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Lower your overhead costs so that you’re able to keep more of your profits.

As a business owner, there are many things you’ll be responsible for paying for daily. One is shipping if you offer a free shipping option to your customers. Rather than foot the expense without seeking discounts, why not do what you can to save a few dollars? It won’t require much effort from you and can help your business profit more frequently.

Money-Saving Tips That Help You Save on Shipping

Every dollar that you spend on your business is an investment in your future. Finding ways to decrease shipping costs allows you to serve your customers better. You’ll be able to send their items out faster than before.

Here are five foolproof ways to save your business money on shipping costs:

  1. Order free boxes and mailers from the carriers.
    For example, you can pick up free USPS boxes or have have them delivered directly to your business.
  2. Be mindful of how you package customer purchases to avoid damage to the items.
    Wrap items in bubble wrap and add packing peanuts to boxes that require them.
  3. Buy shipping supplies in bulk from a discount retailer.
    The more you buy, the better the deal you’ll get from most companies.
  4. Compare Shipping Rates
    Carriers have their strengths and weaknesses for different types of packages and destinations.
  5. Purchase your postage from Rollo and save 90 percent of your shipping costs.
    Use it to purchase postage for USPS and UPS with the option of FedEx on the horizon.

Solutions for faster, cheaper, and better printing options await you. By using some creativity and investing in the right inkless printer, you’re able to ship as often as you need to, using the carriers that you prefer most.

Rollo: The Mess-Free, Highly-Efficient, Less Costly Shipping Option

Shipping shouldn’t cost you a fortune, and with Rollo, it doesn’t. Once you’ve purchased your printer, all you need to do is select which carrier you want to ship your packages with today. There’s no messy ink or cartridges adding cost to your supply budget. You’re also able to save up to 90 percent on shipping expenses, meaning that you can ship more frequently, using the fastest shipping times, and for less money.