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How to Cut Postage Printing Costs by Using Rollo

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Keep more of your profits by lowering your overhead costs immediately.

One of the biggest expenses that you’ll deal with as a small business owner is shipping. Thinking about all of the money that goes into printers, ink, paper, and maintenance can be overwhelming. What if there was a better way to approach printing and shipping? Would you be ‘all in’ by discovering what it was all about today?

Rollo is a gamechanger. Offering products and services to meet your needs as a small business, you can calculate, print, and ship products to your customers with greater ease and less expense. Becoming part of our community provides you with significant shipping discounts with the many companies that deliver packages for you.

Ways to Save Your Business Money on Printing Labels

Traditional printers require ink. If you have a high sales volume, you could be spending hundreds of dollars on supplies. With Rollo, you spend zero for ink! The inkless printer can be used thousands of times without incurring a cent of expense, except for the optional labels that you purchase. It’s an investment that pays for itself quickly because of the money saved in ink costs.

It doesn’t matter if you ship a few or many packages each month. Saving on postage helps decrease your expenses and increase your profitability. Why pay more to send products to your customers via USPS, UPS, or FedEx? Don’t stop with buying a printer from us when you know that our shipping services save you money, too!

What Makes Rollo the Right Printer and Shipping Service Provider for You?

Rollo is a revolutionary product and service provider. If you’re looking for a way to ship with greater ease, less expense, and more mindfulness, you’ve come to the right place. Contact us today with any questions you have about our printer, shipping services, or company right away. We’re here to help you lower your operational costs today.

Skip the Trip to the Post Office By Printing Your Postage at Home

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When you’re trying to run a business and stay healthy, a service such as Rollo provides peace of mind.

The COVID-19 pandemic has quickly changed the way the world operates. With the closure of most brick-and-mortar businesses, people are more dependent than ever on online retailers such as yourself for goods and services. If you’ve experienced an increase in sales but don’t want to go to the post office or UPS store to buy postage for your packages, you’re in luck. Rollo is the inkless printer that provides you with deep discounts with the USPS and United Parcel Service.

Maintain Your Distance Physically But Keep Your Customers Close Emotionally

Your customers know that you’re someone they can rely on to get what they need when they can’t find items locally. Despite geographic and physical distances, you keep them close to you emotionally. When they connect with your brand and realize how far you’ll go to ensure their satisfaction, they’ll be lifetime customers of yours.

Excellent customer service is possible with the right tools and services. Rollo is more than a printer that saves you time and money. It ensures that you remain safe and protect the people around you by not venturing out into public unnecessarily. You can handle your business affairs at home, by printing postage as you need it, and shipping it via the carrier of your choice, USPS, UPS, and soon FedEx.

Print at Home and Arrange for the Carrier to Pick Up Your Packages

In times of uncertainty, isn’t it reassuring that you can do all your printing of postage at home? You don’t need to stand in line at the post office with Rollo. You even get discounted rates with the USPS as well as UPS. Having a carrier or driver pick up your packages from your porch means that you don’t need to leave home whatsoever to get your eBay, Amazon or Etsy sales out to your customers.

How to Save Money on Shipping Your Etsy Orders

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As an Etsy shop owner, you need a way to ship out your orders as efficiently as possible with as little out-of-pocket cost to you. That means that you’ll want to find a solution that not only reduces the amount of money you spend on shipping but also saves you the expense of printer ink. To better assist you, we’ve come up with this mini cost-savings guide.

Some ways to save money on shipping your Etsy orders are listed below.

Encourage your customers to purchase multiple items at once.

Give them an incentive to buy more at once to save on shipping costs. You can offer them free shipping when they reach a specific dollar amount in sales or discount the shipping with every additional product they buy.

Choose the most affordable shipping option available.

Compare prices between carriers to see who offers the most affordable ways to ship items. You can even have your customers weigh in on the shipping service they prefer that you use.

Ditch the ink printers and invest in a thermal printer.

Printer ink is expensive and downright wasteful. A thermal printer requires no ink, just labels to work year-round.

Sign up for Rollo service to get discounted shipping with your carrier of choice.

Receive up to 90 percent off of USPS everyday prices. The discount for UPS is up to 74 percent off what you would typically pay to ship with the carrier.

