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Shipping costs can often make or break a deal, especially when you’re constantly on the lookout for the cheapest way to ship a package. From small business owners to everyday people sending gifts to loved ones, everyone wants to save on shipping. That’s where Rollo comes into the picture, offering a comprehensive suite of tools designed specifically to minimize your shipping expenses. From intelligent thermal label printers to a robust shipping app with carrier discounts, Rollo is a one-stop solution for all your shipping needs.

In this guide, we will delve into how Rollo’s diverse range of products and services can not only simplify your shipping process but also help you discover the cheapest way to ship a package. Whether you’re shipping domestically or internationally, dealing with heavy or lightweight items, or operating on various online platforms, Rollo has got you covered.

Understanding Shipping Costs

Shipping costs are a complex equation influenced by several variables: weight, size, distance, and speed. Each of these factors plays a crucial role in the final shipping rate, and missing the mark on any of them can significantly bump up your costs.

What Determines Shipping Costs

Understanding these four key factors can greatly assist you in finding the cheapest way to ship a package. And with Rollo’s suite of tools and services, that task becomes significantly simpler and more efficient.

Types of Shipping Options with Major Carriers

Shipping options are as diverse as the carriers that offer them, and choosing the best one can be a maze if you don’t know where to look. Rollo Ship makes this easier by providing you access to a host of discounted shipping options from major carriers such as UPS, USPS, and FedEx. Here’s a look at what each of these carriers offers:

Thanks to Rollo Ship’s partnerships with these carriers, you can avail of substantial discounts that can be as high as 90% off standard rates. When you use the Rollo Ship app, it intelligently compares real-time quotes from these carriers, ensuring that you always find the cheapest way to ship a package—be it a small envelope or a heavy crate. Moreover, you can print your discounted shipping labels directly through the app, using Rollo’s thermal label printers for maximum convenience and efficiency.

By leveraging Rollo Ship’s discounted rates and AI-driven platform, you can optimize your shipping costs regardless of the carrier or service you choose, making it the go-to tool for both businesses and individuals who prioritize savings without compromising on service quality.

General Guide for The Cheapest Way to Ship a Package

What is the Cheapest Way to Ship a Package?

Using Rollo Ship, you can compare rates from various carriers and choose the cheapest option. The app is compatible across iOS, Android, and Desktop, allowing you to manage your shipping seamlessly.

What Determines the Cheapest Way to Ship a Package?

Package Size

Cheapest Way to Ship a Small Package

Small packages can often be deceptively expensive to ship, particularly when shipping costs are determined by both size and weight. Rollo Ship comes to the rescue with significant discounts that make it an ideal choice for cost-effective shipping solutions. By negotiating bulk rates with major carriers like USPS, FedEx, and UPS, Rollo Ship ensures that you’re getting the best bang for your buck.

Bubble Mailer

But the savings don’t stop at just carrier discounts. Rollo also offers shipping supplies that are both functional and economical. One of the standout products in their line is the Rollo bubble mailer. These mailers are not just lightweight, which contributes to lower shipping costs, but are also water-resistant. This dual advantage ensures that you’re saving money while also providing a secure shipping environment for your products.

Rollo’s poly mailers offer a similar set of advantages. Available in various sizes, these mailers are extremely light, cutting down on weight-based shipping costs. They’re also water-resistant and durable, offering added protection for your items during the shipping process.

Poly mailer

The Rollo Ship App makes it easy to apply these discounts and select these supplies right from your dashboard. It integrates seamlessly with popular e-commerce platforms, enabling you to process orders and print discounted labels in bulk. The app even allows for advanced customization features, giving you the flexibility to choose between various mailer sizes and types based on the items you’re shipping.

Therefore, when it comes to shipping small packages, Rollo Ship provides a comprehensive suite of options that focus not just on immediate costs, but also on long-term savings and product safety.

Cheapest Way to Ship a Large Package Using Rollo’s Scales

When you’re dealing with large or bulky packages, the stakes are high. A miscalculation in weight or size can lead to significantly higher shipping costs. This is where Rollo’s heavy-duty shipping scale shines. Designed to handle up to 110 lbs and accurate to within 0.07 ounces, this scale ensures you pay for exactly what you ship—no more, no less.

