5Use a label printer like Rollo for quick and efficient printing

How Do I Create an Amazon ASIN?

Creating an ASIN is a part of the process when you list a new product on Amazon. You’ll go through a product listing procedure in your Seller Central account, where an ASIN will be automatically generated for your new item. Here’s how:

1Log into Amazon Seller Central
2Click ‘Add a Product’
3Complete the product listing form
4An ASIN is generated once the listing is complete

What Labels Do You Need for Amazon?

There’s a variety of labels that you might need, depending on what you’re selling and how you’re fulfilling orders. In general, you will require:

  • ASIN Labels for product identification
  • FBA Labels if you’re using Fulfilled By Amazon
  • Shipping Labels for sending out your products
Label Type NeededWhen It’s Required
ASIN LabelsAlways for product identification
FBA LabelsWhen using Fulfilled By Amazon services
Shipping LabelsFor all outgoing shipments

What Size Are Amazon Shipping Labels?

When you’re in the business of selling on Amazon, understanding the ins and outs of Amazon labels can be a game-changer. One of the vital components that often raises questions is the size of Amazon shipping labels. Here’s what you need to know.

Standard Size of Amazon Shipping Labels:

Amazon shipping labels typically adhere to a standard size of 4×6 inches. This dimension is universally accepted and compatible with most shipping carriers, ensuring a smooth delivery process.

Why the Standard Size Matters

📦 Compatibility with Shipping Carriers:

The 4×6-inch Amazon shipping label is recognized and preferred by major shipping carriers. This means less hassle for you and faster processing of your shipments.

👓 Legibility:
At 4×6 inches, the label is large enough to clearly display all essential information, like the recipient’s and sender’s address, package weight, and tracking number, ensuring there are no delays in the shipping process.

🖨️ Easy to Print:

The 4×6-inch format fits most label printers, including thermal printers and inkjet printers, making it convenient for sellers to print labels.

📏 Fits Various Packages:
This size is versatile enough to fit on different types of packaging, from small boxes to large parcels, without overwhelming the look or crowding necessary information.

label printer for Amazon labels

Rollo Label Printer Makes it Easy:

If you’re looking for a reliable way to print your Amazon shipping labels, consider using a Rollo label printer. Its compact design is perfect for any workspace, and its intelligent label detection feature ensures that your Amazon labels come out perfectly every time. With Rollo, you can effortlessly print out your 4×6-inch Amazon shipping labels, streamlining your shipping process.

Understanding the nuances of Amazon shipping label sizes can save you from a lot of potential headaches down the road. Stick to the standard, especially when you’re just starting, to ensure that your shipping process is as smooth as possible.


From any device, any app, or any file.

What Kind of Labels Do I Need for Amazon FBA?

For FBA, you need both ASIN and FBA labels. The ASIN labels are for individual products, and FBA labels are used to identify boxes in Amazon’s fulfillment centers.

FBA Label RequirementDescription
ASIN LabelsFor individual items
FBA LabelsFor shipping and sorting in Amazon’s warehouses

Do I Need a Printer to Sell on Amazon?

While you don’t necessarily need a printer to sell on Amazon, having one becomes crucial when you consider the importance of labels for efficient selling and shipping. If you are selling products that require labeling or if you’re shipping the products yourself, a printer will be invaluable.

Why a Printer is HelpfulDescription
Efficient LabelingQuickly print ASIN, FBA, and shipping labels
Professional AppearanceClean and clear labels look more professional
Streamlined ShippingSpeed up the shipping process with ready labels

What is the Best Printer for Amazon Labels?

For consistent and efficient label printing, Rollo is an excellent choice. Compatible with a range of devices, Rollo label printers are adept at printing various Amazon labels, ensuring they come out clear and precise every time.

Printer FeaturesWhy It’s Useful
Direct Thermal PrintingNo need for ink which saves on long-term costs
Intelligent Label DetectionEfficiently identifies and prints without manual input
Wireless ConnectivityPrint from multiple devices, anywhere in your workspace
SpeedProduces one label per second, making it suitable for bulk orders

How Do I Create a Shipping Label on Amazon?

Creating a shipping label on Amazon is straightforward.
Here’s a brief guide:

🐾 Step 1: Log into your Amazon Seller Central account

🐾 Step 2: Navigate to the ‘Orders’ section

🐾 Step 3: Choose the order for which you want to create a label

🐾 Step 4: Click on ‘Buy Shipping’

🐾 Step 5: Select your preferred carrier and shipping method

🐾 Step 6: Confirm details and print the label

Final Thoughts

Understanding and efficiently managing Amazon labels is crucial for sellers. From identifying products with ASIN labels to ensuring shipments are accurately labeled, this knowledge will streamline your operations. Combining Amazon’s robust selling platform with Rollo’s efficient label printing capabilities can set you up for immense success.

We hope this guide helps you in your Amazon selling journey. Remember, the right tools and knowledge are your stepping stones to success!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Amazon Labels:

📌 Q: Does Amazon Offer Shipping Labels?

💭 A: Yes, Amazon offers shipping labels that you can print directly from your Seller Central account. These labels contain crucial information for shipping, including the carrier’s details and tracking number.

📌 Q: Does Amazon Provide Shipping Labels for Returns?

💭 A: Yes, Amazon provides return shipping labels for items that qualify for returns. When a customer initiates a return, they can print this label directly from their Amazon account to send the product back.