Make the Most of Your Increase in Business By Keeping Shipping Costs Low

You may experience an increase in sales in the upcoming weeks and months, depending on the type of products and services that you sell on Etsy. Make the most out of your new Rollo printer by cutting back on shipping expenses as much as you possibly can. With lower overhead costs, you’ll be able to maximize profits and maintain a healthy level of growth.

5 Foolproof Ways to Save Your Business Money on Shipping Costs

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Lower your overhead costs so that you’re able to keep more of your profits.

As a business owner, there are many things you’ll be responsible for paying for daily. One is shipping if you offer a free shipping option to your customers. Rather than foot the expense without seeking discounts, why not do what you can to save a few dollars? It won’t require much effort from you and can help your business profit more frequently.

Money-Saving Tips That Help You Save on Shipping

Every dollar that you spend on your business is an investment in your future. Finding ways to decrease shipping costs allows you to serve your customers better. You’ll be able to send their items out faster than before.

Here are five foolproof ways to save your business money on shipping costs:

  1. Order free boxes and mailers from the carriers.
    For example, you can pick up free USPS boxes or have have them delivered directly to your business.
  2. Be mindful of how you package customer purchases to avoid damage to the items.
    Wrap items in bubble wrap and add packing peanuts to boxes that require them.
  3. Buy shipping supplies in bulk from a discount retailer.
    The more you buy, the better the deal you’ll get from most companies.
  4. Compare Shipping Rates
    Carriers have their strengths and weaknesses for different types of packages and destinations.
  5. Purchase your postage from Rollo and save 90 percent of your shipping costs.
    Use it to purchase postage for USPS and UPS with the option of FedEx on the horizon.

Solutions for faster, cheaper, and better printing options await you. By using some creativity and investing in the right inkless printer, you’re able to ship as often as you need to, using the carriers that you prefer most.

Rollo: The Mess-Free, Highly-Efficient, Less Costly Shipping Option

Shipping shouldn’t cost you a fortune, and with Rollo, it doesn’t. Once you’ve purchased your printer, all you need to do is select which carrier you want to ship your packages with today. There’s no messy ink or cartridges adding cost to your supply budget. You’re also able to save up to 90 percent on shipping expenses, meaning that you can ship more frequently, using the fastest shipping times, and for less money.

5 Tips for Shipping Your Products More Efficiently

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Make sure that the items that you send arrive safely to their destination.

If you own a small business and ship items to customers’ homes, you need to do so as efficiently as possible.

Fortunately, there are ways to expedite the process and still ensure that everything shipped arrives safely to its destination. Learning some tips and tricks helps you fulfill orders faster without increasing the risk of lost or damaged items.

What You Can Do to Make the Shipping Process Easier, Faster, and Cheaper

Shipping doesn’t need to be complicated. It can flow smoothly. It doesn’t matter if you require shipping services for one package or one thousand packages, you can streamline the process and make it faster and cheaper.

Here are five tips for shipping your products more efficiently:

  1. Purchase a Rollo printer.
    It’s an investment in your business and extremely easy to use.

  2. Determine which carrier to use for the postage that you purchase.
    If you only ship with one carrier, you are likely ti miss out on savings, faster delivery, and better customer experience. Each carrier has its strengths and weaknesses and to minimize your spending and maximizing your customer’s positive experience, it is best to compare your shipping options. 

  3. Forgo adding ink or cartridges.
    Forgo the mess and expense that comes with refilling ink or cartridges because the Rollo printer doesn’t need them.

  4. Place labels on top of customer packages.
    Affix the labels with easy-to-peel adhesive to the packages going out. This is actually the same method carriers use. 

  5. Bring to the carrier of your choice or arrange for pick-up.
    Sort packages by carrier and then drop them off while you’re out running errands or contact the carrier by phone to arrange to have them picked up.

Time is money. When you ship your products efficiently, you save yourself time and money. It’s a win-win situation that helps your small business stay on top of things. You don’t need to replace the items that you already shipped, either, because they arrive on time and unscathed.

Why Choose Rollo for Your Shipping Needs

Rollo provides shipping labels for USPS and UPS with the option for FedEx in the future at a 90 percent discount. Not needing ink or cartridges ever is even more exciting news for your business. We make shipping easy, fast, and cheap!