Rollo digital shipping scale heavy duty

The scale comes with smart features like Tare and Hold. ‘Tare’ allows you to zero out the weight of any container, ensuring that you’re only measuring the weight of the goods inside. ‘Hold’ is particularly useful for large packages that might obstruct the view of the display; the weight reading will hold even after you remove the package, giving you time to note it down.

The scale is integrated seamlessly with the Rollo Ship App. When you weigh your package, the information can be directly transferred to the app, where you can complete your shipping process by comparing rates from various carriers and selecting the cheapest one.

When shipping large packages, many carriers have oversized fees that can substantially increase the shipping cost. By ensuring you have accurate measurements, you can confidently choose a shipping option that accommodates your package size without extra fees. Additionally, Rollo Ship’s negotiated rates with major carriers can make those large package deliveries much less daunting.

Package Weight

Cheapest Way to Ship a Heavy Package

Shipping heavy packages usually takes a toll on your wallet. However, Rollo Ship’s deep discounts with carriers like UPS, FedEx, and USPS can significantly lessen this burden. The app also has a consolidation feature, grouping your heavy shipments together, potentially qualifying you for bulk shipping discounts.

Cheapest Way to Ship an Envelope

For lighter items like envelopes, Rollo Ship offers discounted rates that can lead to substantial savings over time. The Label Design Tool can also help you create professional and custom labels for your envelopes, adding a personalized touch without breaking the bank.

Speed of Delivery

Rollo Ship Discounts Make USPS the Cheapest Way to Ship a Package Quickly

If you’re looking for fast yet affordable shipping, USPS often emerges as the winner, particularly for small-to-medium-sized packages. By taking advantage of Rollo Ship’s negotiated rates with USPS, you can often get your packages delivered more quickly without paying premium rates.

What it takes to ship a packages

Specialized Shipping Scenarios

Cheapest Way to Ship a Package Internationally

Global shipping can often be exorbitant. However, Rollo Ship also negotiates rates with international carriers, making global shipping significantly more affordable. The app’s AI capabilities can even group your orders based on destination countries, ensuring that you get the most bang for your buck.

Cheapest Way to Ship a Package on Depop

Depop sellers, rejoice! Rollo’s printers and Ship App integrate seamlessly with Depop, and sites like Depop – Mercari, Poshmark, and more, allowing you to manage your orders and find the most cost-effective shipping options all in one place.

Cheapest Way to Ship a Box of Clothes

In the competitive world of online clothing retail, every cent truly does matter, and finding the cheapest way to ship a package can make or break your profit margins. Rollo Ship is a lifesaver in this domain. One of its standout features is its integration with a multitude of e-commerce platforms, from Shopify and Etsy to WooCommerce and Magento. This is particularly advantageous for clothing sellers, who often use these platforms to reach millions of online shoppers.

When an order comes through any of these platforms, Rollo Ship’s app automatically imports the order details. From there, you can effortlessly print discounted shipping labels using Rollo’s eco-friendly thermal printers or any other printer. Rollo does not oblige you to use Rollo printers in order to take advantage of the cheap shipping rates.

You also don’t need to be a business owner to enjoy shipping discounts. However, using Rollo label printers with thermal labels that are not only BPA-free but also FSC-certified, makes them an eco-friendly and economical choice for shipping clothing. The thermal labels also help maintain the integrity and presentation of the packaged clothes, adding an extra layer of professionalism to your business.

The Rollo Ship app’s dashboard also allows you to review and compare shipping rates from various carriers. By presenting real-time shipping costs, it ensures you’re not only choosing the cheapest shipping option but also the one that suits your delivery timeframe. This is vital for customer satisfaction and can lead to more positive reviews, repeat business, and ultimately, higher sales.

Comparing Rollo Ship Discounts: USPS vs. FedEx vs. UPS.

Which one is the cheapest way to ship a package?

