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Rollo Chrome Extension

Designed to make your printing life easier.

Convert labels from popular websites to formats suitable for thermal printers with one click.

Download Rollo Chrome Extension

Currently following websites are supported by the Extension:

  • Return Labels

Service is provided for free. You would just need a Rollo account (also free). We may ask high volume users to contribute in the future.


Is it free? 

Yes. Rollo is offering this extension for free. It requires server resources which we believe we can cover. In the future, we may ask high volume users to contribute toward the cost. To use the extension, you would just need to create a Rollo account (also free).

How does it work?

Once installed, Extension provides you with an extra button (shown below). When you click on this, your labels will be converted to thermal printer friendly format.

I don’t have a Rollo printer, can I still use this extension?

Yes. Extension will format the label into PDF files which you can print to any printer. We intentionally did not restrict it to Rollo owners only because its just not how we operate here at Rollo. We want to add value and make your printing life easier whether you are our customer or not. We do hope you will consider using Rollo in the future!

What do the icons means?

Rollo Extension is enabled on this website. While visiting the website, click on the icon to learn more.


This website supports thermal printers on its own. Click on the icon to see the how-to for setting your printing preference to be suitable for thermal printers.


Rollo Extension is not enabled on this website. If you feel we should support this website, please drop us a note.


I have a suggestion / feedback for the extension. 

We already love you! Our engineers are happy to admit that majority of product improvement ideas come directly from Rollo users. Engineers then turn those ideas into reality and it benefits the whole community. So please share with us what you think here.