One of the major highlights of using Rollo Ship is the real-time rate comparison feature, which is especially useful when you’re looking for the cheapest way to ship a package. With just a few clicks, users can see up-to-date rates from major carriers such as USPS, FedEx, and UPS. The platform has successfully negotiated substantial discounts with these carriers, meaning you’re seeing rates that you might not find elsewhere.

For users, this feature eliminates the tedious task of jumping from one carrier’s website to another to compare rates. It consolidates all the necessary information in one place, allowing you to make quick, informed decisions on how to ship your packages most economically. This is particularly advantageous for businesses that deal with high shipping volumes and cannot afford to waste time manually comparing rates.

For the purpose of showcasing, we provided Rollo Ship with a sample address of the shipper in Buffalo, NY, and the recipient’s address in Worcester, MA.

After inputting both addresses, Rollo Ship asks what type of package you are shipping: a box, a soft package, or an envelope.

cheapest way to ship

The Rollo Ship app then requires adding dimensions and weight. The ones seen in the picture below are samples for the purpose of demonstration.

cheapest way to ship a package using Rollo Ship

Rollo presents shipping possibilities for the Best Value, the most Economic, and the Fastest delivery:

cheapest way to ship a package with Rollo Ship

This feature doesn’t just showcase the rates; it also indicates the estimated delivery times, which lets you weigh the cost against speed. It’s all too common for businesses to choose the cheapest option without considering delivery speed, only to face customer complaints later. With Rollo Ship, you get a balanced view, making it easier to choose an option that meets all your requirements—speed, cost, and reliability.

And the beauty of Rollo Ship? You can get the cheapest way to ship a package from any device – your Android, iPhone, tablet, or PC.


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Group Orders.

The Cheapest Way to Ship a Package.
Up to 90% off.

Top 5 Tips for Finding the Cheapest Way to Ship a Package with Rollo

Finding the cheapest way to ship a package with Rollo isn’t just about clicking a few buttons; it’s an art and a science. Here are five golden rules to master this:

  1. 🤖 Harness the Power of AI:
    Rollo’s AI features are like your personal shipping assistant, automatically grouping and importing orders, and even suggesting the most cost-effective shipping methods.
  2. 📊 Compare, Compare, Compare:
    Always use Rollo Ship’s real-time comparison feature to scrutinize shipping rates from multiple carriers. It’s like having a bidding war where the lowest price wins, but for shipping!
  3. ⚖️ Weigh it Right:
    An accurate weight is your best defense against overpaying. Rollo’s heavy-duty digital scale should be your go-to tool for this.
  4. 💚 Go Green and Save Green:
    Rollo’s eco-friendly thermal labels are a win-win, benefiting both Mother Earth and your bottom line.
  5. 🎨 Be Your Own Designer:
    Forget about pricey pre-printed labels. Rollo’s free Label Design Tool lets you customize labels to your heart’s content, adding professionalism without adding costs.

How to Use Rollo’s Label Design Features for More Affordable Shipping

Have you ever thought about the aesthetics of your labels as a way to save money? It’s a thing! With Rollo’s free Label Design Tool, the luxury of customized labels is no longer reserved for big companies with deep pockets. The tool is loaded with a variety of templates, allowing you to drag and drop logos, add QR codes, and even adjust the layout to fit your branding.

The tool seamlessly integrates with Rollo printers, meaning you can print directly in various sizes, depending on your needs. It’s like having an in-house design studio but without the hefty price tag. Now, you can ship packages that not only reach their destination cost-effectively but also arrive looking like a million bucks, courtesy of your personalized, professional labels.

With these tools and tips in hand, Rollo equips you to find the cheapest and most effective shipping solutions, proving that quality doesn’t have to be sacrificed for cost-efficiency.

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Cheapest Way to Ship a Package:

📌 Q: Is it Cheaper to Ship with USPS or UPS for Expedited Deliveries?

💭 A: When it comes to urgent shipments, both USPS and UPS have their merits. With Rollo Ship, you can easily compare rates and estimated delivery times side by side, making it easy to choose the option that best suits your needs both in terms of speed and cost.